Friday, January 09, 2015

Five on Friday

ONE // A 5 Year old

Our middle Grand Dude just turned five yesterday.  I can't believe it... I remember Julie calling from Texas telling us he was born just like yesterday.  Luke has always been the one who can get in trouble & ease his way out of it with that grin of his.  You can't tell me that grin doesn't just make you smile.  You'd let him out of trouble too.  His big thing he wanted was rainbow cupcakes.  Julie pulled it off & you can tell he's one happy Birthday boy.  We call him "Little Ricky" because he reminds me so much of his Pappy... in looks & personality.  Ricky's mom wishes Julie the best of luck when Luke becomes a teenager :)

TWO // PicMonkey

Yes, I have a computer that has photo editing software on it that helps me with all my photography sessions.  But I just made the jump of purchasing the Royale feature on PicMonkey... why?  Because when I'm bored & don't want to pull up my computer or I'm sitting at work & have an idea, I like to create things on that site.  I was tired of hitting that little crown & it saying its a Royale feature only.  I know I'll use it enough to get my money out of the fee.  Anyone else use PicMonkey a lot?  Anything secret about it I should know?

THREE // Cutest Little Belle

Look at this dress!  I posted it on Chasity's FB wall & told her we HAVE to get Emerson this dress when she grows up.  Chasity said it would be perfect for Halloween so her daddy could be Gaston.  How cute is that idea?  ... whoever this little girl is, her mother must be a seamstress because there's a whole role of pictures of her in different Disney costumes in the park with each character.  Jasmine, Cruella DeVil, Wendy... all so precious.  I need this lady to make me some Belle dresses... the pink one, the green one, this blue one... & a fresh ballroom gown.  Every girl needs a fresh new ballroom gown.

Speaking of Belle... look at this outfit for sale on Zulilly this week... my question?  My can't they make it for GROWN UPS?!?!?... I seriously would wear this.  Look at the shirt!  I love the "B" on the arm too.  I need to find a shirt company that you can design your own shirt so I can get this made.

This Yellow Belle Disney Tee & Tutu is perfect! #zulilyfinds
FOUR //   Great resolutions

I know we're in the first full week of the new year & people have their resolutions already made.  But I saw this & thought, what a great simple idea for the new year...

Better than resolutions.

FIVE // Funny for the day

funny homework...

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


Just a reminder - Tuesday is the next edition of the Winter Reading Challenge - so get those posts ready for books you've read the past few weeks!!

Joining the ladies


  1. Yeah, I know how it is with those mischievous boys that get out of things with those grins. :)

    I've seen that homework letter before but that didn't make it any less funny to read it again!! ha!!!

  2. Okay, I love the funny of the day! lol

  3. yeah that little girl's mother makes all of her outfits, i've seen the article before, so cute! i love pic monkey but don't think i'd get my moneys worth out of royale so i havent bought it yet

  4. OMG! That picture the child drew is hilarious! On another note, you seriously don't look old enough to have a grandson who's five! What's your secret??

  5. I love picmonkey but I haven't upgraded - interested to hear if you think it would be worth it!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Your Grand dude is so cute and i died about Ricky's Mom wishing Julie luck. i just thought that was hysterical. I am a huge pic monkey fan. and Canva. But I am too cheap to buy the Royale thing!

  7. That funny of the day is fabulous, makes me laugh every time :)!

    And that lil Belle dress is so precious!!!

  8. Omg I'm dying. That is hilarious! Sounds like us over here this week - so. much. snow. Happy Birthday to your grandson & have a great weekend!

  9. Oh my gosh that homework letter is the BEST! bahaha. That's hilarious.

  10. Oh my! That "I want to be like mommy"...that is hilarious and sad all in one! I've got Picmonkey and Photoshop and when I need to do something simple, I always go to Picmonkey. I'd love to find some good tutorials for it though! Hope Luke had the best birthday ever!

  11. I have NO doubt that you would wear that dress on a daily basis!!!
    I've used picmonkey for something on my blog...I think it was for the little chalkboard thingy on my sidebar, but I don't pay for it. I'm cheap like that!

  12. i love pic monkey...have been a user of it for a couple of years now!


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