Tuesday, March 15, 2022

3 Things


So excited to see Steph do a new 3 Things...
I'm always having fun with these

Three things that make me feel free
1. Weekends
2. Driving with the windows down
3. Paying off credit cards each month

Three things I am inclined to forget when leaving the house
1. Taking my medicine
2. Lunch
3. A coat

Three nail things I recommend
1. Chobani Coffee Creamer
2. Rescue an animal
3. Cutting meat out of your diet - even if its a few days a week

Three things I keep saying I should do and continue to not do
1. Yoga
2. Start taking pictures again - use my good camera
3. Clean out / organize my closet & drawers

Three reading related things I don't do that you might 
1. Read in bed
2. Read at night (indoor lighting)
3. Read a lot of sci-fi books - they just confuse me.

Three places I am dying to go 
1. New York City
2. Disney World
3. Harry Potter World 
(I'm a simple gal)

Three things I do every day by noon
1. Have 2 cups of coffee
2. Bible Study
3. Listened to at least one or two podcasts

Three fashion trends I can confidently say I will never do again
1. Body Suits
2. Thin eyebrows
3. Shorts under 7 inches - at least in public

Three things I'm over
1. People who think they have all the answers in thanks to Google/Facebook
2. Winter
3. Anything Trump related

Three things I'm looking forward to
1. Warmth!
2. Sandals
3. Sitting outside to read till late / when the sun goes down

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