Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miss you

I got to spend some time with my friend Ryan Sunday talking....we have some amazing conversations that just center around our awesome Heavenly Father. We normally both have Bibles out & dig into it for advice & insight on things... it was funny because I was looking at Isaiah 59 & next thing I know, Ryan is saying - "Listen to this..." & begins to read the same verse I'm on... he had no idea I was even there!

So after sitting for 3 hours in a parking lot & sharing & laughing & crying I told him "I missed you"... you see, we see each other every Sunday, & every Wednesday. He even laughed & reminded me of that & then I said:

"You can see someone every day of your life & still miss them"

Then it hit me... you can do that - can't you! You can miss someone that you dont see any more - family that has moved away - or a friend that's passed away.... but the ones that you really miss are the people that you do see, but something has changed - something is missing. They are not the person they once were.

Or even yet - you aren't the person YOU were... you can miss something about yourself that has changed. You can miss the youth that you once had - you can miss the innocence that you once held - you can miss a time in your life - you can miss so much about yourself or others......

Do you miss someone?


  1. I miss my sister. She lives in Florida, but even if she came back, she's not the same person who left.

    It's not that I don't like the person she's become, I just miss the old Erin.

  2. Yes, I do have someone I miss... and maybe that means that we are neither one the person that we were when we met... so how do you rebuild that? Good thoughts to chew on for the day...

  3. What a sweet post about a special friendship for you! I have lots of dear friends that I don't seee often enough and miss all the time.

  4. Interesting. I am currently really missing my cousin Heather who is in China. But she is the person I know her to be, I just miss her.

    I do miss someone like what your talking about here to. When things just aren't the same. hard.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blesse day, Dawn

  5. I miss my daughter's sweet personality...the one she had when she was little. She's a teen now and ferociously mean and selfish.

    I think we're both missing each other...before we got mad at each other and stayed mad at each other, as moms and daughters so often do.

  6. I know it's silly but I miss my husband everday while at I'm at work. There are things that happen that I automatically want to run and tell him first!

    And about missing my old self, I'm not sure I do. I have changed ALOT in the last 5 years and I guess the things I miss are some of the relationships I had back then, but not my old self. I was very self conscience and way too hard on myself back then.

    Oh, I was going to ask you, what religion are you? I know you are a Christian but what church do you belong to? You may have already posted about this and I just missed it but I'm just curious :)

    Thanks for the great post woman!

  7. Oh I love that story of your friendship!

    I'm missing my little granddaughter which is a little silly as it's only been 2 weeks since I've been with her. But I love her and time with her is a pure gift from God.

  8. You know I feel this way as I wrote about it not long ago in my post Caught in a Time Warp. I so agree with everything you said. I am happy you were able to be together to read eachother's minds and share scripture that touched your hearts so deeply. In addition, I'm feeling too far away from another friend who is really hurting right now. It kills me that I can't be with her to her cry on my shoulder. You need to go into ministry if you haven't already. ASAP!

  9. Great post! I do miss a special grandma, already waiting on us to arrive. I miss my kids' as infants (makes me cry!).


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