Friday, January 09, 2009

Time for some SUPER CUTE!!!

This just isn't cute... this is what I think is SUPER CUTE!!!! We got an envelope in the mail yesterday & we pulled out the picture & this is what we saw!!!! I just about wanted to scream from cuteness!!!! I'm telling you - is he the most perfect looking little boy in the world?

And to top it off - we got to see a video of his first steps!!! You can go to Julie's blog & see the video too! It was funny (& sad) because Ricky watched it & just lit up... & then said "That sucks"... I told him - that's a weird reaction. He said, "I just want him here!"... I second that emotion! ........... Enjoy our little Granbaby - aka - the cutest Angel in the world!


  1. He is precious! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! I am glad you liked it and hope you come back anytime! I will be back to see you as well!

  2. What a cutie... he is growing so fast... and those eyes. Yep... he'll be beating off the girls!

  3. Oh those are the cutest pictures! Baby Angel! You are lucky grandparents!

  4. Those are some of the best pictures ever!

  5. Talk about an angel! Soooo adorable.

  6. Oh my stars if he is not the cutest little angel!!! What a sweetie!! You must be so sad to not have him around you. Our little pumpkin is coming for the weekend ~~ so I'll hug him extra for you =)

    Love you friend,

  7. You are absolutely right! SUPER CUTE!

    I would want him with me too!

  8. Super Cute doesn't even begin to describe this adorable baby!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!


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