Friday, March 11, 2022

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Lap Desk

This seriously is going in my cart.
I love a lap desk - I use one every night with my planners - & I had been putting my new laptop on it - but there is not a space for the mouse. I have been putting it on a magazine on the bed - it feels so off. This is just what I need!

Favorite Mug

Its a big thing to go Mushroom hunting around these parts so this would be a great gift for all the friends who love to do that.
Plus, it'd just be a cute mug for camping. All those wilderness vibes.

Favorite Curious/Want to try

Sitting at a desk all day & getting older - I feel like I am slumping more than ever.
I try to break the habit but I find myself slumping more & more as the day goes on.  This is something I'm interested in checking out to see if it works.
Can you train an old dog new tricks?

Favorite Lights

I dont have the best light in my bathroom & I am thinking these would give some great light on my mirror. They have good reviews & apparently they stay on for years too.  Cheaper than buying a new lighted mirror!

Favorite Earrings

I love a subtle pair of earrings to wear every day.
The rose gold on these are so pretty too!

Favorite Travel Help

I'm not a big traveler so I'm probably late to the game on these - but how smart.
Little containers that you can put your creams, serums, shampoos, even medicine - things to take on a trip so you dont need bottles.  & they are magnetic so they stick together too so you dont have cases flying around everywhere! 
So smart!

Favorite Bookshelf

I am really digging this corner shelf.
A fun way to add personality to a room & add extra storage too for some pictures, or a few books - or little plants!  Cute in a bathroom too to put little holders for q-tips or cotton balls or a candle!
It comes in a gray wood (my fav) & a white one which would be so cute in a baby's room!

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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