Thursday, September 13, 2012

Like Mother, Like Dog-ter

If you've been around my blog for awhile, you know I have a doozy of a time with ear infections.

yes, I'm the adult they want to schedule to put tubes in their ears

... kids dont have to worry about health insurance... adults do... so I just deal with my tri-yearly ear infections

But I'm not the only one in the house with an ear infection all the time...

our big girl, Buffy, gets them too... & this is how she ends up

(She's too ashamed & embarassed to even look at the camera)

She's so bad though because she constantly licks her paw & then rubs her ear.

She has now rubbed off the hair under her ear & caused an ulcer-like thing to bleed

So the cone has to stay on...

& let me tell you - you cant convince me she doesnt know what she's doing because when we put it on her, she aims that baby right for your knees... & that sucker HURTS!!!!

...I think I hear her laugh when she does that too...

So, I left her at home with the cone on her head... I'm sure she had it off 5 minutes after I walked through the door & is rubbing that spot once again...

I'm just glad there's not a cone for me when my ear hurts...

Any tips for dogs who rub their ears?
Any tips on how to hold down a 120 lb dog to clean their ears?
Any one know where to get knee pads cheap at? ;)


  1. Oh, I feel your pain. After never having them as a kid, I too get ear infections often. However every doctor I've seen is against tubes.


    I think you should try the cone thing...

  2. Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you, but I am praying that both of you are feeling better soon!

  3. Hold down a 120 lb dog? Yikes! I haven't a clue. Good luck!

  4. The only thing that worked for our dog: steroids.

    she got a 1/2 pill every day for 5 days, then a 1/2 pill every other day.

    Downside: they drink more
    Upside: not itching, biting, licking.

    We did the cone for a grand total of 3 hours and after the dog wouldn't move (seriously--she stayed in the exact spot in the kitchen and didn't move an inch) we took it off. We tried it again when she was on the couch already laying down, but that didn't help any. So, the vet gave her steroids.

  5. Not sure if this will. Help or not, but I was dangerously close to having tubes placed in my ears just a few years ago myself. I freaked at the thought because one of my brothers lost his hearing at a young age (he had tubes put in then contacted menengitis & his hearing went after that - all within a matter of days).

    Anyways, when I was told I needed tubes - I asked for some time to think about it & instead went all thermonuclear on finding a solution.

    Oddly enough, what's been working is a neti pot with saline rinses. Not only have I staved off needing tubes, I haven't had a sinus infection either. Something I would get often & would suffer because of them.

    I don't use the neti pot daily...but then again sometimes I do if I've been around sickly folks or suspect I'm about to get a cold. Thus far it's been over 4 years without a sinus infection & haven't had any inner ear pain or eustation tube blockages. Been a dream come true.

  6. ps my friend just had tubes put in her ears and she has had some minor hearing loss. Definitely ask a lot of questions before you have it done! Love ya friend!!


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