Monday, June 30, 2014

The weekend that I got to photograph a special wedding....

I did this 2 weeks ago, but today, the weekend post is overshadowed by a big event that ruled over everything... it was the wedding of one special girl... & I got to be the photographer for the day, getting to share in the amazing day along side her from the beginning to the end...

This wasn't just any wedding.  This was of a young lady that I've watched grow up into an amazing young woman.  I had her in my youth class since she was in middle school, through her high school years & she actually just graduated college a year EARLY ... (hello smarty pants)...

When you work in youth ministry, you love every child that comes in there but there's always just certain kids that connect with you maybe a little differently, a little deeper, a little more personally.   That's why youth ministry needs everyone, people willing to be there - because every kid needs someone to connect with & it's not always going to be the same person....

Brittany is in this group of girls that I just loved & adored with that 'big sister/little sister' connection... I would hurt someone that hurt her... let's just put it that way :)

Good thing she met the most amazing young man who I think was pretty fantastic.  They met in high school & I told her all along, hang onto him.... & she did.  I'm sure its not because I told her to, though I wouldn't mind taking credit for this one... but I know it's nothing to do with anything but how amazing he is, how much they fit together & I love they've made it through the years to get to this point in their life... man & wife...

wow... my mind is blown at that statement... I still see her as a little kid that I want to protect & guide.  I guess I'll always want to do that for her... & all these kids that come up through youth ministry...

I was honored to do their engagement pics last year too

So it was exciting to start the day off with her on Saturday at the hair salon.  I hugged her as soon as I saw her & told her I knew this was going to be one of many of the hugs I gave her throughout the day.  This is why I love doing weddings for people I know.  I get to see how the whole day goes with the people I care about & really try to do whatever I can to make the whole day easier for them...

At the beauty salon... with my phone..

With Brittany & Logan - they are both so laid back that there wasn't anything much I had to do but just snap the day away.

Let me stop & give a shout out to God ... at the beginning of the day, the weather people were saying that it was going to be hot, humid, with chances of torrential down pours - 60% chance!! & Brittany's wedding was an outdoor wedding.  Oh my.  I started praying. Ricky started praying.  I got a hold of some of my prayer warrior friends & they started praying. 

So when I was at the beauty salon in the morning, the rain was coming down.  I was there for 2 hours, left to go to the groom's house to start pictures & yes, the rain was still coming down.  I pull into his driveway & I'm not even joking.  The rain stopped.  I got out of my car, the sun came out.... & the sun was out the REST OF THE DAY!  It didn't even look like it was going to rain one time!  And summer time? Yeah, it was warm, but it wasn't bad.  & during the wedding?  There was the coolest breeze... it was perfectly beautiful & lovely outside.   Tell me God doesn't care about the details.

It was so awesome too that God had worked out the schedule for the Youth Minister that was at our church when Brittany was coming up through the ranks... he was going to be in town at just that right time & he was able to perform the wedding for Brittany.  You talk about a special connection... those two have a father/daughter-like relationship that is so special.  That he was there to be able to perform the wedding... I get teary eyed...
At the rehearsal
... I totally snagged someone's FB picture...

I loved seeing him & his family as well.  So great to catch up on things, to talk about how life has been, it was a blessing to my heart to just hug them & let them know how much I really love them all. 

Side note - their whole family is leaving in 3 weeks to serve for 3 years in a mission in Nicaragua ... how amazing is that...

For me, the best part of the day was when we were back at the house & they had taken a golf cart full of bridesmaids back to the wedding & it was just me, the bride & her mom waiting for the golf cart to come back for the trip of a lifetime.  It was a perfect time to say a prayer over Brittany & just praise God for the direction He has led her & for this young man he created just to be her husband through her life... that moment alone was the best part of the day for me... I was so honored & blessed to be there with her & her mother.

Of course, pictures were uploaded yesterday... it only took about 5 hours to upload 13 cards that were full... its ridiculous how many pictures are taken on a wedding day. & I never want to get rid of any of them.  They are all special on laying out how fun a day is...

I've already finished the hair salon pics & started on the groom pics...

here's a sneak peek of Brittany after her make up was on...

So you'll know where you can find me over the next few weeks... edit edit edit edit edit... & more editing

It was a wonderful, but busy day....I started the day at 10 am & got home at 10:30 pm ... I've said it before... wedding photography ain't no joke...

My feet after the wedding
... just to gross out your Monday...


& another side note... Sunday was pretty neat too because our Grandbuddy Emerson got to make her debut at church for the first time.

So many people excited to see that beautiful face.  I can't blame them...

So how was your weekend?
Get to enjoy a beautiful wedding?
Get to love on a sweet baby?
Get filthy dirty feet doing anything fun?


  1. What a wonderful weekend (with the exception of your feet)! She's such a beautiful girl! (The bride AND the baby!)

  2. What a special wedding to photograph and be apart of! I can't even imagine the work it takes to go through the thousands of photos you must have after weddings!

  3. Oh, that is so special to be the photographer for someone so close to you! Can't wait to see all the pics! And that baby...she's so pretty. Everytime you post a pic, she makes me want another one!

  4. What a special day (days) you had. The bride is gorgeous and so is Emerson!

  5. What a special treat, for both of you!

  6. What a special day for the both of y'all! This is such a sweet post! Seeing all those memory cards really puts it into perspective...I don't see how you edit so many photos. I get tired after the little touch ups I do to my blog photos!

  7. Can't wait to see the final photos!! SO happy that the weather cooperated with them and they had sunshine!! Happy Monday!

  8. I can relate to this post in so many ways! How wonderful to be allowed the privilege of watching a child grow into a mature adult! I'm sure she was as thrilled to have you present for her special day as you were to be there!!

  9. What a beautiful bride! Eh, the feet can be washed off, but thanks for sharing that! :D


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