Monday, January 05, 2009

Balance Beam

We were so blessed in our church to have our former Youth Minister & Associate Pastor come back to preach today. Mike shared the most amazing story that made my jaw drop & made me just want to cry - I have to share it with you....

He was talking how his little daughter who is now 6 years old loved the summer Olympics - especially the gymnastic competitions. She was in awe of every one of the things they did with their bodies - but she was really attached to the balance beam & the things the girls could do on this tiny board.

The things they do are amazing - they can walk across with their eyes shut, they can walk backwards - they can jump & do splits & land right back down on it - they can roll on their head on this thing - they can do flips, twisting in the air, but land back down on this slim area for their footing.

What if you were on that beam? Can you walk across it? Some could - no problem. Others would be scooting across it. And others would be sitting on it, pulling themselves across - all just trying to make it to the other end.

And when you jumped off - no matter how you got to the end - would you stand up, proud, throw those arms in the air - do a TA-DAAAAA moment & be proud that you made it?

The thing is - that beam could represent our Christian walk with our Father. He wants us to leap & skip & do all the amazing things on it. If you fall, you can get back on - if you get hurt, it'll get better, try again until you get it right... God doesnt want us "scooting" across - to play it safe - to just make it to the other end & say "Ta - DAAAA God - I made it".... its more than just MAKING IT - its about living for HIM - in Freedom - in His grace!!! Experiencing it enough to Jump & Leap & Feel HIS goodness.

Where are you at? Are you going forward with no fear? Are you gripping for your life on that beam? Afraid to move forward? Wanting to go back & get off & not try it at all? Maybe you made it to standing up, but afraid to put that next foot in front of the other...

Wherever you are at - know that God is at the end - wanting to throw His arms around you & give you a big 10.0 & say "Well done, my good & faithful servant!"


  1. Rebecca,
    I will never look the same way at the balance beam. Oddly enough that is the one appartis in Gymnastics that make me want to close my eyes and pray for the little girl on it. WOW I need to open my eyes on that thing and move forward ~~ or didn't you say they move forward even with eyes closed? Interesting . . .
    Love you friend,

  2. You are sooo good at putting things in perspective and singing God's praise! Thank you!

  3. Loved that particular part of the sermon too... I couldn't help but wonder how much scooting I've done in my lifetime... far too much, I'm sure!

  4. Great analogy! I want to face this year without fear and anticipating the awesome work God is going to do!

  5. That's an awesome analogy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This kinda goes along with my realization I had yesterday. I'm going forward with my head up and ready to get my perfect score! :)


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