Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Podcasts .... Give me some good ones!

I'm a little slow in the world of technology.

I try not to be. I remember laughing at my grandparents when they didn't know how to work the buttons on a VCR or how to get that blinking light off of it.

Fast forward to a world of electronics in every thing you do in life & I don't laugh as hard at my grandparents.

As my mom always has said, "Where you are, I once was... where I am, you will be"

Deep thought of the day....

Anyways, technology has brought me to the world of Podcasts.

Well not so much technology but as a way to save my sanity at work.

With my desk sitting in the middle of a room where people are constantly walking by me & just plain noise is the background sound in my life, I am trying to block things out. 

Enter the idea of Podcasts.

I kept seeing everyone talk about Serial & I was curious what that even was.

Downloaded iTunes on my computer, downloaded the series & LOVED it....

& then started looking through other podcasts.

I've found some I have already really liked. 

There's one that recaps The Walking Dead... this funny (& heavy on the language if you listen)

& I've found a lot of my favorite pastors & follow them

& love finding funny ones & ones that are based on health & just pure entertainment

But I'm still a little lost trudging through this big world of podcasts....

So fill me in on what I need to be listening to... what I need to be downloading.

Something I can get lost in at work & make my day go by so much easier.

Help a girl out....


  1. I'm a podcast junkie!! I listen to This American Life and You Must Remember This (about old time hollywood) EVERY week. I also like Criminal - that comes out once a month. And depending on the topic I'll listen to The Improve Photography Podcast and Freakonomics.

  2. That deep thought is kinda scary! Podcast are new to me as well and I wish I could listen to them at work because it would make the time pass so much quicker! I've heard a lot of good things about Serial. You'll have to share the good ones you come across!

  3. I know zero, zip, nada about podcasts! All I've heard is that Kathy Lee and Hoda have one, but I've yet to tune in. I need to get with the program, don't I?

  4. What I do know is my husband listens to podcasts all the time and loves them. I listen when we go on a trip and he plays them to help pass the driving time. I know there are podcasts about Disney all the time. That's what we usually listen to together. I think they may be under the DISboards. I never thought about listening to those at work. That would be another good thing. I'll have to check it out.

  5. I have been wanting to listen to some more podcasts after Serial, so thanks for some more recommendations! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. i listened to serial, one episode of invisibilia (interesting, about thoughts) but that was enough for me. i'm all about the audiobooks instead.

  7. I'm a podcast-ignoramoose -- not a clue about them. I'm super-frugal too -- but even if they're free, do they use up data? How does that work? Or do I download while on wifi and can then listen to them whenever/wherever? I think I need a podcast to tell me how to use podcasts ...

  8. I always just listen to podcasts from churches! If you are interested in those, let me know and I'll give you some favorites!

  9. i've always liked TAL and wait, wait don't tell me, but haven't listened in a while.


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