Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Workout

I saw this video this morning & busted out laughing... the kids are the cutest!!! Enjoy!


  1. LOL thanks for starting my day with a smile, those kids are too cute!

  2. The weight will need a onesie! That's hilarious! Thanks for finding this one.

  3. Hahahaha heeheeheehee This was hilarious!!! Too funny!!

    Thanks for the giggle this morning.

    Love you friend,

  4. That guy was hilarious! I really needed a good laugh, so thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh holy crap. That was tooooooo funny. Mostly b/c my kids are about that age. And I like how he said you have to lift with your thyroid.

  6. That is soooo funny!! Thanks for sharing with us, I needed a good laugh today!

  7. He may be on to something but I can't imagine lifting Baby Boo. I'd be in traction for months!!

  8. I was able to do 10 of the bench presses today with my 20lb-er. That's definitely a good work-out, hehe.

  9. That is sooooo funny!! I hadn't seen it before!!


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