Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Whew... I'm sitting at my desk ready to sleep...but its Monday, & I'm at work, at my desk.

They frown on sleeping at your desk... no fair...

But here's how my weekend looked like


* I stopped at Starbucks on the way home - got a Java Chip Frap - it looked A-MAZ-ING!  Chocolate-y & yummy... but as I was walking out to the car, I had it in a small basket from the grocery with some sparkling water & thanks to the bumpy road, it fell over & dumped all over me... right down my pant legs, right into my suede shoes.  I was so freaking mad.... mainly because the drink looked so good.

(This doesnt even show how soaked my pants were... or how wet my shoes were
... or how mad my face was)

* Chasity & I headed to the wedding rehearsal of the Bride & Groom we would be shooting the next day...

* Got home & made sure everything was charged & I tried to get to bed early... got a little caught up though in that show on CMT about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.  I never watch CMT but somehow catch this show every year. (Side note:  I always used to dress up like a Cowboy cheerleader when I was little.  I just loved to tie that knot in the middle of my shirts)


*Wedding Day!!!!  Which means very few pictures of the day because I had a camera around my neck all day... which makes no sense really.

* It was an outdoor wedding - which I've been so excited to do - but whew, HANG ON... the wind was INTENSE.  While the grandparents were walking down the aisle, I had to make sure the arch didnt blow over at the front of the ceremony.

* The wedding had a photo booth for all the guests & the Bride & Groom get a copy of all the pics - so Chasity & I had to take a minute before we left to leave our mark.

(We were saying "We love you" with a nose pick at the end)
* It was so cool to see the Bride & Groom from the previous wedding attending THIS wedding.  Their family was also attending - it felt like a reunion.  I love getting to know families.  You'd be surprised how much you feel attached to people in the span of one day.

* MY BIG TOE... I got some cute Crocs (yes, they do exist) & they really help my feet since I'm standing from 11am - 9pm - but the past 2 weddings, my big toe always hurts on one foot.  Isnt that weird?


* So I won an entry for a race... I wanted to do it but was afraid to enter knowing it was the day after a wedding (which EXHAUSTS me)... but when I won the entry, I thought, let's give it a go.... but then, we OVERSLEPT!!!
I set my alarm on my phone for Saturday - not Sunday.... we needed to leave the house at 7am... we woke up at 6:50am!!!!!!!!!!  I jumped up & asked Ricky, "What do we do?" - he said, "Its up to you.  If you're going to feel bad about not doing it, let's get up - if you dont care, let's go back to bed" .... I knew I'd kick myself if I didnt try.  So we were up & out of the house in 10 minutes

* Eating half of a protein bar in the car & about 4 oz of water before a race isnt the smartest way to start a race...

* My iPod died as we were walking to the start line... I just knew this race was going to be the worse one ever... but Ricky pulled out a camera, so I dont care how upset I was, I've gotta smile.  I know the rules of what to do in front of a camera.

(In my mind, I'm thining, "Dang Stupid Ipod" while my stomach is growling)

* Thankful that Ricky was with me... he kept me smiling, encouraging me & going with an empty stomach & a sore back from the day before...

* We finished ... & did decent... I ended up beating my time from last year by 1 minute, 3 seconds... that's awesome!!!! 

* Probably in my top 2 fav medals... the center spins

* we were ready for FOOD at this point.  So we headed up to Cracker Barrel.. & yes, I wore my medal in.

* Stopped to get my car washed on the way home ... I spent $10 for the premium wash - got out & looked & there are still dead bugs on my car, & dirt on my bumper.  Well, I know not to waste my money on that again.

(Bubbles... reminded me of peacocks.....& my car looked like peacocks pooped on it afterwards)

* Edit Edit Edit... the rest of my Sunday was starting on wedding photos

* Emmy's .... learned that it is DownTON Abby, not DownTOWN Abby... who knew?

* Jimmy Kimmel... thumbs up!


  1. Aww so sweet of Ricky! :) I would have had such a hard time without an ipod. The wedding sounds beautiful and love the photobooth pictures! Hope you have a great week!!

  2. Hey, I'm tired at work too. Shhh! And you know what else is freaky, my dress shirt is tied in a knot in the middle too! It looks a little odd with my tie hanging over it but that's what this office gets for relaxing on its dress code. Serves 'em right!
    Starbucks should totally carry an insurance program for clumsy people. I bet it'd be a big hit.
    So, when you say you love me but then pick your nose at the end, can I really believe you?
    Big Shout-Out to your Mama!
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Okay after reading what you did this weekend, now I'm sitting at my desk tired. haha

    Love your race photos. I love Downton Abbey too. I watched Season 1 & 2 while on vacation. So good.

  4. I ALWAYS thought it was "Downtown" Abby..... TOO funny!!!!!

  5. My weekend seems downright lazy compared to yours! Yay for Ricky encouraging you in your race. If you beat last year's time, I don't think it turned out to be too bad a race after all, eh?


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