Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Another doozy-weekend...


*The day was all about editing pictures... I knew Julie & the boys were coming in so I took the day off work & worked on pictures all day long... so without further ado, (if you havent seen the preview on my Facebook Photography page) - here's some wedding pics


* Woke up to 2 little blond hair boys knocking on our bedroom door... that's a wakeup call that always makes me smile

* We just took it easy this weekend - lots of playing - lots of relaxing around the house - lots of fighting over toys

(Ricky's loved)

* I took the boys to the school playground down the street from us while Ricky & Julie went to pick up lunch... There is a balance beam thing where I would help Isaac walk on - I said, "let's see if Nanny can do it" - Isaac said, "I'll hold you!" - he held my hand & helped me across the beam... he was so excited I made it :)

* While the boys were playing in the sandbox there, I said to Isaac, "You're Pappy's buddy, arent you" - he looked at me & said, "Yes - because he loves me"... Luke instantly turned around & said, "Nanny loves ME!" :)  ... I love conversations like this

* We saved a butterfly with a broken wing... Isaac kept saying, "He'll grow another one & he'll be okay"...I love the innocence of a child's mind.

* Julie & I went out for a 6 mile trek while Ricky & the boys watched a super hero movie... it was a PERFECT night to hit the road. No humidity - the sun wasnt out - perfection.

* The boys are used to Superhero movies with Pappy - well, it was Nanny's turn.  I turned on Thumbelina  ... "let me be your dream"... (I love that song) Isaac kept saying throughout it, "I dont like it - I want Ironman" - but Luke kept saying, "I like this" ... at least I got one vote for it. ........... I never realized how OLD Thumbelina's movie looks.  Way before Pixar - that's for sure.


* Ricky's first day officially in Youth Ministry... I told him I needed to take his picture going in the door like a first day at school picture :)

* We headed out to lunch at Culvers... we hadnt ate there in YEARS.  Sitting across from me, I was getting some cute winks from a cute guy...

* I had never had their custard before - but it was time for some goodies all around.  Me & the boys has M&M Sprinkles... anything with M&M's in it has to be good.

* We went to my parents house for their BIG DAY... my dad's horse finally made his way to his new home.  & Cochese brought his momma Candy with him.  (I actually have pictures on my camera I need to download) ... I think my dad's dream finally came true on this day.

* A little bit more playing before the boys head home... with Isaac saying "Why is Nanny & Pappy's house so far away?" ...we try to remind him we're just 3 hours away instead of 18 hours - but in "kid world", its about the same distance.

* Back to Senior High Youth Class...

* & back home to work on a few more wedding pictures...

it was like the circle of life :)

Hope you're weekend was wonderful!


  1. The boys are soo cute!! Glad you had a fun weekend with him with lots of playing and relaxing!

    The wedding pictures are awesome!!

  2. Your photos always make me ooh and aah! I'd love for you to share sometime how you got into photography. Your little grandsons are PRECIOUS x's 10!

  3. What a beautiful weekend!! It was a lay aRound and hang out kinda weekend for us. It was fun.

    Those babies are just completely precious!!

    I love you dear girl ~~ dawn

  4. A weekend with those 2 little guys has to be perfect!


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