Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Winter Storm Warning is still over us... its getting on my nerves now...

I did venture out to work this morning & it was not fun in the least. It took me an hour & a half to make it - & it normally takes 25-30 minutes. And that trip was white-knuckled the whole time too. But had things that had to get done - banks dont normally close for weather so deposits had to be made. My boss came in though & told us to get out of there so I did get to leave early. The trip home didnt take AS long - only about 50 minutes.

I got home & cranked up the heat (sshh, dont tell my husband) & crawled under the blankets... 4 hours later, I woke up... wasn't expecting to nod off that long. Oh well - what else is there to do except stay warm & snuggled....

Waiting to see what happens over night too. If its anywhere as bad as this morning - I think I'll just throw my hands up about work. We already got the call that church is going to be canceled tomorrow so it seems like it'll be another day snuggled up in the house.

I dont mind.... the dogs love it. They can cozy up with me in front of the heater & everyone's happy. Just let me get my knitting needles in my hand & the dogs can surround me & we can sit for hours. Probably is the plan for tomorrow.

We're just praying that the ice doesn't take down the power lines. We already had a blinking of the lights once tonight. Praying everyone keeps power tonight around here - & safety for everyone that has to travel.... times like this makes me really dream of Spring time!


  1. Afternoon naps on cold winter days. Don't you just love it! Try and stay warm.

  2. Rebecca I know it's cold and miserable but I am so jealous being down here in Florida! Jealous I tell ya!

  3. Keep safe and warm. I hope you don't lose your power.


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