Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My friend Erica & I started a small group that began last night. We are so excited about this opportunity for the girls in our youth group & other girls that are planning on coming outside of our church. Last night, we had 6 girls with 3 committing to come as well. They truly need an atmosphere where they can talk openly & freely & with others their own age just to see they are not going through things alone.

We're starting out a series from a book from Dr. Jill Hubbard from New Life Live called "The Secrets Young Women Keep" - & its not intended to "out" anyone's secret or anything like that all! It just talks about the top 20 secrets that young women feel like they need to keep secret - from family issues, to peer pressure, to boyfriends, to clothing choices - just normal situations that kids have to go through today. And we know some secrets are ones that wont apply to everyone, but that's what is so good - if you run into the issue later, or even better, have a friend who is dealing with it, they are going to be able to help. This book will help us all look at a Godly perspective of each secret as well - how God looks upon it & how we need to hear His voice in these matters!

Secrets have a way of controling you, destroying you, keeping you ashamed & guilty sometimes. We're hoping that God shines light on anything held dear & the secrets wont control anymore - but the Grace of God will be the controlling factor!!!!

We found the verse in Matthew 6:6 "...your Father, who sees what is done in secret..."

That's the thing these young ladies need to know - as we all do even as adults - God sees EVERYTHING! There is nothing that is shielded from His eyes! How many things would we have done different in life if we really thought about that! And the Bible says everything is going to be brought to light anyways in the end - so why hold things in & let them eat at you?

Pray for these girls that are taking time out of their busy schedules to learn & grow together! I'm so excited to see what God has planned for this group of girls! They are all amazing & have such a heart for wanting to learn more & live more for Christ!!! This is going to be an exciting journey!


  1. That sounds like a very good book for them to be going through! I'm sure a lot of the girls struggle with issues their peers don't even realize...

  2. OH --- now I'm even more excited for the girls. That sounds like the perfect study to start with! I'll pray for you all in this and look forward to seeing the good fruits!

  3. I hope Kayla can be a part of it! She wanted to go so badly last night, but of all things, she had to study for a big Science Test! Of course, that would be the only class that she really, really needs to bust her rear to pull up her grade. Hopefully, she'll be there next time. I am so glad that you and Erica felt called to lead something like this.

  4. that is so cool! praying that the Lord does some incredible things for y'all as you do this study.

    thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  5. It's so fun and challenging to lead a group and keep yourself accountable as well as those that attend! I pray that it goes well and that all of you grow in your walk with Jesus, and in your friendships!
    Thanks for the comment today! I appreciate you stopping by!

  6. I am so excited too! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful girls!

  7. I have a secret.... Mom showed me where you live today!!! Horray!!!


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