Monday, March 09, 2015

The weekend that I ran a 5k with a broken tooth....

I'm sitting back in the dark this morning....

The only down fall of having the time change.  I was just starting to enjoy the sun rising as I drive into work at 6:30am ... but now, its like driving through a dark, dank nightmare again... at least for awhile.  I'll take it though for more light in the evening.  & I know the sun will come again.  Like everything else - it just takes time.

But it does feel like I was just sitting at this desk a blink ago.  The weekend went by in a blur.

I made sure to get to bed early on Friday - only after I got a few hours of knitting in... wanted to be race ready for the Anthem 5K.

When the alarm went off at 6:00am & I turned on the news & saw the temps outside was 28 degrees, I almost decided to just say, forget it, & stay warm in my covers & go back to sleep.  But I knew I'd beat myself up & I got up & started getting ready.

Ricky is the one who went back & forth about going.  He works so hard during the week & being back in the cold, putting more pounding on his legs & feet, he was debating it. I would never blame him if he didn't do a race with me. But I do enjoy him being with me.

I'm going to do a full race recap over at Press On & Run  later today if you want to check out the details of the day.

Let's just say it felt good to be back in a race. It was slow... it was cold... it made me feel proud of myself to be back out there.

It was FREEZING!!!!
I was glad for my knitted neck warmer... covered my face when wind picked up
Ricky obviously was a ninja in the race

& yeah, it was a little painful.  I haven't mention this, but I have apparently cracked yet ANOTHER tooth.  I go to the dentist about it on Wednesday.  But I have been sleeping without my tooth guard & Ricky said he could even hear me lately grinding my teeth in my sleep, so apparently I have done what I'm good at.  Cracking these babies.  My poor teeth can't catch a break.

So needless to say, running & getting blood pumping had my teeth really pounding in my head.  Just another thing...

my life motto lately

We finished the race, had to walk our OTHER 5k to get back to our car (a whole other story) & did our race routine of heading to Panera. The best part of race day. 

Then we went furniture shopping. 

We took extra clothes to put on & instead of changing, I just put jeans over top of my leggings ... & I had on 5 layers of shirts.  Let's just say I felt like the kid from A Christmas Story walking through the stores.  Puffy isn't the word.  Goodness knows I was warm.

We got home Saturday afternoon & Ricky was just full of basketball games to watch.  I ended up just knitting, playing Trivia Crack & taking it easy.

yep - ANOTHER weekend I put off cleaning my house. Oops.

Sunday, I went to Merge Youth group & then I had to head out for a quick mini session.  I'm getting a lot of surprise birth announcements so I can't post anything for pictures taken... drats.... but I'm totally good with it.  I'll be in on the secret with others.  I'm really good at secret keeping.

I met up with Ricky after the mini session & we had to get to Target. I can't make it through a weekend without Target.  We went back & picked up my furniture to start the redo of my office/knitting room. I can't wait to get it going.

This is what I got... hoping to get my life organized
or at least a part of it organized

Though, when I talk about wanting to paint it, I just hear nothing but grunts & sighs from Ricky... & he doesn't trust me with a paint brush.  No fair.... though I really can't blame him... I can't even do my nails very well.

It was such a beautiful Sunday!  The sun was shining, I didn't need a coat, the snow is melting everywhere.  I can smell Spring in the air.... FINALLY!!!

The only down side of snow melting... a muddy puppy.  Oh my gosh.  Ricky & I got home & opened the door to carry the furniture in, only to see my kitchen floor looking pretty much like a mud pit. Not even joking in the slightest.  I was too shocked to even take a picture.  My floor even had hunks of grass on it from Harvey's feet.... with rain being called for a few days this week, I'm just counting on my kitchen to take on the new color of BROWN.

This is AFTER Harvey was cleaned up...
those paws... that muddy belly...
oh mercy

(Maybe all this mud staining will convince Ricky to let me get a new kitchen floor & maybe MAYBE start an idea of a kitchen renovation that I want so badly... fingers crossed)

I closed out the weekend with The Walking Dead (its getting SOOO good) & getting ready to try & adjust to the time change.  Sunday isn't a big deal.  This morning?  A big deal.  The alarm goes off at 5... which is really 4....

Help me Lord Jesus.
How was your weekend?
Did you buy anything fun?
Are you good at painting?

Don't forget - tomorrow is the final link up for the
Winter Reading  Challenge!!!


  1. Way to go on the 5k!! But bummer about the tooth - I hope it's an easy fix. And where can I get one of those DST-size coffee cups? That's going to be my size of choice for a few more days ...

  2. You go girl!! I am so impressed with you!!

    Sorry about the tooth..ugh. and again, impressed, that you ran with a toothache!!!

    I was surprised this weekend with a visit from my brother and SIL! They came to watch their daughter play softball an hour from here to it got canceled due to ice and snow and moved to just north of us. So they got to stay the weekend with us! After having spent 4 days stuck, alone, in my house...I was in heaven!! :)

  3. Glad you were able to do the 5K even though it was cold. Must say you guys look really cute all bundled up.

    I love that storage unit you have. So cool!

    Hope you can get the tooth fixed quickly!

  4. Great job on the 5k!!! I am starting a new system for cleaning this week that I saw on Pinterest where you have things you do on a daily basis, like one night you clean bathrooms, another night you dust, and another the floors, etc. I hate doing all the house stuff on a Saturday! I do lots of stuff daily, like laundry, kitchen clean up, etc, so I'm hoping this will help me stay on top of stuff and not waste my whole Saturday with it!

  5. Woohoo on the 5K! Boo to the chipped tooth :( Hope you can get it fixed quickly and easily! Can't wait to see what you do with the house!

  6. Yuck, sorry about the tooth but that's awesome that you did the 5k with the tooth and the cold! Way to go :) Painting things imitades me so I don't think I've ever even tried it.

  7. Yay for both you and Ricky doing a 5K together, especially in the cold! Y'all owned it! Oh, my goodness...Harvey makes me laugh. That face of his is like, "Mom, I'm so sorry." Just kills me!

  8. Yikes - sorry to hear about your tooth but great job on your 5K!! That's awesome! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  9. DID some house cleaning, thanks to Harvey! :)
    I LOVE organization stuff. (Yes, I'm extremely strange!)

  10. Wow ! Way to go on the 5k ! Bravo !

    Sorry about the broken tooth though, that sucks. :-(

  11. Yay for your 5K! Love, love, love your furniture for your office. I'm excited for all the organization you'll have! Hope your dentist appointment goes well tomorrow!


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