Monday, January 26, 2015

The weekend we had Christmas... in January....

It finally happened.... the gifts are gone from under my tree.... yahhooooo!!!!

In exchange for that?  I have about 4 huge piles of trash - from wrapping paper, boxes, toy boxes & about 1 ZILLION little plastic ties that hold toys into the packages.  My goodness.  Is all of that really necessary?

Let me not jump too far ahead.

Friday, I had intentions of getting home & cleaning my house to get ready for my company.... but I ended up falling asleep about 8... with my clothes still on, while watching Shark Tank. I was just exhausted.  Who knew that jeans & a sweater could be so comfy.

Who also knew that sleeping in your make up makes a scary sight when you wake up the next morning?

Ricky got up early on Saturday because he went to help a coworker move.  Ahh - my good hearted husband.  On his feet Monday - Friday & worked all morning lifting refrigerators, ovens, washing machines... he may be little, but he's mighty.

That left me at home by myself with the dogs to clean up & get done what needed to be done.. making cookies!  #grandmotherduty

When my gang arrives, it always blows me away the difference in the boys.  We try to see them about every 3 months if possible, but the changes are still crazy dramatic.  Isaac this time has his top 2 teeth already grown in... Luke is still skinnier then a rail but changing from blond hair to brown... & Will?  He is the incredible eating baby.  This little dude will eat anything & everything.  He turned 11 months this weekend & he's in 18 months clothes... & some can be kinda snug...

It wasn't long before Pappy got home & the boys day was made... they love their Pappy....

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday - chilly, but the sunshine felt wonderful.  So the boys got to run off the energy from sitting in the car on the ride, & wear down Harvey Dent in the meanwhile....

This one was just an observer
... won't be long before he's out running with the pack....

Harvey just LOVES these boys... I am really excited how well Harvey did with them this trip.  He really contained the barking & was so good at watching over them & loving & protecting Will.... so glad we have him in our life.

It also wasn't long before the question started, "When are we going to open gifts?" ....

We made a plan, that basically bribed the boys to eat a good dinner before we opened gifts.  It also involved going to Sam's Club so Julie & Steve could get the new Keurig 2.0

I've never seen a baby love a visit to Sam's Club more then this one

... & also so I could get to Michael's for the yarn sale that was going on. 

Can I say I love that I got so many emails that reminded me of this sale. I have good friends in my life....

I knew I could get away with going to Michael's because Julie was with me... Ricky would have humph'ed it off but when I have back up on looking at yarn... success!  Ricky said he blames Julie for all of this anyways - she was my knitting guru.  yep - blame her.  In the end, we both came out with a bag full of delish yarn.

We had to wait for a table 5:30... what is that about?  I will say, Ricky & I were even young in the crowd that was eating early.  The boys were anxious to eat knowing that presents were next up, so waiting for a table for 30 minutes, in a tiny little space, with 3 boys... whew!  Lets just say when they called our name for a table, it was like being called to the Promised Land.

Dinner ate.  Full bellies.  Time to head home....

The boys wasted no time in putting on pj's & running to the Christmas tree....

Ummm... can you feel the excitement?

I have to say, it was kind of nice having Christmas a few weeks AFTER Christmas... good to have that feeling more then once a year.  I say we spread out Christmas all year long... my tree is still up - I'll just leave it there & start putting presents under it again.  Sounds like a plan.

Didn't take long for the boys to rip right through...

William just loved the excitement & of course, was thrilled with the paper & boxes more then anything else...

Two of my favorite moments of the whole evening... I made Isaac a knitted hat.  He opened it up & I said, "Nanny made that for you"... he put it on, smiled at me & said, "This is the best hat in the whole world".. & he kept making comments on how much he loved it.  What kid does that?  He honestly has the sweetest heart .... so aware of people's feelings.

I knitted this bear hat for Luke... I had to laugh because while one is gushing over their hat, Luke just growled at this & threw it in the pile of  'not toys'... I basically had to beg to even get a picture of him with it on :) #oppositebrothers

The other fantastic thing I loved... one of my gifts from the gang... this Canvas... I am so in love with it.  I can't even decide where I need to put it.  I am even thinking I want someone to paint this whole thing as a mural on a wall... wouldn't that be AMAZING?!?!?!

I'm just glad to see someone else recognizes my Princess status.

The other funny thing of the night was watching Harvey Dent with the dinosaur that we got Isaac... this thing will walk on its own & have sensors that tell it when something is around.  Isn't there a movie about this... where these sort of things go crazy? ... nevermind...

We finally got the boys to wind down by putting in The Incredibles & soon it was bedtime...

.... only to have Isaac wake up SUPER early on Sunday so he could open another toy...

aahhh ... the Christmas spirit lives on in January...

I had church on Sunday & then we just sort of relaxed a bit before heading out to a late lunch before the gang had to pack up & head home...

It's still never easy to kiss those little faces good bye...

I'm just glad we finally got to get Christmas in... glad none of the boys had any sort of flu happening anymore... & glad we got to bring some joy to their faces....

I think I am the winner at having the best weekend....


  1. You definitely win! That looked like an absolutely perfect weekend to me and it's the bestest when the grands come to visit. :)

  2. The boys are so are so blessed. Sounds like it was a perfect celebration of Christmas!

  3. Yep, I think you are the winner. Sounds perfect! Did you get a bunch of yarn?

  4. Oh, that post just warmed my heart!

  5. You definitely win for the best weekend! What a great wrap up to the Christmas season - I'm kind of jealous yours dragged on as long as it did!

  6. awww what a lovely weekend! and i just love that disney princess print thingy!

  7. So happy that you were able to finally celebrate Christmas with your family!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I like that you had a Christmas celebration in January... it spreads out the cheer more! :D

  9. What as fun weekend! I love the idea of being able to spread out the holiday festivities!

  10. I think you are definitely a winner on the best weekend! Love all the pictures of the grandbabies! Called to the Promise Land...cracks me up! I can't even imagine waiting with three boys! I love your fenced in back yard. I really wish {especially now with Charlie} we had a big, fenced in back yard.

  11. This is fantastic!! Those boys are the cutest and I love that you kept your tree up with all of the wrapped presents this long so that you'd get the full Christmas experience :) That canvas too - IN LOVE!! I was in Disney World this weekend and miss it already haha

  12. that is so sweet! i love having it later like that. such precious babies. i call them all babies, hehe.

  13. Well this was just adorable. Sounds like a perfect weekend! And I'm a little jealous of people standing out of doors sans jacket, boots, hat, and gloves : )

  14. As a grandmother of 7 and here it is almost Feb. and I still have grandchildren gifts to be given, my heart was warmed by your family shared belated Christmas. Such sweet memories for all of you. Also, I couldn't help noticing your living room furniture. My son and DIL had that exact Ivan Smith (a friend of ours by the way) sofa and love seat for 13 years before sending it off to Western Michigan University with their son last year. DIL still misses it.


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