Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Not a lot of pictures this weekend...

Why?  Because I had a camera around my neck all day on Saturday...

one word can sum it up my weekend...


So while I took pictures of a wedding, I didnt take pictures of much else... after all, I'm getting paid to do that - not take pictures of my life :)

But here's a quick run down anyways of the weekend


* Headed up to the church for the rehearsal... & my GPS BITES.. big time... I was 30 minutes late to the church & left early to get there too.  This is why I like to go to the rehearsals so I'm not lost on the wedding day.

(See her shoes on the alter?  They did something really cool... she walked down the aisle barefoot & the groom put her shoes on, ala Cindarella style... aaahhh)

* Ricky & I stopped in the little town where the church was for dinner... but he didnt feel good so we literally got our order & was out the door in less then 10 minutes.  Poor guy.


* Up early... lots to do & nerves to boot.  6 am & I'm getting my car packed up.

* Thankful I have my new car... its bigger then my Santa Fe & held all my equipment perfectly.  I should have had a bottle of champagne to crack on my car as it was the maiden voyage for photography.

* Found out I won an entry to a race that I was debating on doing... guess I'm doing it now :)

* Had to drive to Louisville to pick up 2 lenses & then back up through Indiana for the wedding, so I was driving for almost 2 hours... ugh...

* The drive was easier because I got to use my new car's MP3 hookup... 2 hours driving with all my favorite songs made my voice raspy by the time I arrived to the wedding

* Busy Busy Busy....but perfect, beautiful day... it was in the 70's, sunny, beautiful blue skies.. couldnt have asked for a better day

* Couldnt have asked for a better family to work with either...
You totally know pictures are coming

* One of the bridesmaids looked so familiar to me & she said I looked familiar to her... we figured it out... she came with a friend to my church one time & I taught that night... I felt good when she said, "you were so funny" :) 

* What's the deal?  Do guys have all the fun?  These groomsmen were the funniest bunch of guys... I think maybe Bridesmaids spend so much time on hair & makeup that there's no time for fun.  Guys?  Put more then 2 in a room & its 'GAME ON'

* Chasity assisted me again & the day went so smoothly - I'm still in shock... we were packed up & in the cars by 9 pm... the day was completely 100% stress free... ahhh

* Came home to the BEST SURPRISE!!!! The Hubs had my garage 90% cleaned out... it had to take him all day to do what he did...

* I was starving by the time I got home - Ricky & I went out for pizza at 10:00 pm

* Up to 1:30 am uploading wedding pictures... yawn...


* Got greeted by the youth on my way into church - made the start of my day fantastic

* It was another beautiful day, so I took the 7th/8th graders outside for our small group... I could have church outside anytime its that beautiful

* Ricky & I went out for lunch & then stopped by my mom & dad's house... here's a picture of the sky from sitting on their back porch... told you - beautiful day

* Editing, editing, editing... my goal is to try & get the whole wedding edited within 2 weeks... before my NEXT wedding!  I've already got 72 pictures edited - so a good start.

Hope everyone else had a beautiful weekend... why cant every day be like that?


  1. I've just now decided that I'm gonna have Fred slip on my shoes for me everyday before I go to work. He owes me anyway!
    Left at 6a.m. and not home until 9? I'd be dead. I'm glad you had good weather though.
    Okay, now about you eating out at restaurants three days in a row...

  2. We had beautiful cloud and sky this weekend, too! Just lovely!

  3. I'm so glad everything went so smoothly! Did you rent some lenses for the wedding? Michelle and I have talked about doing that; we want to try an 85mm lens before we buy one.

    Can't wait to see the pics! I'm sure they're great!

  4. It was a gorgeous weekend. Loved every minute. Can't wait to see some wedding pics.

  5. Woo, what an exciting weekend! Congrats on your race ticket win! Guess that's good motivation! :-)

  6. I actually thought of you often this weekend. My weekend was dull and full of homework. I can't imagine writing a blog post about that!

    I look forward to the photos. :)


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