Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday #3

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.
~Aldous Huxley

Another week to link up & share what you're thankful for this week...
It's fun to think about the small things in every day that you are blessed with...
I love seeing what you all have in your lives that you give thanks for...
Nothing is ever too small....
Here's my past week

Thankful 01.22.15

ONE // Gift Certificate
Ricky got me a gift certificate for Valentine's Day that I never used to our local health food store. GASP!  I ran out of raw honey & remembered I had it so we stopped in... & guess what they were out of. Really?  That's OK.  $50.00 goes QUICK in a health food store & I needed all of this as well.  I was one happy girl to walk out spending only $2.00 out of my pocket.

TWO // Warm weather
It has been 5 days in a row of being in the 50 degree temps. I am loving it.  Loving that I can go walking at lunch & stretch my desk sitting legs.

THREE // Iced Coffee mess up
I stopped at McDonalds the other day & wanted an ice coffee to find out their machine was broke.  They gave me anything for free out of their Café... & two free iced coffee coupons.  My caffeine lovin' heart was happy.

FOUR // My first 5K of 2015
It's been awhile since this has happened.  Got to make it a habit now. I remember when my daily jaunts were a 5 mile path. I want to get to there again.

FIVE // 10% Happier... for free
I am reading this book online for free from my Public library.  I'm telling you, since I found this online free stuff exists, it has made me a reading FOOL again.  This book has me totally interested.

SIX // Red cowl
I finished this up on Friday & love the color so much.  Red always makes me happy.  it's just the perfect pop to an outfit.

SEVEN // Youth Kiddos
I love this little guy that a youth kiddo gave me... because its head is made of yarn :)  I have him hanging from my car so I see it every day & reminds me to pray for all of the amazing youth gang that I get to be blessed to get to hang out with.

EIGHT // Beauty & the Beast Shoes
I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!!! These shoes are AMAZING!!!! My buddy Jordan painted these up in like a day.  Seriously?  The talent blows me away.  I wish I knew how to draw or paint.  I can't even do a stick figure right.  But aren't these just beautiful & unique?  I told her I love she chose blue because everyone does yellow for Belle... such a different look.  I want to wear them, but don't want to mess them up.  What to do....

NINE // Sweetest Days
A coworker in my office had a birthday yesterday.  She turned 65.  She has the most amazing spirit & personality about her.  She said she just felt God calling her to listen to Him this year & she said she usually hates her birthday but with this calling on her life, she said she was going to celebrate her birthday with everyone ... draw attention to it so she could tell all that God has done & IS going to do this next year.  So she said its the "sweetest day" having another year to be on this earth... & she brought in so much sweet stuff into work.  Cakes, Muffins, pies, more cakes, ice cream, sweet tea, orange juice... & bless her heart - she brought in a veggie plate because she didn't know if I'd eat any of that, not sure if I was a vegan.  She is precious.  I love that attitude.  .... may be all look at every day as the SWEETEST DAY!!!!

What are you thankful for this week?

Be sure to link up & visit the person above you....


  1. Thank you for hosting Thankful Thursday. I enjoy looking all week for things to be thankful for.

    Love those shoes! Someone has got some real talent!!

    I finally got on the treadmill last night for the first time in a long time. I found out I can read my Kindle and walk at the same time. But I think tonight I'm going to try watching Gilmore Girls while walking. Maybe I'll last a little longer. It's so time to start getting healthier!!

  2. Sweetest day - I love that! She sounds like a wonderful lady. And can you please send some of those 50 degree temps up here?!

  3. damn McDonalds never gives me free coupons when their shake machines are down - which is all the freaking time lol. and yay gift cards - $2 is not bad! :)

  4. Those shoes are fab!
    Sweet story of the woman at your job...each day should be the sweetest day!
    I'm with you on the color red...It's my go to accent color...used to be a purple person, well, red is the new purple!

    Have a blessed day!


  5. Yay for your 5k! I need to get back into walking! And those B&B shoes..SO CUTE!

  6. That is AWESOME McDonalds gave you some good deals since what you wanted wasn't available. I pulled up to one on a Sunday morning and they didn't have power but they weren't giving anything away. I love PB2 in my smoothies what else do you use it for? Congrats on the 5K, I need to do a long one this weekend. There just isn't enough light to do it when I get home in the evening. Free books are always a good excuse to get to reading!

  7. So so jealous of your warmer weather - would give anything for 50's right now LOL! xo, Biana

  8. Fun pictures, lady!!!

    Great work on the 5K.

  9. Love your red cowl. That color does look good on you and you are right it is a happy color! The little dog is cute too.

  10. Aw I love reading your thankful posts. I need to remember to link up next week :)

    Kristen @ Ladybug Blessings

  11. As soon as things calm down on my end, I promise to start linking up because I love these post! My local McDonalds has never offered anything for free and they always have something broken. And this weather the past two days! We were outside all day on Wednesday in Columbia and it was SO nice! What kind of shoes did he use to paint on? Cory has drawn a few pair of shoes but didn't like the kind he was using.


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