Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Winter Reading Challenge - FINAL LINKUP!!!

Reading Challenge

We did it... we survived winter!!!!
Well, technically, its still winter... but we're in March
& Spring is just 10 more days away....
& this is the final link up. 
I'm excited that I got a lot of reading in while holed up shivering my life away... & have loved having you all link up with me.  I've gotten some books that I had to load on my Kindle when I read some of your reviews. 
& this will be the final link up where you can join in the contest. 
For those of you who have linked up, I have all your past entries so you have multiple ways of winning.  I'll draw a name Sunday evening just in case we have anyone that wants to link up last minute.
So here's my last batch of books I've read

I Remember you // Cathleen Davitt Bell
4 out of 5 stars

I really did enjoy this book.  Its about Lucas, who starts talking to Juliet & seemingly knows her more then she understands why.  I don't want to give anything away, but this Lucas that she's talking to & that entrances her, could he really know her more then she knows?  This book is sort of a star-crossed lovers kind of book.  I was so wrapped up in it & I especially love when a book's ending surprises me... this one did.

This was pretty much my reaction at this book



My Big Bottom Blessing // Teasi Cannon
4 out of 5 stars

I just happened to run across this book from my library, not even knowing what to expect.  I ended up really loving it.  It's written by a lady who struggled with her self imagine & then learned how to see herself through God's eyes. Its packed full of scripture & truth & humor.  A lady that can take the armor of God & use it in comparison of wonder Bras & Spanx... my kinda gal.  This truly was a pleasant surprise for my soul.

Cant help it... made me think of Friends & Baby Got back :)



The Witch Must Die // Danielle Paige
5 out of 5 stars

If you aren't reading the books from the series "Dorothy Must Die" - then you don't know what you're missing out on. I LOVE this series.  The next full book comes out in 2 weeks & I'm COUNTING DOWN!!!  Danielle has given little short stories / prequels to help get you through the next book.  That is what this book is... another look into the story of Glenda, the "good" witch.  I hope these stories go on for quite awhile...  if you are a Wizard of Oz fan or a fan of Wicked - you'll love this twist of what happens after Dorothy left Oz ... & then returned...

I just purchased the other novella that just came out as well about The Wizard.
& FYI - all 3 of the little Novellas just came out in PRINT as well.



What I know for Sure // Oprah Winfrey
4 out of 5 stars

I never thought I wanted to read this, but came across it in the library one day & thought "why not"... I am so glad I did.  Its full of things that you realize are truth.  The blessings in your life, the way life works, the things that you know in your heart are true.  & while I may not have the access to the same things that Oprah has access to, there are general things in life that are TRUE... friendship, living a life rid of fear, finding what makes you happy.  I didn't like when the book took a turn & talked about spirituality.  I like Oprah, but I think  her view on some issues of spirituality are a little strange... at least to me.  So when she starts talking about connecting with the life through nature & how her spiritual side works, I just tend to get a bit uncomfortable... just me.  You may be fine with her views & that's fine for you.  Just my own opinion after all :)  This book really did inspire me though in the end to take a look at the truths that I believe in.  I know that for sure.



What Good is God? In Search of a Faith that Matters // Philip Yancey
2 out of 5 stars

Let me start by saying that I have hard time reading some books written by Christian authors.  Some of the books are just too 'deep' for me #truth ... but I do have my favorite authors (Max Lucado, Angie Smith) & I had never read Philip Yancey before.  Well... this one just was OK to me.  It didn't seem to really answer anything for me - just a lot of stories - which, while interesting, some times just totally were out of left field to me.  I never want to say a book about God isn't worth reading - it may be the one thing someone else needs to hear/read... this one just wasn't for me.

I Don't Get It



Warm Bodies // Isaac Marion
1 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank the library for making me pick up books I'd otherwise ever read.  This is another one of them.  & while some of them are winners (See Oprah's book above)... some aren't the best.  I know this is a movie - one I didn't really care to see - & maybe that should have been a hint for me.  The story of zombies & how one, "R" - since he cant remember his name - & how he has a change of heart when he sees Julie.
Yeah... I couldn't even finish it.  Just not my thing. I'll just stick with The Walking Dead & forget about reading about Zombies.

Hammer Head
me reading this book


Well, I have to say, I am proud of myself for this Winter Reading Challenge.  In the end, I got in 20 books from November 1st to the end of February.... that's pretty good for me. 

I'm really hoping to keep the trend going into Spring.
Someone suggested I do a Spring Reading Challenge... & I've debated doing a Summer one since everyone loves a good beach read... but I may just stick with doing a quarterly book post. 
If you want me to do a link up, let me know & I'll be happy to host some sort of thing where we can all see some good book recommendations.
I just know I love to read ... always have, always will...
Keep reading everyone!  So good for you!


  1. Good job!! And I think we all deserve a big pat on the back for surviving winter! I'm about to start reading Rhinestone Jesus and just picked up The Husbands Secret - can't wait to start both! Adding a few of these to my must read list, too.

  2. Well, I didn't get a lot read, but I did listen to a few. And I've enjoyed participating with you in this Winter Reading Challenge. Thank you for hosting.

  3. Wow, you read a LOT! I'm am in awe of your literaciness! :)

  4. definitely checking out that i remember you book, sounds so interesting!

  5. Wow that is some reading girl!
    I can't recommend Orphan Train enough...yet to meet a reader who didn't love it!
    Gotta check out the Oz books!!!!

  6. I absolutely love your book reviews...mainly because we have the same taste in books :) And I had to laugh when I saw your Warm Bodies review...a friend recommended this to me and the whole time I was reading I was thinking...really?

    I've got to check out the Dorothy Must Die books!

    Way to go on getting some major reading in...hugs!

  7. I'm glad to read that I wasn't the only one who couldn't get through Philip Yancey's writing. Which reminds me that I'm behind on reading some of Max Lucado's latest books.


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