Thursday, June 05, 2014


“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy;
 they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 

05.29.14 Library clean

Our library got out of control during Christmas when I used it to store gifts to wrap & wrapping paper & everything involved with that.  Then it just became the room to throw everything else in too...
& it was a mess.
I got it all cleaned up - nothing on the floor, dusted the shelves, my reading chair all cleaned up next to the window.  It's my beautiful room again.
Now, if I could only find time to spend in there.

05.30.14 Veggie Option

We went to O'Charley's & I usually get sides & a side salad (They have the BEST apple cider vinaigrette dressing - EVER) ... but I happened to look & they had a new black bean burger.
OH.MY.GOSH! It was delish.
Avocado on it, with pico de gallo, cheese, tomato, on a wheat bun.
Ricky wanted to go back the next day so he could get one himself.
I told the waitress I wanted to hug her when I saw a vegetarian option.

05.31.14 Peach Green Tea & a good book

I hardly get a lot of time where I can sit down for awhile & just enjoy a book...
have actually been missing that (remember my first picture)
So I am VERY thankful that I had the time to do it on Saturday
... a good book & a good drink helps...
I would have stayed in my book room, but add on a beautiful day & I have to sit outside

06.01.14 Handmade Postcard

I got this in the mail... a handmade post card from a fellow blog friend.
I love it.  First of all, because its a fun surprise in the mail.... something that doesn't happen often anymore... & second, she actually drew & painted it.  I could frame it & have an original piece of art in my house now too.  

06.02.14 Windy Day

I was going out at lunch to meet Ricky, but parking became an issue & I couldn't meet up with him.
So I ended up going somewhere else & had a 'car lunch'... I thought it was going to be a hot & humid day...
& it turned out to be a cloudy day & the wind was blowing the whole time 
so with windows down, it was just such a wonderful lunch.

06.03.14 Hair Day

Yes, you'll probably see this same "Thankful" every 6 weeks,
but I am truly thankful every time I come out with straight hair, that smells like a scent from heaven
... glad I got this picture. I went home & worked out & the sweat frizzed it right up.

06.04.14 Missed Spills

I never like to keep my camera around anywhere that things can spill on it. I'm actually very paranoid about my cameras.  & I'm linking up tomorrow for a cool Friday post (come back & check it out) so I had my camera with me & sit it down for just a second.... & wouldn't you know, I spill my sparkling water.
But luckily, the can went the other direction & spilled away from the camera.
And I jerked my camera up so no damage was done.
If it got wet, I would have cried like a baby
... for days....weeks...

What are you thankful for this week?


So I'm joining an awesome lady in a link up on Finding Beauty tomorrow
... so look through some of your pictures that you've taken this week
 - on your phone - on your camera

& come back tomorrow & link up with us
See what others find Beautiful this week! :)


  1. I learned the hard way never to leave any liquids next to my laptop-- last year a few days before my wedding I spilled an entire cup of ice water all over my laptop keyboard! I love handmade cards and things & that postcard is so creative! Also, I'm so jealous of your bookshelf!

  2. Such a pretty handmade card! Glad your camera didn't get wet. Looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow.

  3. That postcard is so pretty!!! Your hair looks gorgeous in that last picture! Oh I would have cried for you. I am such a klutz I have to literally say things out loud like "Amanda move the liquid away from the electronics....this isn't going to end well".

  4. Ohhhh I saw the picture of your library and instantly smiled. {Book love}.
    I am also super paranoid about liquids around my camera.

  5. How pretty is that postcard?! I love snail mail ;) Love your hair too!

  6. Nothing like a fresh haircut and blowout! If I had unlimited money, I'd get that done three times a week (at least) - it just makes you feel like a million bucks! And I want to try this Dasani sparkling water, how have I never seen these before?!

  7. Love black bean burgers! I wish I could make them at home :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  8. I just totally am picturing the spill in slow motion! haha

  9. I LOVE snail mail and that postcard is gorgeous! What a beautiful surprise. :)


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