Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hashtag Confession time

Today feels like a good day to get some things off my chest...


Making Melissa

... y'all know how frustrated I have been with the nurses at my doctor's office lately.  Let's add in the fact that when I went for my liver scan on Monday, I asked the tech, "Why aren't you allowed to eat or drink after midnight for this?"... she looked at me confused & said, "no one should have told you that'... are you freaking kidding me?  Well, apparently, only if you have a gall bladder does that matter. & me & my gall bladder haven't been friends or spoken since 1996.  Long time parted.  I officially dislike the nursing staff even more then before. 

... I go tomorrow for my test results.  My side has actually been feeling better lately.  It still will ache & I'll feel a pull every now & then, but NOTHING like it has been. So after all this time, it really was just a muscle?  I'm still a nervous wreck to hear my test results.  They scanned my liver, my pancreas, my kidneys... I just always expect the worse (need to work on that) & even though I'm feeling better, I still am nervous about getting bad news tomorrow.  I'll more then likely need Imodium tomorrow while I wait.... lift a prayer for me please... thanksomuch 

... Our break room turned into a virtual pond yesterday.  A pipe busted & there was literally an inch of water - on carpet - on the 2nd floor of our building.  Me & a coworker saw it first.  I screamed HELPPPPP!!!!!... & if you know me, I have the gift of a scream!!!!! ... but no one came... I took off running, all the while screaming, "WE NEED HELP!!!!."... & finally, the office manager said, "Will someone go see what they are causing a commotion about?"... really?  I said, after they came 5 minute later, that we need to do a fire drill of sorts in the future. What if someone had a gun to my head & I'm screaming HELP?  Is that too much of a commotion? 

...people that drive super duper fast on the expressway freak me out.  Unless you have someone giving birth in your car, you shouldn't be going 110 mph.

... I need someone to come over to my house & design my room for me. I have one room that holds my yarn, my photography stuff (gear & paperwork), my knitting needles & looms, plus a lot of my Beauty & the Beast collectibles.  & It's all combined together.  Someone needs to come in & tell me what I need to do, buy, move to get it all looking Pinterest fresh & keep me organized.  I need to call my brother.  He's good at that sort of stuff. 
... I watched the "What Not to Wear" marathon on TLC this past weekend. I miss Stacy & Clinton so much.  That show didn't give me anxiety like Hoarders did.
#Ineedamakeover ....#andanewwardrobe

... I hate driving in the winter when there are no leaves on trees.  When the sun gets behind them & you drive down the road, its like a strobe light where the sun & shade change in 0.024 seconds.  I have to put my hands on my eyes like I am a horse wearing blinders.  I can't handle the change in light that is so fast.
...speaking of disco. Ricky got me the new Just Dance 2014 for my Kinect.  Oh. My. Gosh. I never realized how I DONT have moves. I think I could die of embarrassment if anyone saw me trying to keep up with this.  I used to dance & felt like I could BRING IT on the dance floor.  Now?  There are no words for the moves I have.  #mymoveshaveleftthebuilding

I need a Just Dance with this version

...uh oh!!! New Kids on the Block is coming back to Louisville!!!!!!! AAAHHH!!!! Fan girl scream!!!!... the only down side.  They are coming with TLC & Nelly.  I can handle TLC, but Nelly?  I don't care to see him.  I still may have to see which of my old school friends are going & hitch onto them.  I know my husband ain't doing that one.  I need my friend Erica back in town so we can go again. #NKOTBIllbelovingyouforever

... I really want to go see American Sniper.  I keep hearing amazing things about it.  But I'm also the girl that STILL hasn't seen Fault in our Stars, Mockingjay or Malificient.  #theatersarefullofgerms

... I asked Ricky the other day what the last movie we went & saw was.... Guardians of the Galaxy... that's sad.    #bestmoviesoundtrack

...watching The Bachelor, I want to puke when Chris is kissing like 10 girls all within the same hour.  I loved even more he gave the girl (the only girl?) that he hasn't kissed a rose on a group date.  These girls are a little too aggressive this year with those kisses.    #washthosemouths

...I crack up on The Bachelor when they are using that black bar to cover that one girls butt every time.  Cross fit must make a butt totally obscene. #coveritupplease

So what's on your mind that you need to confess today?

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  1. Saying a prayer for tomorrow! I waited to see TFIOS til I could watch it at home because I knew I was going to cry my eyes out - and I did!! But so good!

  2. Praying your test results are perfect! I love LOVE LOVE What Not to Wear and wish new ones came on. I could watch that show all day and night, even reruns. ;)

  3. Hey, we totally need to live closer. My hubby doesn't like to go to the movies and my girls are gone, so I have no one to go with.

    Praying for you.

  4. I remember when we bought Just Dance for Emma. I was like, "This will be fun!" By the end of the night I was more like, "I'm so old!!"

  5. Prayers for you lady! Hope everything comes back clear :)!

    I can't watch the bachelor because the making out is so gross. That many girls in one day, EWWW!

  6. I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time like two weeks ago! Such a great movie!

  7. I'm so happy that you're starting to feel better!! And I'm positive that your test results will be great!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. You need to rent Malificent this weekend. I mean it. That's an order!

  9. I definitely want to see American Sniper, too. It looks like a fantastic movie. And I am so with you about Stacy and Clinton - I cannot wait to see Stacy's new show!

  10. Praying for you Rebecca Jo :-)
    Goodness I would totally be upset about the not eating thing...not eating is never fun! I wish I were nearer, I love to organize rooms.
    I can't handle the Bachelor for the reasons you stated. Women come across as so desperate!!!

    I too love Stacy and Clinton!!


  11. Sweet can definitely count on my prayers for good test results tomorrow! I KNOW that all will be well, so TRUST!!! I can't really get in to The Bachelor this season, especially since I have to watch it by myself. No fun! Chris sure isn't making a good name for himself, however, hopping from one lady to the next.

  12. Praying for you for tomorrow!!

    Kristen @ Ladybug Blessings

  13. I miss Stacy and Clinton too! I used to just watch the shopping parts. I like Say Yes to the Dress too, but I think I like that show because they always bring in a ton of people who never agree. It cracks me up. American Sniper really doesn't interest me. From what I've been reading, they really make him a much more standup and conflicted guy then he claims to be in his book. It's hard to walk away from a Bradley Cooper movie, though...maybe when it comes on cable.

  14. I have complete faith that all of the tests are going to come back negative. I could do without Chris' girly giggle. I don't know if he sounds that way when he's nervous, but it drives me crazy.

  15. I just had an abdominal ultrasound and they told me the same thing......right after they told me to drink 32 oz or water and hold it....I said huh??? I have a pain in my side and no gall bladder, but this feels like that same scans showed nothing. Which is good, but why the pain? Oh, well. Don't worry too much!

  16. LOL that dancing gif.

    but seriously prince farming needs to close his damn lips.

  17. Groooooooot. I loved the cheesy jokes in Guardians of the Galaxy.

  18. Your confessions are making me cry laughing. I would be so pissed if they told me I couldn't eat and it was wrong. I'm not giving up my food for your mistake. lol

  19. How rude of your office manager! What if y'all were in real danger??? I'm dying to see American Sniper too but I've got the little sister this weekend and my parents might disown me if I took her to see a movie like that.


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