Friday, March 04, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Bath Mat

I just love the print on this.  All that warmer tropical air!!!

Favorite Mug

You send a pic of your pet & they will make a mug that turns them into a Disney character.
You should click the pic just to see all the mugs they have a sample of - there's even a ginuea pig!

Favorite Rack

This is a nice shelf to put by a door to put shoes... I like they have it holding books/magazines & plants too - give it some life instead of just an industrial look.

Favorite Body Scrubbers

Favorite Game

I love ping pong! We used to have a big table but it took so much room.
This is fun just to take with you to play wherever just for fun!
This would be fun to even take camping & putting on a picnic table!

Favorite Tee

I love when Disney movies that dont get the big attention get shout outs.
Oliver & Company - here's a big time throw back for you!

Favorite Recycling Center

I would love to have this in my garage!
It has handles on the bags so you can take out the plastic edging that holds the bags up & then just take to the recycle center - genius!

Favorite Funnies

Happy weekend Y'all!!!

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