Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

{ONE} Little Couple

Did anyone else watch the vow renewal that Bill surprised Jen with?
My goodness... he is just the sweetest man.  And I'm going to admit something - when she started dating him, I didn't like the guy. I thought he seemed sketchy or something.  But ever since they got married & adopted those two little cutie pies, Bill has gone up on my list as an awesome husband & dad.  I guess that's exactly why you aren't supposed to judge someone.  You can be wrong.

But I totally got teary eyed when he had her dress made for her & all the little details, including a surprise flash mob dance with the guests for Jen to see... her reaction when she saw everyone sitting on the beach waiting for her... I was a blubbering mess.

TLC has some good shows on there if you look for them.... though I will admit, I watched the premier of Honey Boo Boo last night.  I can't help it, I like Mama June.

{TWO} GrooveBook

I've talked about this app before, but honestly, if you don't have it on your phone... you need it.  GET IT!

You download 100 pictures a month to this place & they send you a book with all the photos in it.  It really is amazing. 

I'm on my 5th month & I still love it & get excited when I know it's coming.  The quality of the paper isn't the supreme best, but it's decent enough for like $2.99 a month!  I just like having the back up in case my phone bombs... which I'm expecting any day now.  I have also tore some of the pictures out to take to work & frame or to share with other people.    I think the first month is free if you try it, so what do you have to loose?

{THREE} Blog Comments

I'm debating on whether to click my blog to link over to Google.  I did it once before & didn't mind it, but then it automatically turned off my email address when I commented on other's blogs so they couldn't reply back .... which by the way, check & see if that's happening to you. I have some blog friends that I normally could reply back & now, its changed to "no reply" or I'm not even getting any notice of comments at all. 
Blogger - what are you doing to me?

But I'm also debating using Disqus as my comment provider.... I see it a lot on other blogs & really like the ease of use on it.  Any one have anything bad to say about it? 

{FOUR} Blender Bottle

If you haven't seen, there is a contest where you can design your own Blender Bottle - which I started using this past week & absolutely LOVE! 

And that's my design up above.  Want to go vote for it?  Sure you do!!!
You can click right HERE & find my pretty bottle & give me some votes.
If that link didn't work - & you're on Facebook, just go to "BlenderBottle" & click on "Design your own Blender Bottle" & then click "Vote" ...
You can vote daily as well... right now, I'm tied in 3rd, but I know more people are going to start designing soon... so throw me a vote or two...

{FIVE} Puppy Power

Some of you have seen the amazing (horrible) things that Harvey Dent has done as a puppy.  It's puppy stuff... tearing up whatever he can.  Things like rocks, beds (a few dog beds), socks, my bills, my G-boys toys... oh I could go on & on...

But Wednesday, he took it a step higher... He tore up half of our couch... Love seat survived... couch?  Not so much.

So we're back to kenneling & freedom is limited.

Mr. Dent knew he was in major trouble.  He still even today creeps very slowly up to us & gives puppy dog eyes like, "Do you still love me?" .... I believe this is exactly why God made dogs so cute so you can't stay mad forever.

The thing now, we're scared to buy new furniture until he's out of the puppy stage forever... which is a whole year (the vet told us they are really puppies until 2 years old)... so if you come to my house, be prepared to NOT be comfortable sitting on a backless couch.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


  1. Oh no!!! Your poor couch! ha...that is so bad!

  2. Your poor couch!!! I am definitely going to enter that blender bottle contest! We love those in our house.

  3. Oh my goodness!! That couch! I'm so sorry!!! Ohhh puppies!!

  4. Oh my goodness!! That couch! I'm so sorry!!! Ohhh puppies!!

  5. I was just a minute ago sending an email to a blog commenter because I still do not get email alerts when he comments. Looks like it is a common problem :/ the comments sit out there on the blog and I do not realize they are there.

  6. oh, and your couch - OUCH! I do not comment on many disquis blogs because I have to log in with twitter or FB to comment.

  7. Bad little Harvey haha. That really stinks!! What a fun contest with the blender bottle :) Happy weekend!

  8. I actually saw the episode of the people who created GrooveBook on Sharktank and they are so smart!! I think the no-reply thing has something to do with google plus but if you switch back it's an easy fix!! Happy Friday!

  9. I like that GrooveBook. I haven't done it yet, but I think I will because I'm getting more and more pics on my phone. Seldom use my camera.

    Poor Harvey! He gets in so much trouble. Can you stitch the couch cushion and restuff it?

    I voted for you.

  10. Oh no! Your couch! That's why if/when we get another dog, it'll be 2-3 years old ... no housebreaking or puppy antics for me!

    I am going to go vote for your blender bottle right now.

  11. I bet that vow renewal was so sweet! I watched that groove book on shark tank. I need to look into it though. I'm heading over to vote now! Harvey, the couch?! Oh no!!

  12. Hahahah... I watched Honey Boo Boo, too! Gotta love that family!

  13. Omg your couch!! Thank goodness he at least avoided the love seat so you have somewhere to sit! We are going to get a puppy when we move so maybe I'll hold off on the new couch ;)

  14. Your poor, poor couch. Our dogs never tore our couch up like that but we did lose a couple dog beds and one peed on top of our ottoman. But I can't stay mad at those sweet faces!


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