Monday, June 23, 2014

The weekend we saw a Tron baby....

// Bless her heart... I stopped at the Starbucks in the grocery on the way home Friday & there was a young girl that was totally confused when I said "Peach Green Tea Lemonade"... it took her 3 tries to make... & it still wasn't right but I wasn't about to have her make it again.  I didn't realize it was so hard to make.

This was the hardest worked for PGTL ever!!!

// They had out samples of BLACKBERRY Green Tea lemonade... OH WOW people!  We may have a contender!

// How do you just run into the grocery to pick up a few things & end up spending $110?  I don't think I can ever get out of ANY store any more under $75.00 ... its sort of ridiculous.

// Ricky brought home pizza.  Makes me think of our newlywed days.  When we first got married, it was tradition that every Friday, we had pizza & we'd go to Blockbuster & rent a video.  So yeah... that shows how long we've been married. 

//  I am soaking up every bit of sunshine & day light.  With the beginning of summer, I live for June 21st... the longest day of the year.  I honestly start feeling depressed June 22nd because I know the sun is setting one minute earlier every day.  Closer to dark nights.  Blah!!!!!!! So I just wanted to sit outside all night Friday night & Saturday night... Not every day of the year you can see blue in the sky after 9 pm... why can't every day be like that?

This was taken at 9:20pm on Friday
... isn't the sky CRAZY looking?...
The whole sky had a weird shade... I love summer skies

//   Weekend!  Time to sleep in!.... nope....  I didn't mind getting up at 6:30am though because the morning was so beautiful & sun was already shining down.  See? I'm just a solar person.  No question about it.

// Ricky & I went Kinect crazy this weekend.  He has mastered darts, but I still make it close & will eek out a win every now & then.  But we moved onto skiing.  Say hello to the skiing pro.  Thankyouverymuch!  We had to play until he finally beat me... which it finally won after 10 games by a TENTH of a second. Not a full second - a TENTH of a second.  He was OK to stop playing then.

// Believe me, I realize if I actually skied, I would break something & possibly die.  Thank you Xbox Kinect for making me an expert in something I know I could never do.

// Had a photo session with Ricky's cousin & her family... which I know makes her my cousin as well... but I have so many cousins, when I say cousin, my family reading this is like, "Now whose daughter is that?"... so easier to just sort it out :) .... ANYHOO.... we were going to schedule for later, but ended up making it an early session.  Glad we did to. It was hot & humid - but it had been worse the day before & glad we got it done before 12:30 when it REALLY warmed up.  & everyone was such a good sport - especially the kiddos. 

// We actually stayed home all day on Saturday after my photo session!  That was a strange feeling.  Don't think I wasn't busy though.  Between editing pictures & trying to do chores & having to beat Ricky AGAIN at skiing... it was a swamped day.

// You'd think a house would get clean when we're home more... I think we mess up a house more.  I need a maid.

// I made my own tea concoction - brewed up green tea & added it in with this delicious bit of wonderfulness... by the end of the night, my heart was pounding out of my chest.  I forget green tea has caffeine.  I had to remember it was a lot of tea & not panic & feel like I needed to go to the ER.

That Mango Lemonade? ... yummmmy!!!

// It was Graduation Sunday at church.  Another group of kids moving on through.  I looked through my Bible & still have the papers from the past years with the kids pictures... mercy... I've been in youth ministry a LONG time.

// I got to lead just a girls small group... so love talking with the girls... & they laughed when they said the lesson they were going to take away from the day was "Boys are dumb" ... well, there you go. I live to teach wise things.

// I loved the news constantly showing the dogs from the Ugly Dog contest this weekend.  I just loved Peanut...  to hear his story & how he was abused & burned... & someone saw him & said, "He needs me" & adopted him?  My heart aches for stories like that...

I'd take that baby
// This dog is the one that freaks me out... how did this even happen!?!?!?

// Dad was up & moving around pretty darn good with that new hip.  It's sore ... which, duh!  But I'm still super impressed how well he's getting around.  His incision is looking a little infected right now so mom has put on her doctor's hat & we drove & got all new bandages & gauze.  She'll have it looking spic & span before you know it.

// So they gave dad a little contraption that helps you put on your socks when you can't bend over... GENIUS!    I need that for Monday mornings.


// I signed up for the Meal Train for Ryan & Chasity ... especially for a good excuse to go see the baby.  I actually was going to cook too!  & then Ricky & I got into an argument on how not everyone wants a vegetarian dinner & how Ryan is a "growing boy" & needs meat in his diet.  So I gave in & we just went & picked up food from a restaurant.  Ricky felt vindicated when Ryan ordered a double burger.  One loss for vegetarians of the world.

// Ryan can eat all the meat he wants if it means I get to love on this sweet little girl while he does it...

Isn't she just beautiful... such a dainty girl
// Poor little baby has jaundice & has to sleep in the new little jaundice bed they make. It's not like the lights of the past...

This is NOT Emerson... but its the same sort of light bed
// I called Emerson a human Glo Worm in this thing.  Someone else called her a Tron Baby ...

// So staying home all day on Saturday?... I made up for it on Sunday... I left the house at 9:15 am & got home at 9:15 pm... but glad to get home in time to watch the new show "Rising Star".  I'm totally over singing shows, but I really did like the interaction.  I totally downloaded the app & voted along with everyone else.  Like my one vote mattered... but I felt like it did.   I guarantee that there will now be a dozen new shows coming out with this idea... real time interaction. ... I just don't understand how they did it for the west coast.

Yep... had my tablet next to me ready to vote
... this couple was a red arrow... NO!!!

How was your weekend?
Did you watch Rising Star & vote?
Do you love those ugly dogs?
Are Tron babies the wave of the future?


  1. HA! Tron baby! And I need to try that mango lemonade! I wonder if I can get it around here...

  2. She's a cutie...Tron baby or not!

    No I didn't watch that show. Don't know if I will or not in the future. I think maybe we've got enough shows to watch and don't need to add to many more. :)

    Love the pic of your husband's cousin and family. So cute.

    Glad your dad is doing so well.

    Sounds like a good weekend and I hope your week is just as good.

  3. I tried a new cucumber mint tea at home on Saturday morning and was caught off guard by the caffeine! I never, ever have caffeine so even just a little bit sets me off haha. Beautiful sunset picture! We ended up getting strong thunderstorms Saturday night so no sunset on the longest day for us :(

  4. Oh wow - jam packed weekend!! I can't believe they make little jaundice beds now - that is crazy...I know what you mean about going into a store for one thing and coming out with 100 other things!! Happy Monday!

  5. Oh my gosh, that dog!! Oh yes, Target always gets at least $100 :( I showed my hubby that picture of sweet baby girl you shared on IG last night, so perfect and precious!

  6. I watched about an hour of the show and then gave up and watched Cuthroat Kitchen on Food Network. Way too much talking by Josh Groban and I wasn't knocked out by any of the talent.

  7. Grocery store prices are ridiculous! The other day I walked out with like four bags, trying to figure out what the heck I bought that was so expensive! I was completely out of the loop this weekend about the ugly dog contest but looking them up now! Busy weekend girl!

  8. I remember the days of blockbuster! We'd pick up a movie and a bucket of popcorn and call it a night. Some of the best days of my childhood :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  9. Hahaha... ohhhhh VHS tapes! Them were the days!
    People who are mean to animals are the worst kind of people they are. Monsters, really.

  10. Pizza and a movie sound like a typical Friday night for my hubby and me! :) :)


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