Monday, June 02, 2014

The weekend that had me dancing in the basement

// First Friday at Starbucks I didn't get any sort of coffee drink... or even a tea.  I tried the new Evolution Fresh juice they have.  Went for the low calorie one & it tasted just like I juiced it from home.  That fresh green taste.  Ricky couldn't handle the smell of it. He doesn't like celery & it smells .. & tastes... like celery.  I appreciated it had wheat grass in it.  I may actually guy more for my health.  Just hate these small bottles were over $5.00 ... ouch!

//  Harvey Dent had his first grooming appointment.  He's been before for a bath, but never a groom.  I guess he did OK.  The groomer told me, "You know these dogs are smarter then humans, right?"... so I'm wondering what Harvey did to outsmart this guy.

// Zoe got groomed like a poodle.  Something I've never seen in my life.  I wasn't even sure it WAS Zoe until she got home & acted like her neurotic loner self again.

// Harvey was exhausted when he got home.  I think this was the most quiet I've ever seen him.  Note to self - Puppy power has a nemesis & it's called "Grooming"

Our tired boy

// We got our XBox Kinect hooked up.  I now can play my Dance games & feel like my dream of being a professional dancer is true.  My favorite part?  When they do the 'freestyle' section of the game & they record you & play it back in double time.  I learned I look like a dork dancing.  Xbox just handed me a reality check.  I'll still dance away.

// In order to get the room to play with our Kinect, we had to move our couch in the basement.  Ricky went ahead & said we should just get rid of it.  He's had it for 30 years after all... We loaded it up, with tons of other stuff & drove down to Goodwill .... I was actually sad about leaving it.  Funny how 'things' hold memories. I'm excited how the basement is going to get re-designed though.  Fun, dance party central!!!

// I went out Saturday to the store & out to eat & didn't wear one bit of make up, had on running shorts & an old t-shirt, threw my hair in a pig tail & baseball cap... & didn't even care....

// So enjoyed my Saturday evening sitting out reading my book, drinking my own made peach green tea lemonade & relaxing... too bad the bugs ate me up.  I had to end up going in our enclosed porch because I was tired of slapping myself silly from what felt like bug bites.   (I'm now itching again thinking about bugs on my skin)

// We didn't make it to see Maleficent... I heard it was great... gotta get out & see it.  I also want to see Fault in our Stars that starts this weekend - so 2 movies in 1 weekend?  What to do... what to do...

// Anyone else watch "Sing your Face Off?" where stars have to dress & sing & act like other musicians?  It was pretty funny.  I just love Sebastian Bach anyways & glad to see him on it.  A rocker.  We saw him as Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar" one time.

// How can one day be decent & beautiful & the next be the same temperature, but the humidity make the day so miserable?

// Ricky was watching a movie & I came in a few minutes late... started watching it... he fell asleep & I kept on watching it & then didn't understand the ending because I missed the beginning of the movie.  It involved Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger ... I have no idea what possessed me to watch this movie.

// I got to teach in Merge on Sunday about how the Friday Jesus died seemed like the end of the world... but Sunday was coming.  I may do a blog post on it tomorrow.  I really loved this lesson... & loved when I had a few kids come up to me at the end & said, "That was really good".  That doesn't happen often, as the kids are just wanting to jet out or hang with each other after class,  so I truly pray God spoke to their hearts something they needed to hear.

// MAC (Merge After Church)... the humidity had me bail on the game of ultimate frisbee.  I had on jeans & it was horrible heat.  So I got to sit on the side lines & talk with friends. That's how I'd rather hang out anyways - not sweat in jeans.

// Graduation parties started today & I hated I wasn't able to make one.  I need more time in a day.  I really grow to love these kids through the years & want to be able to celebrate with them.... can't grown up responsibilities halt for a bit so I can just go to parties?  & throw in summer breaks for this new 'grown up rules' I want to create.

// The Bachelorette on a Sunday night just throws me off my schedule for a bit.... & is anyone else just feeling uncomfortable with the guy on there that has passed away.  I feel so badly for his family watching this.  Its got to be heart breaking for them....

How was your weekend?


  1. Well,next time try not to end on a sad note. That doesn't seem like Rebecca's Knit By God's Hand. I am excited you decided to venture out without makeup. I am getting less and less made up to go out. People just think I have been sick,so who cares? Maybe I have? I see what you're saying about the movie, Escape,but you have to admit those two are great to watch.Older,but still "The Man" guys. God Bless the groomer for wearing Harvey Dent out. Who knew? Maybe you should check Harvey into a doggie day care program while you are at work,maybe 2 or 3 times a week? Sounds like the plan to me? Of course be very mindful of their credentials and talk to other patrons about the facilities.I wanna borrow your Robbin Roberts book when you are finished,if you loan them out? I promise to return it promptly. Love you ,teacher,rabbi,God's Precious Princess.Have a blessed week of dancing.

  2. You have got to go see Maleficent! It is awesome!!! Not really what I expected, but I totally, totally loved it!!!!!!!

  3. I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld, so you can image what my playbacks look like...

    Oh, I can't wait to read your post tomorrow!

    Yes, it's so uncomfortable & said watching Eric. That's gotta be so hard for his family. Surely they "ok-ed" airing it, though.

  4. I read something about the show trying to decide whether to edit his parts out or leave them in; they decided it would be weirder to act like he never existed. Do you watch "People's Couch"? I caught it for the first time the other night, and I was ROLLING!!! some of them said they picked out the gay guys who are on there just to get on tv...I think Andi still has a couple of them on there!

  5. I've heard Maleficent is good, I am still undecided. Fault in our Stars looks great, but sad!

  6. ohhh, i cannot wait to see TFIOS. I loved the book.

    "Falling in love with Gus was like falling asleep. Slowly at first then all at once!"--favorite quote from the book!

  7. Your Saturday evening sounds like perfection - minus the bugs! I've been hearing so many good things about The Fault in Our Stars but I want to read the book first. And yes, it's so hard watching Eric on the Bachelorette :( At least he is making his family proud with his appearances so far!

  8. I'm gonna need you to post a video of your dancing. ;P

  9. I've heard mixed reviews on Maleficent, but am so excited to see The Fault in Our Stars - loved that book!

  10. We shall meet and we shall dance our boo-tays off! :)

  11. Our dogs are always worn out after groomings...we love it! I'm curious to know the reason behind Harvey Dent being smarter than humans comment, now! I just caught up on the Bachelorette from Monday night and I can't imagine how hard it is for his family to watch. I cried I watching and didn't even know the guy. Can't wait to see The Fault in our Stars this weekend!


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