Monday, March 30, 2015

The weekend that UK made the final four... or so I heard...

It's Monday... blah... just blah....  that's just another word for Monday.  Blah. 

Happy Blah-day.

The weekend?  Not so blah, but a lot of busy.

Saturday had me driving out to meet a family that wanted a picture with their grandchildren.  I was worried because it was pretty dang chilly.  The high was only 42 degrees & with kids?  You just never know how they will handle the cold.  It's always easy for me as the photographer because I get to keep my coat, scarf, hat & fingerless gloves on... but I ask for everyone else to take off their coats & think WARM THOUGHTS.  I will give it up to the kiddos.  Out of 6, I think only 1 really suffered from the cold... & he was totally not even complaining - it was just a reminder to take his coat off over & over.

Grandparents / grandchildren

I was pretty happy when I was on my drive home & found gas for $2.37!  It's been on the rise around us & I stopped to top off...

glad I did...

I ended up sitting in traffic for about an hour & a half - at THREE different spots on the way home. 

I don't do traffic well.  Like, seriously - I have panic attacks sitting in traffic.  All that stop & go motion?  Car Sick.  That feeling of being in a place I can't get out?  Yeah... I'm ready to do 2 things. 1.) Curl up in a ball in my car & cry or 2.) get out of my car & run down the middle of the road screaming.  Both perfectly normal reactions to traffic.

I stopped & picked us up some dinner - glad to get out of the car for a minute - & then headed home... only to leave as soon as I got there to go see my mom & dad & to see my nieces.  They just got back from Florida & I wanted to see everyone.  I've been so busy that I haven't got to see what was going on with them lately so off I went....


with strict instructions to be home by 8:30 from Ricky.

Why?  Because one of the twins LOVES basketball... & hates UK... & Ricky knows if I watch the game, UK usually looses & he said he knew she would make me watch some of the game, jinxing the game.  Geez.  Anxiety much?

But I was a good wife & came home & started editing pictures while the game was on.

A lot of whooping & hollering going on... a lot of "Are you STUPID?"... a lot of running up & down the steps.  I just go into my own world & shake my head yes or no when Ricky runs up to tell me something.  I know how this all works when UK plays.  Just keep my mouth shut.

Ricky came up & was like, "We're out of the game... no way we can come back... I can't even watch" & he stayed in my room with me & laid on the couch.  Poor Harvey was a nervous wreck with Ricky yelling & crawled up on his chest & just laid... like, "its going to be OK dad"... it was so funny.  But Ricky said, Let me go see how its going to end.  He goes back down stairs & I hear "YEEEAAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH"... & hear him running back up the steps.

"WE'RE TIED!!!!"

Oh Lordy... hang in there Harvey Dent.

Before I know it, I hear Ricky running up & down the stairs screaming, WE WON!!!!

All the heart attacks.

Ricky always lets me watch the game AFTER the game. He keeps it on his DVR so he can re-watch every little thing & I do get to see parts of the game then. I guess I can't jinx things after the fact.  Thank goodness.

Sunday was another busy day with our Orange Sunday where I was able to dance on stage... give me a stage & I'll dance any time...

Ricky & I went to Target for our weekly trip & then headed to a restaurant that has like 10 TV's - right in time for the UL game.  I had to remind Ricky to keep his mouth shut every time UL scored & the place was full of clapping... & Ricky would be the only sole clapping when Michigan scored.  I reminded him that the lesson in church was about PEACE... keeping peace instead of causing arguments... did he not pay attention?

We headed home for the rest of the game...

just in time for me to leave & go meet my next Bride & Groom.  Talks of wedding over chai teas - good times.

I got home just in time to get ready for The Walking Dead Finale....

My heart is still pounding.  Loved loved LOVED the finale....

This was the point I think I basically stopped breathing

But I'll admit, I do have a Walking Dead hangover this morning.  I'm exhausted.  I stayed up to watch The Talking Dead & then watched part of the encore of the show...

so yes, Blah-Day is sponsored by coffee.

So another busy weekend down... & guess what I didn't do.

You guessed it... clean the house.

So be it.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
You watch any basketball?
Was it cold in your neck of the woods?



  1. I'm not much of a basketball fan, although I might watch a little March Madness. Glad your (Ricky's) team won.

  2. You mean you're supposed to clean the house on the weekend? Not at my place. lol

  3. my teams lost this weekend...ugh!

    And I did clean my house....well, I hired someone to clean my house to get it ready to show/sell. seriously best money I have EVER spent!!! seriously.

  4. ha!!! Brandon is the WORST to watch games with and he has a lot of superstitions, too. It is funny!!! At work, we draw teams randomly and put money in a pot. If any of your teams make it to the Final Four, you get paid, and it gets higher depending on when they go out. WELL, this year, I have 3 out of 4 of the Final Four!!!!

  5. Love that you still haven't cleaned the house :) And woohoo for UK! I think they are the only team I predicted for the final four to actually make it!

  6. We're all about baseball over here.... It's much less exciting than basketball!

    WD was so stressful to watch last night! I'm glad everyone got to live, I was sure they were going to kill off a major character!

    Oh... And we're in shorts and flip flips over here.... It's already hot!

  7. I seriously did not breathe once during that whole game! It almost killed me!!
    Saturday sure was a cold day for pics, but it looks like they turned out beautiful. The highlight of my weekend was my sister's wedding shower and getting to see fam from out of town. :)

  8. Sounds like a great weekend - anything that involves a little wedding talk is always fun! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  9. i didn't understand any of that basketball talk haha i have no idea what's going on, KC keeps telling me and I keep not caring, so.... haha. traffic was insane all day though! certainly feeling the blah day as well.

  10. Sports fans crack me up. What's all the "we" stuff? Are you out there playing? It's hilarious!

  11. i don't get the hoopla around most sports so it cracks me up how dedicated the fans are. i just love it.
    traffic doesn't bother me. i guess i am used to it. unless i have to potty and then i freak out!!

  12. Great job on the family picture! It doesn't look cold at all with that sun. I am not a huge fan of basketball so I care nothing about March Madness but I get the hype of enjoying the sport and the excitement because I am a college football fan and it is sort of the same thing leading up to the championship.

  13. That basketball game sounds just like how we watch Clemson football. Our dogs freak out so bad they won't come out of their kennels. Even when we went to the games, Cory would record them so he could come home and watch it again on tv. So funny and glad they won. I haven't kept up with basketball at all this year so they may already be out but I hope for Ricky's sake the aren't!


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