Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites....

Favorite Craft Idea
Very cute, so many possibilities.
Do you know how many Beauty & the Beast quotes I could make on lamp shades?!?!!?
 Favorite Beauty & The Beast Item

Beauty and the Beast Belle's Book Necklace - Prince Beauty and the Beast!!

I NEED... like NEED this necklace
... I'm now singing the song "Belle" in my head...
Favorite Purchase of the week
Sleep Right Dental Guard

The way I grind my teeth, I gotta have a mouth guard.
I had one made at the dentist years ago, but my problem is my teeth have shifted.  So my mouth guard actually HURTS now.  If you look to get one, you see everything out there is the kind where you put in boiling water & then bite into. I've tried so many of those & it NEVER works.  Enter this that I found & broke down & bought this week. No boiling required.  & its so comfortable - WAYYY more then the guards that cover your whole mouth.  This just keeps your teeth separated so they don't touch.
My favorite Animal of the week ... & Knit...
Favorite Quote
Have Courage & Be Kind Printable from the Cinderella Movie. #printable #cinderella #cinderellamovie
I'm so obsessed with this now after seeing Cinderella!!!!
Favorite Season Finale
Mindy Project

I wont spoil it for anyone that may not have seen it yet,
But I love a good season finale that leaves me smiling or sighing.
I just really like Mindy & Danny together.

Favorite Dance of the Week
Patti LaBelle... In Da Club!!!

Oh my gosh! I thought Ms. Patti would be one of the first ones out, but I so love her.  She's in her 70's for goodness sake!  ... & lady has RHYTHYM!!!
I have my favs (Team Derek for always & ever)... but I love watching Ms. Patti & hope she goes far!

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 62 Pics

These People Knew How To Have Fun .... I want me & Ricky to do this with Roller Skates!!!!
I SOOOOO want Ricky & I to do this for a Christmas card on roller skates!!!!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 62 Pics
....Now, it costs a LOT of money for someone else to be in charge of my hair....

Alien Balloons: Expectations Vs. Reality... I don't know why... this made me laugh for like 10 minutes
I honestly laughed at this till I had tears


How I feel when someone told me they had a busy weekend ahead
... of going shopping...
... Oh please... let me explain to you what busy weekends look like
How I feel when everyone around me is talking NCAA brackets

How I would be if I ever got close to Steven Curtis Chapman

How I feel when I hear overhear things at work I shouldn't

My 4:00 dance of the day

What is a favorite of yours this week?



  1. That DIY would be so cute in a little girls room!! We haven't watched the last episode of mindy...maybe tonight!! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I STARTED SINGING THE SONG AT THE SAME TIME TOO :) but she won't discover that it's him till chapter threeeeeeeee

  3. That lamp shade is so cute. Kitty looks so warm and happy. That skating picture would be a hilarious Christmas card.

  4. A FB friend of mine posted that same thing about someone else in charge of your hair. I think it's pretty funny.

  5. ok, some of your last funnies had me rolling....the prince Harry is hilarious...and yes, that is how I look too when everyone around me is talking NCAA. But then the basketball player and fan.....I laughed out loud! But the funniest is that little girls face!!!! I can't quit watching it!!!

  6. I'm gonna have to check out that mouth guard. I think it would help with my headaches I wake up with. And the new strand of imbeciles must have spread to SC! I said so many times this week that students came back from Spring break and just forgot how to think! Please, please convince Ricky into a Christmas card in skates and make sure you send one to me!

  7. Love the lamp DIY. That looks like a great dental guard. I need to get one. I actually grind my teeth during the day! Love the kitty with the scarf. Lots of funnies this week.....

  8. ha! i am the same way with the brackets. idk how to make one or any of that. totally not interested.


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