Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Wednesday!! Right? Holiday weekends throw me for a loop...
1. In your opinion, what's the most important job in the world? Oh, and parenting is a given so besides parenting, what's the most important job in the world?
I think of so many... but the one that it always comes back to, for me, is a teacher... for people to LEARN their job to be important, they once had a teacher teach them...
2. Share a favorite or not so favorite memory of a childhood birthday
My birthday was always cool for me because it fell during Christmas Break... no school...
But I remember one year, I was probably 8 or 9... my dad took me to my grandparents house to make the 'rounds' for birthday visits... & when we came home, I noticed a couch full of coats.  I instantly knew something was up...
Go downstairs & SURPRISE!!!!!  A birthday party for me... it was so fun... I can remember it like yesterday - the friends who were there, the games we played - all of it...
It was my only surprise party I've ever had in my life...
3.  Peanut butter-crunchy or smooth?
I've never ever been a fan of cruncy... until lately, when I eat the 'natural' peanut butter - I dont mind now to get a real hunk of peanut in there...
In almond butter, I love when I get a big almond in a bite...
you change as you get older I guess
4.  William Butler Yeats is credited as saying, " Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth, We are happy when we're growing." Your thoughts?
All I have to say - when I get on the scale, & I'm "growing" -I'm not happy in the least bit....
5.  What's something that makes you cringe?
* Fingernails on a chalk board
* the sound a braking car - waiting for that impact sound
* a 'gross' cough.. where you hear stuff come up (I just cringed thinking about it)
* really loud 'mouth' sounds ... ex: chewing gum/lips smacking
* my latest dentist bill
6.  Name a song that always puts you in a good mood?

You cant hear it & not want to dance... & when you want to dance, you cant be in a bad mood....


7. The answer is yes. What's the question?

The question is - "Are you busy?"

Whooooo-wweeeeeee... starting Saturday, my calendar is so full all the way through the end of the year, I'm not even sure when I have time to breath.... I guess in 2013
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Please hide your phones while in the car...

a sweet bloggy friend of mine was in an accident because she was on her phone - thank you Jesus she is OK & it wasnt serious...

but have you seen those commercials where it shows the last text someone saw before they passed away from an accident?.... freaks me out everytime I see those commercials...

I watch people all the time texting while they zoom past me on the expressway...

Nothing is that important that it cant wait until you stop...

PLEASE!!!!!  Put the phones up while driving...
Or I'll sick Oprah on you all with another contract thing that she promotes
Source: via Kari on Pinterest


  1. Oh my, I agree with you on #8!! Those commercials freak me out, too! :-o

  2. 1. The most important job to me is a pastor's job. Because they are concerned about people's souls.

    2. It was so embarrassing. I thinkn I was in 4th or 5th grade and my mom sang to my friends that song by Whitney Houston. The one that says "what about the children". I was mortified.

    3. Smooth peanut butter

    4. I'm not happy when my stomach is growing, but I am happy when I am growing spiritually.

    5. What makes me cringe is the smacking and chewing people make, and also the sound of a kid with a balloon. The squeaking noise is annoying to me.

    6. A song that puts me in a good mood. I think it's by Hezekiah Walker and it's called "I will bless the Lord". It makes me want to dance.

    7. Yes, I'm so busy. Trying to finish cleaning and organizing. I want to go paperless. If that's even humanly possible.

    8. I don't own a car but even when I'm walking, I make sure when I'm crossing the street that I'm not on the phone. I see people, even when they are walking, they are on the phone. You can get hurt doing that.

    Loved the questions. Have a great day!

  3. How scary for what happened to your bloggy friend! Anyone I might know! That picture sends chills down my spine! When will people ever learn? Love that song by LMFAO! Your list of what makes you on!

  4. That is definitely a get up and dance song.

  5. I am a LMFAO fan as well :) And I said teacher for #1 too! Such a fun surprise birthday party story!

  6. Today was a hard day at school, so thank you for number one.

    And I'm listening to the song now!

  7. I totally agree with you on the texting thing. Nothing is that important and if it can't wait, then pull over in a safe spot and read your text.
    I bet that surprise party was so much fun. I never had a party with my friends growing up, just family members. I went to several of my friends parties, but never had my own. I made up for it with my kids, they had a big party every year!

  8. Those commercials are awful but I think effective.

    A gross cough-ew! I cringed just reading that!

  9. nice post thanks for sharing i found your blog thrue other followers looking for to visit more blessings

  10. Can you believe that I've never seen that video? Thanks for sharing it!!


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