Friday, March 25, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Rain Boots

To be Ugg's - I dont think the price on these are bad at all!
Plus, they have red & yellow - I love me some bright rain boots!

Favorite Jumpsuit

This beautiful is $16.00! My goodness - my pajamas are more than that.
I may have to give this a try!

Favorite Hair Help

This is marketed for kids - but I wouldnt mind trying this on my hair to see if it could contain some of the frizz when my hair curls up. Plus, it has some good treatment natural ingredients.  

Favorite Spring Polish

What a fun colorful way to add pop to a manicure.
Even if you do just one or two nails in this - or do a tip french manicure with it - just add some BRIGHT & fun color to your nails!

Favorite Plant Pots

WHO is adorable? These pots are
(see what I did there?)
But seriously - how adorable are these little pots.
Cute all together or separate them out.

Favorite Bag

Confession - I'm not mad that the "fanny bag" is back - I can remember using one on vacation when we went to Disney (yearsss ago) & its just nice to not have to worry about a bag over your shoulder or across your body.
Plus, they make some of these really cute now too!!!!
& with summer where you're out & about - I just really like the idea of them again.

Favorite Tee

I'm obsessed with all the Inventing Anna things & the coo coo phrases she says.
What a crazy bird that girl is!

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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