Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you could go back for one day....

Isn't it something to think about your childhood?  I know for some people, it may not be a happy or pleasant memory.  But I think for the most part, we all have those wonderful moments when we were kids & everything is innocent & full of adventure & fun....

So what if you could go back for only one day....

where would you go?

It's so hard to pick one...

... I'd like to pick the day when my parents threw me a surprise birthday party.  My dad had taken me to go see my grandparents - my Mamaw & Papaw - & we stayed over for awhile.  He brought me home & I instantly noticed coats on the couch.  (I've always been great at noticing things)... went into our basement & there was all my friends.  I'm not even sure what birthday it was for.  10?  13?  I just remember having fun with my friends playing games, eating cake, hanging out... it was a good day.

... but then thinking of my Mamaw & Papaw, I'd love to go back to a day where my whole family was together at their house.  There was so many of us on my mom's side.  It was always full of laughter, & of course with big families, usually drama, & with a Catholic family, usually someone was drunk.  Memories. :)  But it was fun for me to get together with all my cousins & just catch up.  We all led so many different lives & I was always in awe of so many of them.  & just to sit & see my grandparents again.  To taste my grandmother's dumplings again.... that would be a good day.

... Or to go shopping with my Teenie, my other grandmother.  She would always take me out shopping before school.  The store of the time was Bacon's.  It was always such a big deal for her to see what I was going to buy.  I'd go to the dressing room with an arm full of clothes & would have to come out & show her.  It had to be modest, had to be stylish, & if it had an EA logo on it, all the better. .... EA - Etienne Aigner - it was what my grandmother loved more then anything.... I bet my grandmothers purses would be worth money today

anyways. We would always go to Kingfish for popcorn shrimp afterwards.  My grandmother only being able to eat half the order & taking the other half home.  She always checking to see what jewelry I had on for the day.  It was a rule.  I must have on earrings, a necklace & at least ONE ring at all times.  It's what ladies are supposed to do.  I'd love to spend the day with her again showing her what jewelry I have on today.... that would be a fun day.

... Or maybe I'd pick a day where I was out on the boat fishing with my grandfather again.  I'd take more time to talk to him & ask him about all his stories from World War II & the things he lived through.  I never did appreciate them as a little girl but now, I would have written it all down & been amazed at the things he survived.  I'd still throw his fish back in the river though.... that would be a good day... for the fish too :)

.... or maybe I'd go back to a 'sick day' where I wasn't really sick.  One of the days where I just didn't want to go to school &my mom would let me stay home & we'd just have fun playing board games all day long, & playing games with all the fun TV game shows on TV, challenging each other for the first answer.  & people wonder why I'm so good at games?  That's the reason.  My mother & I would laugh for hours just having fun. ... I'd like to do those days over again.

... or maybe I'd go back to the days of going out to my dad's garage when I was little & he would help me create these shapes out of wood on all these huge pieces of equipment.  I'd feel so proud that I made something & I'd enjoy the time spent with my dad while I just hung out in the garage even more painting the piece & going with my dad as he hung it on the front gate for the world to see.  The smell of wood even today takes me right back to that saw dust filled garage.  ... I'd love to smell it fresh again in that place.

... & so many days I would have to choose from my days with my best friend Stephanie.  Days of just staying at each others homes, laughing, doing what girlfriends do.  Watching movies, calling boys on the phone, walking to the local convenient store for Blow Pops & candy.  Where the biggest care in the world then is so small to think about now in an adult mind.  ... I'd love to spend a day with her again so carefree.

Oh wow... so many days to choose from...

& of course there's so many days as an adult I'd like to go back to.  The day the twins were born.  The day I met my husband.  The day driving home from Gatlinburg with my 2nd Stephanie & laughing so hard, we got sick.  The day I got to hold my grandsons for the first time.  The day we got all of our dogs.

I guess I just need to focus on today.  Keeping those wonderful memories alive.  Remembering all the people I'd love to spend the day with again & being thankful for them.  .... & making fantastic new memories so maybe 20 years down the road, THIS would be the day I want to go back to....

What day would you like to go back to?



  1. i loved what you chose--such great memories. mine would be when i was a kid and everyone i loved was alive.

  2. How fun to walk down memory lane! You really have been blessed with some great memories to look back on. I'd definitely go back to when my mom was still alive..I miss the sound of her voice and her words of wisdom, now, more than ever before.

  3. Absolutely love this post and it's a great way to look back on some fun memories!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. oh Rebecca I just love this post! In a heartbeat, I would go back to when my mum and nana were younger, and appreciate them more. as long as i had 27 year old me's brain in 10 year old me's body. haha!
    meanwhile that first picture of you - so freaking precious! you look exactly the same!

  5. oh my gosh! SO many to choose from! Those are all sweet memories! I would love to go back to my cottage up in northern michigan and really savor those moments.

  6. "& with a Catholic family, usually someone was drunk. "
    When my siblings get together, everyone stays relatively sober!
    That is hilarious! You know what they say about Catholics: "where 2 or more are gathered, there's always a 5th!"
    Ha, ha!

  7. That's a hard one. I had a lot of good childhood memories but off hand, I think I'd choose one of our family outings to Cedar Point.

  8. This is a beautifully written post; you clearly had a blessed childhood, and I can see why you chose these events. I would like to go back to see my third grade classroom; especially as a teacher, I'd be curious to see how my teacher treated me, as she had a profoundly positive impact on me.

  9. what a great post! love all the pictures! mine would probably be sometime in high school. life was so carefree then. or before my granny passed away. they just recently tore her house down in asheville and i'd love to spend one more Easter on her porch :)


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