Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... I had to double check before I put on my jeans this morning
we have Casual Fridays & I honestly wasnt sure if it was Thursday or Friday this morning...I think I just needed more sleep

Gonna be a busy weekend!!
(I know no one is surprised when I say that)
But on Saturday, I get to SHOOT people!!!
& not with a camera!
(Are you scared now?)
We're actually having a youth leader gathering at LAZER TAG!!!
I have a feeling I'll be the first person zapped out
while Ricky will take all his xbox training of Ghost Recon
& be hiding in spots & knocking everyone out
...his dream come true...
Sunday - I'll be in musical heaven
I'm taking my momma & we're headed to the theater to see
Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

We saw it about 2 years ago & when it came back,
knew we would be seeing it again.
Works out perfectly because my momma's birthday is Monday so this was the perfect birthday present for her.
I'll be singing "Defying Gravity" double the normal times I sing it
(I actually have it set in my CD player... its my go-to song before any race and any photography seession...dont ask me why)
 So I'm a little bummed...
I hurt my lower back... not sure how...
Everyone says its from running
I actually think its from holding a 7 lb camera from my neck 2 weeks in a row
for 10 hours straight... while on my feet the whole time

Bad thing? 
There is a half marathon coming up on November 3 that I wanted to do
& I need to register by Sunday evening if I'm going to do it

I know my training needs to take a week or two off & then that's gonna mess me up for this race...

I'm so dang upset about it!!!
dont know why I care so much

But The Hubs reminded me that there's more races in the future
& he's right - I'd rather do my 6th Ky Derby Half Marathon in April then this
so maybe I'll just skip this one

but know on November 3rd - I'll be in my bed having a pity party


Anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy season premiere?
Anyone make it through without crying?
...I want to meet you because you have a heart of steel....


Got to go see my nieces Cross Country meet again last night
& this time, Sophia didnt run alone

....NO!!! I didnt get in & run with a bunch of small children!
(I actually did run the track before the kids got there though)

But Sophia had her sister join her!

(Sophia loves the camera... Madi?  Not so much)

We were so nervous for Madi...
afraid she'd be wayyyy behind her sister & feel bad

but lo & behold, here comes Sophia
& hot on her trail - Madi!!!
They finished at 9:20 & 9:23!!!

I'm so proud of these little stinkers!!!


You probably saw this on my Facebook page
but for those of you that dont see that
(I'm talking to you mom & dad)
here's my latest finish line picture from Sunday's race

I always said I would never buy race pictures
... the prices are re-donk-u-lous!!!!...
But I love crossing the finish line with the Hubs!

(Now I'm even more depressed about msising the Nov 3rd race)


Leaves are starting to turn...
my favorite time of the year


Tip of the Day

Love this!  I have so many USB Cords that I have no idea what goes to what
You can write on the toilet paper cardboard as well so you lift it out & viola!
You know exactly what it goes to.... while keeping it straight!
Put in a really cute box & you can even leave by the computer or tv!


PITCH PERFECT comes out this weekend!!!
Any movie that has singing it it?  I'm usually excited about...

Les Miserables coming out in December?
I tear up everytime I see the trailer!!!
& not just because I'm excited that Hugh Jackman is in it...

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!
(its Friday... right?)


  1. I have Grey'son the DVR to watch tomorrow as I recover from jet leg. Cannot wait to see what happens!

    Sitting out on something you love can be hard....but resting up for the race you love will be worth it! :)

  2. I know it's not right to be jealous, but I am...just a little bit. I want to see Wicked so bad! Hope you guys have an awesome time.

    I watched Grey's without crying, but then I haven't seen the show for a couple of years, so I was trying to figure out what was going on. But I can see why you'd cry if you were up on all the characters and stuff.

    Hope your back feels better soon!

  3. Sorry you're going to have to miss that race. :-(

    My 10 y.o. grandson has discovered lazer tag and LOVES it.

    There are some leaves turning here (surprisingly given how hot and dry it was this summer ... I didn't think we'd get to see any fall colors) ... I love fall!

  4. Wicked is so good. I'm taking my daughter to see Les Mis in two weeks. Sort of a live preview before the movie. :)

  5. I LOVED the Liam Neeson Les Mis and if this one is better it will be truly amazing!

  6. My entire dining room table has camera equipment and cords all over it. Thank goodness we never eat in there! Thanks for this tip. I'd like to do this but I think my laziness will win over and I never will.
    Have fun at Wicked! I'm so jealous. Fred sometimes calls me an evil Witch. At least it sounds like "witch"! It's hard to tell with his accent.
    I shot a Class Reunion on Sunday and my whole body ached on Monday. What's up with that? m.

  7. I should have seen Wicked when it was in Chicago, it was here forever, but I didn't. Boy am I dumb.

    Take care of that back.

  8. The lazer tag sounds like fun, but I'm sure I would be the first one out.

    sorry about the back! My husband is going to physical therapy for his and it is really helping......the little girls racing is delightful and funny how one is so shy and one not.

    I watched Grey's on my iPad yesterday and cried like a baby!

  9. I want to see Wicked! I'm almost through reading the book, so I'd be all set!


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