Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beautiful Danger

First, thanks for all the prayers! I believe that's what got us through the night. We ended up loosing power around 3:00 pm & it stayed off for awhile. Ricky & I got all the dogs, went into one room, shut the door & lit candles & had flashlights & played games. But Ricky was out by 6:00 - so I just read with my flashlight & actually went to bed at 7:30 - isn't that pitiful? But we had 5 comforters on us, 4 dogs snuggled around us - we were good & warm. And then, PRAISE THE LORD - we woke up around 3 am with the heat running - power back on! I made it into work today & saw LOTS of trees still leaning on lines, so hoping our power stays... but we're taking each blessing as it comes!

But driving in, I have to say - it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The ice on the trees looks like magic - something you'd see in Disney World at Christmas time or something! It almost doesnt look real. Especially when lights hit it & reflects off of it - I could stare at it all day.

Then you look & see the damage its doing. Trees that have been around for YEARS - sturdy trees, STRONG trees! And now, they are sagging to the ground, pulled down by something so beautiful & something so simple.

I thought as I saw a tree being dragged down - isn't sin like that? We get attracted to it because its fun, it feels good, its beautiful... & then how it drags us down, how it tears us up, how it destroys us.

Just as the SUN will come & warm things up & get rid of the ice dragging these trees down, I'm thankful that we have our Beautiful Redeemer - God's SON - that can take the things that drag us down & lift them up as well.....


  1. This is a wonderful post and great comparison. The icy trees *are* beautiful, but what damage they can do.

  2. Rebecca,
    What a beautiful analogy and so convicting. Thank you for helping me come face to face with the beautifully dangerous!!!

    My BMoore CD's this morning were on the armor of God and this very thing. The beauty and danger of sin. Because Oh yes it dresses itself up all pretty like and then BLAM!! comes crashing down just like these trees under the weight of the ice, but oh the Son -- PTL!!

    I'm praying for you friend,

  3. That's a great comparison...

    It's so true that sometimes sin looks beautiful (tempting) but oh the damage that can be done!

  4. Love the comparison. Sin often does look "beautiful"... it can seem easier to sin than do the right thing... but the weight that sin leaves really does break us down, doesn't it? Thank God we don't have to stay broken!

  5. I love coming to your blog and seeing things put into perspective! AMEN! SIN can often feel like a million pounds bearing down on you. Thank you once again for today's thoughts. I'm praying everyone is careful as they drive and go about their business. Safety first!

  6. I wish I could pack you, the hubs and the doggies up and come stay with me for a week!!! Hugs! Stay safe and snuggle!!

    Your blogs make my day :)

  7. Girl, I love that metaphor! So glad your power is back, that would be so scary for me.

  8. I am working at an internet cafe - we lost power at 4:30 am and it is still off - 48 degrees this morning in the house so if it is off tonight we have to go somewhere (my aunts I think). Hey Debbie and Jenny are supposed to go see "Wicked" tonight in Louisville - how was the commute on 150 and the expressway?
    Andrew is bored to tears. Kelly Groves

  9. The snow is just gorgeous and I loved how you related the heavy snow and ice to the sin in our lives. It's so true.

  10. Yes, that's exactly the way it is, perfectly written, thank you for that, I needed to hear it today.
    Praying that the damage in your area is minimal.

  11. I'm so glad you are ok! What a great analogy!

  12. Awesome glad you are safe and warm :)

  13. Ice storms are scary, but so beautiful. Great photos!!

    You've been tagged over at Junior Mints and Reese's!


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