Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

Oh goodness... we made it... the countdown to the weekend is here...
Joining up with the ladies for Friday Five

ONE // Emeals

I'm so excited about this.  I used to use Emeals years ago & then just sort of fizzed out on it.  Last year, I did a year's subscription to the Happy Herbivore & that was nice having meal plans all laid out.  That plan was all vegan & sometimes made things complicated for me, though I did get some great recipes throughout the year from it.  But I wasn't going to pay the fee (wow... her fee is expensive compared to others) for something that I used only sometimes.  So I checked out Emeals & thought, why not try it again.  I also found out this time around, they have an app that holds the past 2 weeks recipes as well as a check list for the grocery that you can take with you!  Love that!
Just in the first week, I'm in love.  I really want to cook more this year & this is the sort of thing that helps me.  Walks me through.  My first meal was a Lentil, walnut & olive dish... here I am using onion, carrots, green peppers... I felt so 'chef like'!  If you never tried it, give it a gander.  They have all sorts of options for your menu.  I, obviously, use the Vegetarian plan. But they have plans for all sorts of food restrictions - even one that is based on Budget Friendly.  If you have any questions about it, let me know.  (totally not a sponsored thing ... just real life user)

TWO // Glee


Anyone else a Gleek still?  I know I'm a grown woman & shouldn't care about shows like this, but I live by the philosophy that life should be a musical, so anything where people randomly break out in song & dance & everyone knows all the words to music & all the choreography from dancing?  Yes... I want that in my life...
It just started last week for its last season & it looks like its back to the basics of what the show is about... being back in high school & show choir competitions.  I'm glad that whole "New York" thing is over & they are back in McKinnely... with Sue Sylvester back to her wonderful wicked ways.  It's now on Friday nights if anyone is bored tonight.  The fact that I'll be home watching it, knitting while on my couch, I'm not sure what that says about my life... let's not overthink it.

THREE // Smoothies

I used to make smoothies every day & have gotten out of the habit of doing it.  I really want to get it back in my system... literally.  It was a good way for me to get like 2 fruits & 2 veggies in my body before the sun even rose.  So I'm back on the hunt for some good easy smoothie recipes.  I used PB2 for the first time in my smoothie yesterday & it was delish with banana.  Time for me to start buying spinach in bulk again.  The greener the smoothie, the better.

FOUR // The Library & free downloads

I haven't used my library card in so long, I lost it... but I have a new one.  I mentioned this yesterday, that I got some audio books & it has just made me so happy.  So you could imagine how much more my happy level rose when my blog friend Cathy linked up yesterday for  Thankful Thursday & mentioned free audio books you could download from the library. .... WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? ... I immediately went to my local library's web site & found out I too could download audio books on my computer or phone or tablet...  I spent all day yesterday literally laughing at loud listening to Bossypants by Tina Fey.  Knowing I have all these books I can listen to now just made my work day so much better.

FIVE // One warm day.... I'll take it

Tomorrow, its going to be in the 50's... the 50's!!!!  I feel like its going to be the best day of the year.  I want to sit out in the sun & just soak up something other then freezing temperatures.  Breath in fresh air.  Maybe even clean my car out... the good Lord knows my car looks like a science experiment is happening down on the carpet & probably in between the seats.  Not to mention, I've had a dead bee sitting on my dashboard for the past 2 months.  I think the cold comes back next week, but its all about appreciating life a day at a time... I'll really be appreciating it tomorrow.

What are your weekend plans?
Do you watch Glee?
What's your favorite smoothie recipe?


  1. I love smoothies!!! Although, I never make them at home...I probably should.

  2. I've never heard of emeals before, I'm going to have to check it out! And I've just started making smoothies since we got a blender for Christmas. I've kind of been winging it with Jugurtha, almond milk, frozen fruit and some banana. I haven't tried a green smoothie yet, they look intimidating!

  3. Smoothies! Yum! We just got a vitamix and hope to make some soon. Probably will use some homemade almond mix, frozen/fresh fruit, Kale, carrots. Maybe add some wheatgrass and chia seeds! Yum

  4. I don't do smoothies (although my sister does). I don't watch Glee, although I do like the music, just not the storylines. Glad you were able to get the audiobooks from your library...aren't they the greatest! And now I want to see if my library has that Tina Fey book. I love to laugh out loud!

  5. smoothies are definitely the best way for me to get my fruits and veg in!

  6. Yaaayy I feel the same way as you about the weather! Seriously, I haven't seen the sun in a week and it's getting depressing! I heard something about 60 tomorrow, so if that's the case, I will definitely be doing some frolicking :) I need to get back into the smoothie habit. I have tons of awesome powder from GNC, but I just stopped when my old blender broke and never picked it back up after we got a new one.

  7. My friend just told me that the Boston Public Library does free downloads to kindle and my life may have changed lol! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Yep, I'm a Gleek and my husband watches it with me! I love smoothies too and have to start up again. I was making them daily almost all last year and then stopped around Thanksgiving time.
    Our son will be in town (recently moved away) and we get to celebrate his 36th birthday.....Hooray!

  9. warm days make me happy!!

  10. I've always said that if someone would just plan my meals for me, I wouldn't mind cooking them so I'm definitely checking out emeals! We need to get back in the habit of smoothies! You'll have to share all your favorite recipes. Where do you get your spinach from?


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