Monday, January 05, 2015

The weekend that had us in the dark...

Back to life... back to reality...

It seems like the holidays are officially over now.  News people are back on TV, radio people are back doing their morning shows, school buses were on the road this morning... the office manager is back in her office...  life is getting back into gear.

It's freaking depressing... but it has to be done.

My weekend didn't go exactly as planned, but as always, its just good to have a weekend at all...

here are some highlights...

... I went to go get an x-ray on my rib... only to find out they didn't send in the orders.  This has happened 3 times!  What is the deal? How hard is it?  The nurse called me right after I pulled into my drive way & said, "I just sent them at 4:45"... I almost drove back down to the radiology place but decided to call & guess what?  They STILL didn't have the x-ray orders.  & then the office was closed.  Give me strength Lord.  ... maybe today I'll get my x-ray.

... let's wait 6 weeks from my pain begins to finally do an x-ray. After an ER visit & a doctor's visit... At this point - if my rib was fractured or broken, would it even still show anymore?

... I love Target after Christmas sale.  It's all been picked over & not much left, but I still was able to get all my name tags for next year, some new ornament hooks (why Hallmark ornaments don't have hooks, I don't know) & Hershey kisses for 75% off.  Score.

... Our electricity was out, I guess because we had basically a monsoon.  How does it rain that hard in January?  Maybe because it was 65 degrees.  Could it be even more messed up, especially because today its like 18 degrees.  & Wednesday?  I think the high is going to be like 10... the HIGH.  Can't we just close down work until Spring happens?

... I was thankful it was warm out though if our electricity was going to go out.  If it went out this week?  I'd pack up my dogs & me & the hubs would head to a warm hotel room...

... when your electricity is out, please know... you will hit your light switch every time you walk into a room, even knowing nothing is going to happen. #habits

... I have DVR'ed Jane the Virgin & hadn't really watched any more then the first episode.  I am totally hooked now.  That is such a cute show.  It's corny & very Spanish Soap Opera cheeky - but it just is fun.

... speaking of shows. Anyone else watch Galavant.  I totally can't even type that without singing it.  I know some people were probably rolling their eyes but I was totally into it.  I always say I wish life was a musical. 

... & speaking of more shows.... Downton Abbey!!! I was so excited to see it back.  You never know how much time is going to be jumped forward when each season comes back on.  Anyone watch it?  Anyone else think that the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) looked younger this season?  I heard she was going to have a possible love interest this year, so maybe they were trying to make her appear more lovable?... I can't wait to see how the season is going to go.

... I totally had to watch the special afterwards that talked about the manners of Downton.  The way people got married & the dining table & all the proper ways of conducting yourself.  I'd be gone at the posture.  Whew...

... I got to teach at Merge Sunday.  It was on the Bible & challenging the kids to actually open it up & read it... something I don't think a lot of people do on a regular basis.  I really did enjoy this lesson.  It's crazy when I get up there & teach how fast time goes by.  If I'm in traffic, 25 minutes feels like a year... standing in front of the kids talking, it's like a blink of an eye. 

... the kids are such good sports.  With flu season being so insanely ridiculous, & we even had a kid in there that was throwing up 2 days before... (What?!?!?!?).... I made every kid hand sanitize... repeatedly.  They just laugh at me.  & the ones who said they didn't want hand sanitizer?  I squirted it on their arms where they had no choice but to wipe it off.... I'm sneaky... & I will get my way...

how I look with my hand sanitizer squirting everyone

... I got to finish up 2 knit projects this weekend.  It's fun to knit after Christmas when I don't feel the pressure of a deadline.  I have the sweetest friends who send me the kindest words about my knitting... & even interest in wanting some of my pieces.  I really need to look into opening an Etsy store.  If anything, to clear out my house of all the knitted things I make.  As Ricky reminds me, no one can wear that many hats & scarves in a life time. 

... & just because its Monday & I saw this & it made me laugh...

How was your weekend?
Ready for the start back to a regular routine?
Anyone else have an Etsy store?... is it worth it?


  1. You're like the 10th person to mention how good Jane the Virgin is so I'm going to have to start watching it!!! I really hope your x-ray orders are in and you can finally start to get some answers!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. Okay, those doctors and nurses have got to get it together... You should not be having to go through all this trouble... Hopefully sometime this week they can get it done for you! I have to say, I have heard many good things about Jane the Virgin but never taken the time to watch it. Looks like I'll have to give it a try! Musicals and fairytales are my thing... So I totally feel in love with Galavant! I hope you have a great day! :)

  3. I didn't see any of those shows. I forgot about Galavant. I don't watch Downton Abbey anymore. I watched the first 2 seasons and then got bored with it. I know, I'm weird.

    You know I have an Etsy Shop. I've sold a couple of things. Is it worth it? I don't know, yet. But I hope so. I opened a special bank account and put a certain amount in it and I'll keep it open as long as their is money in that. The fees are paid out of that and any money I make goes back in. Hopefully, I'll sell enough to keep that open and to supply my "need" of yarn & stuff! lol

  4. This has to be the worst Monday of the year, right?! Especially with the cold. It was -9 when I took Brady out this morning! Hoping you can get your xray today and that everything goes smoothly!

  5. I would be very upset with my doctor's office if I were you!! I hope you get an xray soon! So glad it wasn't freezing when your power went out. We had some awful thunderstorms this weekend here, and it is supposed to be really cold this week. You should start an etsy store--I'd shop. :)

  6. Not even sure what my 'Normal" is anymore. I've just decided to go with what ever the day brings, and no, it will not be that easy....
    I so know the frustration with Dr.'s orders reaching their destination, what is the darn problem? Sorry I don't recall you hurting your ribs (out of touch for too long). Praying you get an answer soon.
    Wishing you the best in 2015! I would totally buy from your shop :-)


  7. I can;t believe they haven't done it right! that is nuts! What are they new in town? That last meme is hilarious!!! your posts always crack me up!

  8. seriously i was so excited for downton abbey to come back but then i realised i am somehow behind an entire season! wtf?! lol. i caught up on OUAT last night though OMG I like cried with Belle and Rumpel like all the feels man!! When does it come back?!

  9. I really hope you got that x-ray today! You should totally open an Etsy shop! And I've got to start watching Downton Abbey.

  10. You and I might be twins separated at birth. I'm all over my shows coming back! Enough of Christmas! I want my Chicago PD and Nashville! I hope all your doctor stuff works out.

  11. i have to say I couldn't get into Galavant. I really was excited to watch it but it just didn't grab me.

    If you do an etsy shop I will be a customer!!! You make the cutest things!

    btw, I got the fitbit charge!! :)

  12. What is going on with those x rays? My mind can't even wrap around that. 3 times? Sheesh! I hope you get some answers and relief soon! I haven't seen Downton Abbey yet, can you believe it? I just have to do it..the world can't be that crazed without reason:).
    What age kids are you teaching? I bet they love listening to you teach as much as you do giving the lesson. Have a great week!!

  13. YES...please open an Etsy store!!!

    I was fascinated with the special after Downton Abbey! I always thought I would love to live like that, but hearing all the rules and how many times they change clothes each day...forget it!!!!


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