Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Confession Hashtag Time

Confession Time!!!!

... For the first time this year, driving in at 6:50am, I could see a little bit of color, other then BLACK... the horizon had a slight lighter shade to it.  I'm holding onto hope that Spring is getting closer & closer!!! #winterIhateyou

... I really like to cut coupons.  It's a childhood thing. My mom used to let me cut out every coupon that came in the Sunday paper & then she'd save the ones she would use & toss the ones she didn't want.  Something about cutting on those dotted lines makes me happy.  #couponcuttingismycraft

... I've got the hubs on a Green Tea kick. Time to head to Amazon & move my subscription order of Green Tea K-cups to a faster delivery date.  #boosttheimmunesystem

... I gave my hubs his first lesson on how to use the Keurig... he made his own tea this morning.  #proudmoment

... why do 'higher ups' at work have to change things around, that don't ever involve them & only involves you.  #ifitaintbrokedontfixit

... I saw where yet ANOTHER woman came forward about Bill Cosby.  I love that Larry Wilmore even acknowledged this & said "How many more do we need? That’s like if Bill Cosby drugged and raped every U.S. President from George Washington to John. F Kennedy.” I don't get how this man is not having charges brought against him, or that people are saying that he hasn't done anything wrong. #famemakesyouinnocent 

... I will be glad when the Super Bowl is over so I don't have to hear about "deflategate" any more. #stupidwordsof2015

... I am excited to see the Super Bowl only to see the new Budweiser commercial with the yellow lab puppy  #ImissmyBuffy

... Speaking of puppies... we really are looking for another one. Harvey Dent needs a friend.  Someone to either keep him out of trouble... or help him get deeper into it.  #ahousefullofdogsisahappyhouse

... I am so sorry for everyone that had to deal with all the blizzard snow, but I'm secretly thanking Jesus it didn't come anywhere near here. #snowandIdontgetalong

... all the gifts are gone in my house... my tree is still up.  #goingtomakeitavalentinetree

This could very well happen at my house this weekend!

... Did anyone else think the dress the girl got to pick on The Bachelor for her Cinderella night was the ugliest dress ever?  How did this dress reflect ANYTHING Princess?  The Bachelor wardrobe department needs to be fired over this one.  #gotdiamondearringsthough

... Did you also see where that sweet girl that Farmer Chris's sister picked for that date has a Playboy past?  #fooledthosesisters

...I have this goal of getting 10k steps in every day on my FitBit.  I finished doing a good, fast paced workout yesterday - went to look at my step count, knowing it was going to hit my goal.... & I didn't have on my FitBit. It was still on my pants I wore to work.  NOOOOOO!!!!!  Ricky told me, 'You know you made your goal for the day'... yeah, but my FitBit doesn't.  I was more upset about this then I should have been. #ineedconfirmationinlife

What do you have to confess this week?

Making Melissa

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  1. I knew we were similar! I always cut the coupons in Sunday paper growing up and even now, if I see them, I cut them!!! I may not even use 1/4 of them, but I cut them out. ;)

  2. One of my groups at work just got a Keurig and I had to show all the guys how to use it. It was quite entertaining. :)

  3. Wait what?! Jade has a playboy past? Tell me more! I did like the dress she wore although you are right, it wasn't very princessy at all. But I couldn't get past her hair!! It looked so bad!

  4. Rebecca, I continue to love your blog. Sorry I haven't been in touch lately, but my health keeps getting in,my way. I would love to have u & Ricky over for dinner. I know that you are both vegans and don't have a problem with that. I would love for u 2 show,me how to set up a blog of my own. U know I love dogs and will invite them too. Are they also vegan? We just need to get together on a date and time. Meanwhile I love your Edward Scissors hands post and wondered if you would be able to teach me how to retrieve similar ones.

  5. I used to cut the coupons and then leave them at home...they didn't help me much :? Love that you are in search of a new puppy for Harvey Dent! Those will be some fun posts!!


  6. I love your confessions! I have to confess that I have not done yoga in a week and a half! OOPS!

  7. I stopped wearing my fitbit because I couldn't stop obsessing over hitting my numbers. I NEEDED to see it on the screen every day. So I had to stop for my sanity. lol

  8. I don't watch the bachelor but that dress is so ugly! ew.
    yay new puppy :) that budweiser commercial is the best.
    and ugh with the higher ups at work - i dont have to deal with it at this job because my bosses aren't stupid, but my last job.. 'headquarters' always made the most stupid decisions that could not be implemented in real life. so stupid.

  9. Gary had to teach me how to use the Keurig too - i figured it out after like 10 tries!!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  10. I'm a huge coupon cutter. And now I have my daughter hooked on it. I mail her coupons every week.

  11. You just reminded me to charge my fitbit!! thanks. I liked her dress on her and I don't really care about her past. I WAS reminded why i don't watch the show though, oh my the cattiness. Also, the virgin girl was THE most annoying I wish he wouldn't have given her another chance, but he had to or people would have said it was because of her telling him.

  12. I kind of thought the same thing about the dress. That sweet girl has a playboy past??? Ha, ha!

  13. The prospect of seeing the Budweiser commercial was the only thing getting me through all this Super Bowl hype and Deflategate nonsense ... until they gave the link to the full commercial on the news last night. I'm doing my best to hold out ... otherwise I may lose it in all this SB hype. ugh

  14. I must be out of the loop. I haven't heard anything about the deflategate. I agree with the higher ups especially when they think they have the slightest clue as to what you do on a daily basis. I loved the shape of the dress Jade wore but wasn't crazy about the fabric! They could have done better!

  15. I'm a couponer. My dad was against it until I explained to him that I could coupon and not be a hoarder. Apparently he watches too much tv.

    I'm over the NFL before it's even football season. I really think the only reason we're still talking about underinflated balls is because BALLS. MEN LOVE BALLS. To touch them, to talk about them. BALLS, BALLS, BALLS. #ihateESPN

    My dog recommendation is a greyhound because they are awesome dogs... and I'm biased.

  16. YESSS make a Valentine's Day tree AND get another puppy :)


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