Wednesday, February 09, 2022



Watching:  I just got caught up in Season 3 of Ozark so I can finish out Season 4. I remember when Season 3 came out - Right at the height of when COVID was starting & no one knew what was going on & the political climate so high & I honestly couldnt handle the stress of the show.  I guess my Zoloft is working because I've zoomed through the season now.

I also finished a documentary on Peacock called Meddling... whooo - I dont remember this big controversary at all & I'm usually all about the ice skating during the Olympics.  This was just nuts.  Is NOTHING trust worthy anymore?

But its only like 3 or 4 episodes long - totally worth watching.

LISTENING:  I am so cheering on the Holderness Family on The Amazing Race & I love hearing their take of what happened to them & some behind the scenes things on their podcast.  They just seem like the best little family.

HATING:  The cold & snow & ice.  I'm OVER ITTTTT!!!!! Go away.  You made your point. We'll see you next year!

LOVING:  I noticed for the first time yesterday driving into work just a lighter shade of dark in the sky.  The sun is coming up earlier!! WHOOO HOOO!!! & setting later. It was like 6:15pm the other day & I yelled at Hubby - LOOK - you can still see outside! My seasonal disorder heart is feeling a spark of light (pun intended)

EXCITED ABOUT:  We have a new Electric Kettle on its way right now to our home. I cant wait to get it!

LOOKING FOR:  New tennis shoes.  I dont need anything fancy or anything for running (yet) but I do want some comfy walking shoes. I have some Sketchers that I love just sliding on & they are soft around the ankle.  I tried on another pair the other day of regular runners & the hard edges gave me blisters on the back of my heel.  I want some new walking shoes that are just that soft pull on kind.  

I saw these & they have a good review count... cheap enough too - I may give these a try.  If I just dont buy a new pair of Sketchers.

FEELING:  Still adjusting to all the new meds I'm on.  I feel so nauseated every day & looked & all 3 pills I take say "nausea" is a side effect. So there's that.

ANXIOUS ABOUT:  You may have seen this in my Instagram stories... but they have found out that my retina has a HOLE IN IT!  I keep having issues with flashes of light in the corner of my eye - or when I move my eye side to side or up & down, I get a haze over it,  So they found that hole in it & said it look older so they are sending me to a specialist to see if its going to close on its own or if they need to laser it (COUGH COUGH - WHAT?) ... I'll find out Thursday.

What are you Currently doing today?

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