Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
are we sure it was a short week?
Because it didnt feel like it


I cant believe we're into September
That only means one thing...
Bring on the Fall Decorations!!!!
I love my house in Fall then any other time
... all the leaves & pumpkins & orange colors...
Now, if only I didnt have to scrounge around to find the totes that holds it all
VMA Awards...
Didnt see 'em...
But did see Rihanna's acceptance speech
Is she jumping on the Madonna train & getting a new accent?
I'd love it if one of them would drop a great country accent
instead of going all "British" on us
Big Brother News:  Frank is gone
Now... I could care less who wins
I think Dan is the devil
My 'photography season' kicks in starting tomorrow
Another wedding :)
& its supposed to be sunny & in the 70's
So cool to spend a day with a bride & groom
I saw this & had to post it for my hubby

I like that someone said,
"Um, maybe 30 years ago" ... haha!!!


I've been obsessed with "Bad Lip Read-ing"

They make no sense at all... but they're hilarious
(you have to remember, it doesnt take much to make me laugh)

I chose a quick one... this is only like 40 seconds, so you can see what I'm talking about.  They have movie clips, videos & lots of politicians...
all stupid... Yeahhh! :)



Sad News.... Amy Poehler & Will Arnett seperate?
How do funny people seperate?
Isnt their lifes full of laughs?
... apparently not...


Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday & its starting to feel like Fall in your area



  1. Their lips do look like they're saying that, but goodness I HOPE NOT!

  2. Yes I almost could not believe it, but it was hilarious! Thank you and Happy Friday Rebecca Jo.

  3. Rihanna is from Barbados so she really does have that accent.

    Color coded totes for different seasons will help you find what you need.

  4. You want a good ol' country accent at the VMAs? Well, maybe I need to be a presenter next year! Ha! That would be a hoot! Better about Honey Boo Boo Child? ;) That video clip is too funny! I'll have to show it to my husband...he'll love it! My favorite part...when Bush says, "I tooted".

  5. Oh, and I am so bummed that my Arkansas fella, Frank, got booted! I really liked him! I think Ian is going to win the whole thing!

  6. I laughed out loud because I thought they were really saying that as some kind of joke! And I'm not even blonde!

  7. THAT VIDEO WAS HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh!!

  8. I laughed out loud too! That lip-reading clip is hilarious! Who comes up w/ the stuff?!?!?


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