Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What did you want to be when you grew up?

We're at the end of the school year for a lot of people & all the pictures of graduations have surfaced all over Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.  Always such an exciting time of year for people heading out into life & figuring out what they want to do with their future. 

I know when I talk to young people, you rarely hear an answer on what they want to be.  Oh yeah, they have an idea, but they usually follow up with, "I think"... or "Maybe" ... I always assure them they are young enough to change their mind.

I was thinking back on things I always wanted to be growing up... or things I would love to be if I could do it again...


I never took one dang dance lesson in my life.  Never.  I was too busy kicking boy's butts in Kung Fu to be dainty & in a pink tutu.  But I just know I would have been a good dancer.  I watch all the dance shows & wonder how life would have been if I went down that path.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I'd probably break an ankle every year or something..... end of that career.


I'd be a GREAT high school teacher

I used to sit my dolls up all the time in front of a chalk board & pretend to be a teacher when I was little.  I always had a thing in my heart of wanting to be an elementary school teacher. I especially think that kicked in when I had the best 1st grade teacher ever... & the best 5th grade teacher as well.  & now, working with Jr High kids & Sr. High kids in youth ministry, I even considered teaching the 'tough age' kids. I really considered going back to school a few years ago to try it - even at my age... but in reality, it would be such a financial loss.  The cost of school & then I'd take a major pay cut to be a teacher... which to me is the saddest thing in our country, what we pay our teachers. (Did I hear an Amen?) ... but man, I would love to have done it right from the beginning & be a teacher.

{ Pharmacist}

I used to work in our grocery stores pharmacy when I was in high school as a pharmacy tech.  The pharmacist there was in my Kung Fu class so she got me in there & trained me & it was awesome.  I loved being on that medical side of it.  Didn't really have to deal with snot & germs... I like that...  That was truly my goal when I graduated high school... but the only college that had a Pharmacy School at the time was UK & I couldn't afford that... & plus, it was an hour & a half away from my parents.  That thought alone made me panic. I wasn't one of those kids that couldn't wait to get away from their parents.  That idea just made me break out into hives... needing a prescription from a pharmacist...
... the way I feel about prescriptions now though, God knew not to let me go into this field. I'd be handing out natural remedies instead when I could.

{ Storm Chaser }

Yes... I'm that person.  My dad used to take me out in the middle of the hardest storms & we'd sit on our back porch & cover up & just laugh at the rain & love when it lightning & thundered.  Yes, we did.  I can remember a tornado warning happening one time & we saw the funnel cloud, standing on the porch in awe, while my mom was screaming, GET IN THIS BASEMENT!!! ... me & dad were like, "In a second"  Even now, I've been sitting outside in a storm & hear Ricky yell the same thing at me.  Storms just intrigue me.  Call me Helen Hunt... which by the way, I could watch Twister every day of my life.

I blame my mom too... she made us watch Wizard of Oz every year & hello?  A twister takes you to a magical place where shoes rule. 

{ Wedding anything }

I always wanted to be a part of weddings, so I do think its cool that I now actually AM a part of weddings as the photographer.  I will say, that's the high end STRESS part of the wedding.  Can't mess that up.  I always wanted to do something with wedding dresses growing up though.  I always used to draw designs of dresses - & in the 80's that usually involved BIG puffy sleeves & HUGE bows across the butt - but I would love to have worked in a bridal dress salon.  Say Yes to the Dress?  Oh mercy, please let me work there...  I'll be Randy's best friend.

{ Disney anything }
 .... let me be Belle... please

But I would love to do anything in Disney really - especially if it involved being a Princess, or singing or dancing.  Working in the park... seeing all the happy faces... being able to go INTO Disney World every day?
It would probably take away the magic though - right?  Nooo!! I'd be PART of the magic. Who wouldn't want that?

What did you want to be growing up?
... if you could do it all over again?


  1. I always wanted to be a teacher. I'm glad I wasn't because I realize now that I do not have the patience required to be a good teacher. I've got the requisite amount of OCD-ness to be an accountant and liked working with absolutes, so I enjoyed being an accountant.

  2. I'd forgotten all about Twister! Such a good movie. I'm fascinated by storms, too - we have the Weather Channel on here all.the.time. When I was a kid, I went back and forth between doctor and teacher. And then I somehow ended up with a business degree, ha!

  3. I don't know that being a storm chaser would be good for you, especially after reading the hives problem just thinking about being 1 1/2 hours away from your parents! ;)
    You could still do Belle...I think you should go for it! :D

  4. I know storm chasers. You don't want to do that, trust me.

    My daughter knows someone who is working at Disney now and gets to be Jessie from Toy Story. They say they are their "friend" but that's just how they are supposed to describe their job instead of saying they are them. She was Chip earlier and I'm sure she is happy to be out of that costume.

  5. I always wanted to be a mom. That was my dream. I finally achieved that in my mid 30's through adoption. And no, I really wouldn't want to change anything.

    I love the movies Twister too. Can't tell you how many times we've watched that movie.

    Sometimes I'd like to move to Florida when we retire and I'd like to work part time at Disney. I'd love to be the Fairy Godmother and if not a character then I'd like to work at Space Ship Earth at Epcot. I kinda just want to do something that's mindless, but still in Disney. lol Plus you could walk all day on that conveyor where they load and unload and I bet I'd lose weight and get in better shape.

  6. For me, I'd have to go with a pediactric oncology nurse. I've always had a soft place in my heart for kids battling cancer. I have a cousin (2nd) who was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 2...she's now almost 30, but has all sorts of "issues" from the chemo. and radiation she received. However, she is a SURVIVOR and to help a child reach that would be phenomenal!

  7. I always said I wanted to be a lawyer because I loved to argue (made sense when I was 12) but I quickly realized how much school a law degree required and dropped that. My freshman year of college I was in education but changed and ended up with a finance degree I don't use. So I still don't know what I want to do!

  8. Storm chaser? Guuuurl, you crazy! ;P
    I wanted to be lots of things... I had trouble making up my mind about that - still do, haha! The FIRST thing I ever wanted to be was a dentist though!

  9. This is such a fun post idea! I still want to be so many things! I would have totally been with your mom during the storms-- I can't get in the basement fast enough, haha.

  10. Honestly? I can only ever remember wanting to do something with English. And... also be a professional tennis player :)

  11. I wanted to be a dancer or a nurse...but at the deepest level, a Mom :-)
    I have to agree, teachers are so horribly underpaid!!!! I volunteered in my DIL's class one year...I had flu like symptoms after three hours...it was very hard and I was just the helper.
    I too watched the Wizard of Oz faithfully every year...I'm a giant fan of the show.


  12. I used to want to be a singer, dancer, actress, and fashion designer. Like ALL of those things. Briefly, I wanted to be a doctor, but I hate math and science. Seriously though, from a very very young age until like 21, I wanted to be an actress. No joke.


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