Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My celebrity friends....

It was funny, I was in the beauty shop the other day & we were talking about Kelly Ripa & I said, "I know we'd be best friends if we knew each other"...

& it made me think.  What celebrities would I want to be friends with or do I just know we would hit it off...

1. Kelly Ripa (gave that one away)

I just think she is so funny, quick witted & plus, I love that she's a fitness fanatic. Maybe she would get my body in shape while we hang out & talk.  We would probably look like an odd couple of friends with me being 5'8 & her being itty bitt enough to fit in my pocket.

Fun Fact - I used to watch her EVERY DAY after school on Dance Party USA. I honestly remember her & her big blond 80's hair.  So I've stalked Kelly Ripa longer then anyone else.

This is where I got my 80's dance moves

She also has the most adorable family... & hangs out with Jerry Seinfield & his wife.  So yeah, I'll just tag along with them on a night out.

2. Drew Barrymore

I don't know what it is, but I just adore Drew Barrymore.  Maybe its her all natural ways - her hippy side.  Now granted, she went through a little 'wild child' stage but she's a child actor.  That she turned out OK in life - gotta just erase the past & give her props for being a decent person in the end.  We've all seen some of those other child actors & how they don't turn out so well.

I want her to teach me how to cook.  I want to sit & talk with Drew & hear that little giggle she gives.  I want to talk about how the two of us can help save all the animals.  I want us to go around & take pictures & talk photography.  I want her to take me out to lunch with her & Adam Sandler.

Drew is in one of my all time favorite movies too!!!

I know we're not TWINS, but Ricky tells me all the time when I do or say certain things that I remind him of Drew Barrymore.  I knew I liked that girl.

3. Tom Hanks

I can remember watching him on Bosom Buddies - which, really?  People honestly thought they were women?  Oh, we were dumb in the 80's....

But this guy is just classic.  If you've ever seen any interview with him, isn't he just likeable?  Someone you want to hang out with?  He loves his wife - he is an amazing family man - he is always doing amazing movies.  Yeah - I want to hang out with him.

If you've never seen this... watch it.. or watch it again...

4.  Angie Smith

Maybe its the red hair... I always love red head people... but it could also be her adorable personality.  She's funny & doesn't really try to be. She's just real.  She's got an amazing heart for God.  She has a way with words.  And she has TWIN red head girls.   Double red head power. 

Her books move me.  Her pictures on Instagram are adorable.  Her speaking events are always entertaining. 

Plus she's married to the singer from Selah so she has the "in" in Christian Music... which could give me the hook up to Steven Curtis Chapman.    Just sayin' ;)

5. Emma Stone

Another red head?  Maybe I do have an issue with red heads...

but here's another girl that's just funny.  She's the younger generation but I still think we'd be best buddies.  She has an amazing sense of style about her. I need that to rub off.  Plus, she's dating Spiderman for goodness sakes.  Ricky would love to double date on that one.

Another awesome video if you haven't seen it yet ... (& yes, I could be friends with Jimmy Fallon as well)

6. Neil Patrick Harris

Is there anything this guy CAN'T do?  He sings, he dances, he acts, he can take over Broadway, he is funny, he has adorable twins he dresses up for Halloween.  I think every girl wants him to be their friend.  I just want to hang out with his family. I'd take being his nanny because I know he would love me & I'd be an instant member of the gang.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

We'd be instant friends.  I mean, her family lives in my town.  We grew up in the same area.  We can talk about all the local areas. 

Plus she's another funny gal... is it sort of obvious I love funny people through this?....

But she's another 'real' person.  Someone who isn't afraid of showing who she really is.
& who she really is is Katniss AND Mystique.  How do you top that awesomeness???
I think she would be the friend that we'd get in constant trouble... good trouble... but trouble.  The kind of trouble you laugh about all night long & talk about for a week.

So who would be your best celebrity friend?
& if anyone ever sees any of these people mentioned above - tell them their best friend Rebecca Jo said hey...


  1. I'd pick the ones who can make me laugh, too. And Tom Hanks, well, just because.

    On that whole SCC thing....my cousin is Luke Laird the Nashville songwriter (google him to see what he's written). He's an in, but it hasn't got me cozied up to Toby Keith yet. :( lol

  2. I think I'd pick Dolly Parton. I love to hear her sing and I think she's funny and down to earth and I think she'd be pure fun.

  3. Okay little Kelly Ripa is so cute- though I don't know why Im surprised because she's so gorgeous now! Love all of your picks!

  4. I would so hang out with each of them! Loved your picks...that was a fun read :-)


  5. These are great! I LOVE NPH and Kelly Ripa!

  6. My celeb bestie would definitely be Giuliana Rancic, I would love Emma Stone too ;)

  7. Tom Hanks could come over to dinner anytime. I'm more impressed with Drew Barrymore the older she gets. Her visits to The Chew are always special.

  8. I am with you 100%, I love them and it would be cool to be friends with them. You know the title of my blog is from Drew Barrymore saying "Just Breathe" as she is entering the ball at the castle, she is standing their with the wings spread wide!

  9. Love this! Neil Patrick Harris and Jennifer Lawrence would definitely be on my list too! Both of those videos crack me up! "You look just like a Bratz doll"...too funny!

  10. Love Neil Patrick Harris! I'd have to say Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy...I think I'd be laughing all the time with them as my bffs

  11. I could totally be besties with Jennifer Lawrence and Drew Barrymore! Love them both...such fun gals! I used to like Kelly Ripa when she was with Regis, but seems that she's gotten the "big head" now that Michael S. has joined. Probably just my perception.

  12. This is fun to thnk about. Mia & I always say Guiliana Rancic and I (us) would be besties. True story. I also think Lauren Conrad. I'd have to think a little more for more people.

  13. Loved this! YES to Kelly Ripa! I have Live with Kelly & Michael on every morning. And Tom Hanks just seems like the nicest guy ever, I appreciate how he stays out of the spotlight and all that celebrity drama.

  14. I'm with you on ALL of those, but I don't know who Angie Smith is!!!
    Cameron Diaz is definitely somebody I could be best friends with!!!
    That clip of Tom was HILARIOUS!!!

  15. Jennifer Garner...hands down. She's down-to-earth AND married to one hot dude. She's the epitome of a super star with a reasonable head on her shoulders!


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