Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Amazoning for the month

So I might have made a mistake doing these posts...

Last time I did one, the hubs was like, "Soooo.... you bought what at Amazon last month?"... oopsie... Some things should be kept between you & your postman. Can I get an Amen? ...

I'm kidding.  The only purchases I tend to hide are anything chocolate related.  The hubs will devour it in less then an hour if he sniffs it out.  #truth

But here's what I've bought at Amazon the past month...
Note - none of this is for any sort of advertisement or promotion .... just things I've bought to share the love of Amazon & all the things they offer.

A Confident Heart

With my word of the year being "Confident" I knew I had to get this book.  I have yet to read it, thanks in part because I keep getting books to review - which I'm so thankful for... but this is next in line... after 2 more books :)

Twinings Green Tea - 24 K-Cups

It's not that easy to find tea k-cups that don't have a lot of extra 'junk' in them. Just give me plain tea people.  Easy enough.  I love getting these from Amazon because for a big box, its only $11.99 plus free shipping.  In the store, usually a box of just 12 is around $9.99 ... I've got this baby saved to keep buying every time we get low.

DropCam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring

I actually got Ricky a camera for Christmas.  We weren't sure how well these things would work... they are FANTASTIC!  We ended up getting a few more & then Amazon had these marked down one weekend cheaper then you could find them in stores.  I had to go ahead & get another one.  Now, I can sit at work & watch our house on the computer, or on my phone... & the thing that makes me smile - we have a camera where we can watch Harvey Dent playing in the back yard.  Ricky will even talk to him through the cameras.  Nothing cuter then Harvey's nose coming up to the camera wondering how his daddy is in that little thing.

NaturVet Glucosamine

Our little Zoe, with her legs where they were broken when she was little, she suffers so badly from arthritis.  So we do what we can to help her out & glucosamine really helps joints.  & if you've priced some of these in the pet stores, it can get ridiculous for the cost.  We find you have better options of products & better pricing on Amazon.

ESV Journal Bible

This is probably one of my favorite Amazon buys ever.  I was on the hunt for a Journal Bible & these babies are NOT easy to find.  I should have known I'd find one on Amazon.  (This one, I just saw, is now Currently Out of Stock... told you they were hard to get)  Now, I will say, I don't usually use a ESV version but the NIV version is crazy high & I don't use this bible for every day use - just for my devotion time... but I LOVE this Bible.  Warning - the print is UBER small... old eyes are straining.  But its great to jot down thoughts or draw or do amazing things with it in a artistic way.  Just go to Pinterest & search "Bible Journal" & see the amazing things people do.... I'll never be that fancy, but I'll make it my own personal style.

Here's my Bible

What have you bought at Amazon lately?
Do you have a Journal Bible?
Do you use tea K-Cups?


  1. I buy a LOT from amazon.com. With Prime and with my aversion to brick-and-mortar shopping, amazon.com is my go-to shopping source. I don't hide my purchases from DH, but I don't broadcast them either. He sees me bring them in and open them, so no shopping secrets here (except at Christmas time).

  2. I just bought those tea k-cups from Amazon two weeks ago. So delicious!

  3. I started using an ESV Bible about 2 years ago. It is a more accurate translation of the original Greek and Hebrew. I thought the language was kind of stilted at first, but now I prefer it to my NIV. Give it time, you might like it better, too.

  4. Oh, and yes, we use tea k-cups. Also, hot chocolate, sweet tea, peach iced tea, and a couple of fruity things. We don't drink coffee at all. Only visitors do.

  5. i love amazon!!! I think the camera is awesome!!

  6. I love your Journal Bible pictures that I've been seeing on Instagram and FB. So cool!

    The latest thing I purchased on Amazon was the leader's kit for Gideon, the Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer. I previewed the first video last night...can I just say awesome!! Bible Study starts tonight. Can't wait!!!!

  7. Haha! Some things should be kept between you and your postman ;) Truer words have never been spoken! I've been hearing a lot about journaling Bible's lately - off to check it out!

  8. We visited Twinings when we were in London a few years ago. Amazing place! It's the only hot tea we drink.
    I bought a window antenna from Amazon the other day...works like a charm!

  9. What haven't I bought ;) haha!!!! Do you use the subscribe and save too?

    Clearly I need to get the journaling bible, because I keep hearing it's awesome!

  10. That camera is awesome! I don't think I'd get anything done during the day if I had the option to sit and watch my pups.

    The only thing I've bought recently was some flat sheets to make curtains! So much cheaper!

  11. I adore all the designs you been doing in your journal bible! I especially liked the one about the race-- so fitting!


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