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Humpday Confessions

Making Melissa

We have a new host for the Humpday Confessions... & one with good taste.  Look at who she picked to kick off the year with our Humpday Confessions... Magic Mike himself... which, first confession, I still haven't seen that movie.  This link up may inspire that.
Time to spill it....
... Winter Freeze is here... & I need gas. Dang it.  Why don't I think ahead?  I knew the freezing, below zero temps were coming & yet, I just watched my gas tank go down & down.  I guess I'll get gas after work with hopes that my hands don't freeze to the pump. 
... I live about 12 miles up the road from someone I work with.  & that 12 miles is a huge difference because I'm on a higher elevation.  So when it snows,  I always get way more then she does.  But no matter what I tell her the conditions are at my house, the response is, "That's exactly what it was at my house"... when I have to drive right by her street & see that its NOTHING like the conditions at my house.  Drives me insane.  I'm going to take a picture of my road one day & then stop on my drive in & take a picture of hers so I can say, Really?  The same.... really? 
Kevin Spacey Bitch Please
... I really am tired of looking at my Christmas decorations. I never thought I would feel that way. I usually am sad about taking it down on January 1st.  But with us waiting to have Christmas with the grand-dudes, we've left it up & I'm just counting the days to getting it all down now.
... I just watched my first episode ever of Gilmore girls yesterday while I was on the treadmill.  Loved the first episode & know I am hooked.  I loved that I put it up on Instagram & found there's a huge Gilmore Girl following that I didn't even know existed.  I don't even remember when this show was on TV... where was I for 7 years? Apparently watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lost.
I liked her from the beginning because she wears knitted things & loves coffee
...Speaking of Lost... I still have the series finale on my DVR. I kind of want to watch the whole series all over again on Netflix.  See if any of it makes any sense the 2nd time around.  Probably not.
... I'm so excited for the Golden Globes only because of Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.  I just finished reading Amy's book & to know that her& Tina really are great friends & have been for so many years... I just love seeing them together.  I hope they have another great year hosting.
... my kitchen floor looks like a mud slide has come through.  Harvey Dent thinks NOTHING of running through mud puddles when it rains.. in fact, I think he thinks it's a wonderful spa day.  Needless to say, I haven't been able to keep up on my floor.  I think I need to go to the store to buy a box of Swiffer WetJet pads because its going to take ALL of them to get my floor looking back to normal.  The only good think about the cold?  Mud freezes.
...Anyone watching The Bachelor with Prince Farming... (who thinks of these things?)
I feel bad for the guy.  He seems like just a country boy that isn't made for all the lime light & they throw 30 women at him?  You can see he's overwhelmed from the get go.  & every interview he does, he basically tells way too much information.  I like he's just a real guy from the Midwest.  Can't wait to see who he ends up with.  I'm fighting the resistance to go look at Reality Steve.
Do you know who he picks?  Tell me.. no don't... yes do... no don't
... this whole working a full week is for the birds....
... I'm going to start up Thankful Thursday tomorrow again for the year.  I was thinking of making it a link up if anyone else wants to join in... let me know if anyone is interested in it.

Anything you need to get off of your chest today?


  1. aahahahah! Okay, so the one about the snow. At one point I had to commute a pretty long way to work and when it would snow and ice me in my boss would say, "it's fine here." NO FREAKING KIDDING SHERLOCK, YOU'RE AN HOUR AWAY! It drove me crazy and always put me driving through crazy icy roads that hadn't been treated (I live in AR, they don't know what to do when ice falls from the sky so everyone freaks out), cars in the ditch and make the hour commute that would turn into a 2 1/2 hour commute or longer, IT made me crazy.

  2. Ok, you are making me want to watch the Gilmore girls now. I've seen bits and pieces. I'm not sure why I never watched it, except maybe because my hubby wouldn't like it and we usually watch TV together. Everyone keeps talking about watching stuff on Netflix and I rarely do, but maybe this will be the one.

    I'd be interested in the Thankful Thursday thing. I think it would be good for me and I've always enjoyed yours.

  3. I liked the first episode of The Bachelor! But I agree, poor guy seemed REALLY overwhelmed. This is the first season in a while that I've managed to not accidentally see who wins so I'm excited to see what happens!

  4. There are so many crazy girls on this season of The Bachelor...

  5. I love the bachelor! I have a couple favorites but I don't know how ANY of them will live on a farm! They all mostly have jobs that you need a big city for, except for the teachers!

  6. I love the Gilmore Girls! I was so excited when they put it on Netflix. I've been watching episodes when I'm on the treadmill or elliptical. I'm on Season 7 now and sad because that means it's almost over :(

  7. your first Gilmore Girls, ever!?! Welcome to the club! I can pretty much quote every episode!

  8. Gilmore girls was a great series! You will continue to love it...

    I'm on for thankful Thursdays, you may need to email me specifics on how to link up. I'm old and I have PC fears that cause me to doubt myself... :-)


  9. Loved gilmore girls and was so sad when it was over, but then Lauren Graham showed up on Parenthood and I was so it's ending and I am sad again!!!

    I would love to join you for Thankful Thursday!

  10. I keep seeing everyone posting about the Gilmore Girls and I've never seen a single episode. I guess I'll need to give it a shot. I just get really distracted watching an entire series, I need to take a break and end up forgetting about it.

    And YES to a Thursday Link-up! Great idea!

  11. I absolutely hate pumping gas especially this time of year. I'd go to a full service station if I were you!

  12. I agree I am so over the cold weather. I need spring weather stat!

  13. I agree I am so over the cold weather. I need spring weather stat!

  14. I agree I am so over the cold weather. I need spring weather stat!

  15. Ahhh! I LOVE Gilmore Girls! Rory and Lorelai are me and my mother to a T! Like it's weird. Lol. Oh the bachelor... I loved Chris on the last season of the bachelorette. He is such a sweetie!

  16. You're going to binge on Gilmore Girls - such a great show!!! I am totally watching the bachelor and I have to say all the girls this season are really pretty - love Britt but excited to see who he picks! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  17. I would totally send her a picture of your driveway and then hers and ask if she can spot the difference ha ha! That would drive me nuts too. Also, I feel you on the mud. My two pups are dragging it in even though I have a towel down in hopes to keep it from getting on the carpet as well. Poor farmer is so overwhelmed, I feel bad for the guy ha ha!

  18. Lost is one of my all time favorite shows. I do want to watch them all over again. I think I will.

    And Gilmore Girls is also awesome.

  19. I need to check out Gilmore Girls! I love Lauren Graham! And it's supposed to be -4 here tonight...they have already delayed school for tomorrow...and I also need gas...ugh! Wear your gloves and hat and scarf 😉

  20. I used to be hooked on Gilmore Girls!! Such a great show!
    I feel you on the gas thing...happened to me this week also.
    I would love to join you on the thankful Thursday posts! :)

  21. I love these! I'm a huge lost fan too! I have seen all the seasons twice and a few seasons 3 times-- so you should for sure watch it again!
    Melanie @

  22. Cory can never understand why I always read the spoilers before the show. I didn't until after Monday's episode and to me, it's just more fun knowing all along who wins. I'm not big on surprises, obviously. And I think dogs just enjoy being dirty. Every time we take the dogs to my parents, the first thing Einstein does is go to the horse pasture and roll in poop. Every time!


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