Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thankful Thursday #348


Easy Pizza Nights
I just really love some days when we do an easy "pop in the oven" pizza nights so I can just relax & not stress over dinner.  Why does eating after work feel like such a job?

Birthday Cupcakes
We had 2 coworkers birthdays so our manager had stopped & picked up some cupcakes at a bakery. My GOODNESS - they were HUGE. I didnt even take a pic - too busy thinking about digging in.  They were delicious.  Plus it was just fun sitting & chatting with the work gang for a bit.

Reading Weather
We got a little glimpse of Spring this past week... never mind we're getting SNOW tomorrow into the weekend (GAHHHH!) But I went home a few evenings & sat outside in my outside reading spot & enjoyed the fresh air & the lighter skies. All that it takes to make me happy.

This is what I get trying to read - a Ball thrown by my legs & a face trying to guilt me into throwing it

Grands on wheels
We got a video of our youngest grandkiddos going to the skating rink for the first time.  Alaina knew & loved our friend that recently passed away & with him running the skating rink, she thought it would be a great tribute to Tony.  She lives in Florida now so she wasnt able to go to the funeral.  Alaina is a Vincent so she was up on wheels young & early & she's got her daddy's legs & is great on skates.  I'm glad she still has it... but even more fun to see those two little dudes up on wheels. One preferred it more than the other - but I told her to keep those wheels on those little feet - they'll get it soon enough. Plus, its a good excuse for her to skate too.

Black LuLaRoe Leggings
Sorry - I just love my black leggings & they truly are unicorns. 

Yep - again, the weather had me at the park & I love it. Just breathing in fresh air - seeing other people walking out & about - & most of them have their dogs. I just am so anxious for Spring to get here & stick with us!

Speak your mind
One thing I have learned through the years of getting older is to know when to keep my mouth shut, when to just let things go... but also, to know when to SPEAK UP.  There's so much crazy in the world & I have learned more than ever the past 2 years, people are set in their ways & there is a refusal to listen to anything other than what they believe.  There is no need to learn when you think you have all the answers - right? Geez.  But in moments where I whole heartedly know someone is NOT understanding or knowing of the truth - I am not afraid to speak up - I am NOT afraid to give facts - even if they are not heard. I WILL still speak the truth even if you dont want to hear it - knowing that maybe, somewhere, sometime, it seeps in. Plant those seeds where you can.  I am thankful I have the courage to speak up when needed.

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