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Show Us Your Books - February 2022 Reads


Three Wishes
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  The story of 3 sisters - triplets - leading up to their 33rd birthday & how different they each are & their lives but how no matter what, they are family.

I love Liane Moriarty & I havent read anything of hers in a while.  I know this one is older - much older - but I'm glad I got around to it. It was fun & sad all in one. Made me laugh & made me feel emotional.  The things a book should do.

I always say I'm so jealous of people with sisters & this book just reinforced my love of sister relationships.

I enjoyed how different each of the triplets are & personalities shining through. & I was hooked in each of their life stories & was cheering them all on.  This was a typical Moriarty book with multiple stories going on & entwining them all in a bigger story - she's good at doing that.

Trigger notes: this deals with infertility, miscarriage, infidelity 

“Apparently, the moment your ovaries noticed you were worried about becoming pregnant, they refused to cooperate. Oh well, if you’re going to get all huffy about it, we’ll just close down.”

Always in December
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Josie has a literal run in with Max right at Christmas & instead of each spending the holiday alone, they stick together & learn about each other. When he suddenly disappears, they spend the next year crossing paths & constantly drawn to each other.

I saw a lot of people read this at the Holidays & while it does evolve around Christmas - its not really a Christmas read - so I'm glad I went ahead & read it even though its over a month past the Holidays.  I can thank the wait list at the library for that one.

I'm coming out of this book frustrated & sad... but I still give it 4 stars - because I did feel all the emotions of the book.  It left me swooning, aggravated, smiling & then near tears & then a good ole punch in the gut.  Yep, check all the emotions.

I will say, some of the chapters very extra long for no reason. I dont like books that go into long details about things that ultimately dont lend to the story.  The stranger next to you - I dont care about his life story one bit.  I actually learned where these nonsense waste of time paragraphs were & I just skimmed though - no loss on my part.

“Because as much as you said that I made your life brighter, you were the light in mine when you were there, and so many times when you weren’t.”

Sometimes I Lie
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Amber wake up in a hospital & cant move or speak & cant open her eyes. She is trying to remember what happened to her & alternates between her paralyzed present & the week before the accident & a series of childhood events & diary entries.

Two words. CREEPY & FREAKY! I enjoyed this author's book Rock, Paper, Scissors so I wanted to read this one - people have recommended it to me. I tried another one of her books (I Know Who You Are) & I was NOT a fan of that one - at all.

This one was better than that - but not as good as Rock, Paper, Scissors.

It has the same creepiness to it that this author uses & it honestly left me GASPING at parts.  So many twists & turns, I think my neck hurt from the ride.

I almost gave this 3 stars just because admittingly, there were some parts that felt a little dumb - or too much - some characters that just seemed to not really make much sense - and ESPECIALLY, one part that left me totally grossed out & I cant believe there wasn't some sort of trigger warning. ... shutter... I am still gagging thinking about it.... 

But, the book kept me hanging in there & I couldnt wait to see where it led me so that's why I gave it 4 stars.  In the end, I had to just stop & take a breath & think, What did I just go through? It's a crazy & disturbing ride. Dont take it lightly.

Trigger warnings - sexual assault

“Sometimes I think it's best to say nothing at all, silence cannot be misquoted.”

Royal Valentine
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Molly works in a museum & meets a man at an event & hits it off with him. When he disappears, she's heart broken - only to run into him & discover that he's a Lord & will one day be an Earl.  Can "Al" win back Molly's trust to give her a happily ever after?

I thought this was super cute.  I didnt realize it was a novella - but it moves VERY fast & when I looked & saw I was half way through the book (on Kindle) I was like, Ohhh - ok. You can read this in a day.  The story is like its on speed - so be prepared for that.

& its just Hallmark sappy fun romance all over it.  Perfect for valentine's Day reading.  

Plus, there's Beauty & the Beast references throughout so you know this book had me right there.

The Stranger in the Lifeboat
***** / It was Amazing

Quick Summary:  A yacht explodes & some survivors get in a raft fighting for survival in the middle of the ocean. A stranger is pulled out of the water & in the boat & says "I am the Lord" & he will save them if they believe he is.  All of this is documented by someone in the raft & when the raft is found with the diary intact, the detective reading it has his own life changed.

I just loved this book!  Just LOVED it!  

My brother got this for me for Christmas & I didnt even know Mitch Albom had another book out. I love all his previous books. He writes with such a fantasty style but also grounds it in truth & faith - such a weird combo - but I love it.

This has a mix of mystery & heartbreak & hope all mixed together.  I wrote down so many quotes from this book & it got me thinking on a lot of things.  

There's a lot of characters in the story & I was doing my notebook thing to keep everyone straight but in the end, it comes down to just a few key players.  

Just so good. It will really be hard for another book to beat this one for my favorite of the year.

“I know the tears you shed, Benjamin. When people leave this Earth, their loved ones always weep.” She smiled. “But I promise you, those who leave do not.”

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