Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Prime Purchases


Joining in with Tanya for another month of all the fun buys

Click the pic for the link if you want to check out the purchase yourself

Label Tape

I had been wanting to get a label maker when I found one my parents got me for Christmas like 20 years ago. Good ole Amazon to the rescue for tape that goes in it - we've been on a label making roll since we've got these.  We've been using it to label charger cords!

Laptop Bag

Want to keep my new laptop all nice & clean & safe & protected.
But I didnt want a huge bag - all I had around my house.
This thing is fantastic - its so lightweight - & THIN!
But it has the padding in it to protect my computer. - super happy with this purchase.

Pill Organizer

In the ever going saga of "I'm getting old" - I now need a pill case with all the new meds I'm on since my TIA.  & yes, I have morning meds & night meds now (GAH - I hate this so much)
But I am THE WORSTTTTTTT at taking medicine. i can't ever remember it & I have reminders on my phone & on Alexa to keep me on the know.  This helps too when I see the meds in the container for each day. & I've learned to grab the day & just toss in my purse on days I'm not sure I'll be home for the nighttime meds. This has been the best organizer I've used.

Motion Sensor Flood Light

We have this in our enclosed porch & it is FANTASTIC - so bright.
When the dogs go running out in the room, it clicks on & when I have to carry Zoe out, it comes on - it lights up the entire room! We had one previous that lasted for yearsssss & when it finally bonked out- I instantly bought this one - its one of those things we have to have in our lives now.

Pooper Scooper

We have 4 dogs... enough said.

We had a scooper that was amazing - its so hard to find one like it.
I dont really care this folds because it has a wiggle sort of feel in it where the bend in the frame is - but it still gets the job done.

Dot Pens

Why have I not gotten these sooner?
If you have a To-Do list & like to mark things off - you need these.
That rounded top makes it a perfect little dot to fill in a check off spot
& that fine tip pen, its a thin writing tool too.
I carry these with me every day with my planner.

Phone Case

You may have seen this in the past.
Yep - I have used this for my phone since I got a new one last year...
Soooooooo..... when I dropped my phone in the toilet, I never moved so fast to get my phone out.  This just proves if there is an emergency, you want me with you - I give no thoughts on how to act.
My phone is just a year old & I wasn't about to dish out another $700 for a phone - it was a no brainer decision for me to move that fast.
Luckily, my phone survived but I got it out of the case immediately & tossed that baby in the trash.
These are the moments when I'm thankful Amazon has Prime & I had my phone back in a new case by the time I went back to work on Monday.  
Real life y'all - real life.

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