Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Currently eating:
Blue Apron! I made squash for the first time! & it was AMAZING!  This whole dish was. Ricky was eating it & said, "I have no idea what I'm eating, but its delicious!" SCORE

... I will say, I made another Blue Apron dish last night. ummm... not so good. Some sort of sweet potato au gratin. Nope. It took me 45 minutes to make this dish & we ate what we could in 5 minutes. Neither one of us liked it. I made a salad with it that wasn't even great. It had blue cheese, apples & pistachios in it - sounds good - but the blue cheese was so strong, even me, a cheese loving fool couldn't handle it.

Currently Sad about:
Gatlinburg.  I am just devastated at the destruction the fire has taken in the Smoky Mountains & in the town.  I've gone there for vacation as long as I can remember & to know some of the landmarks that are usual stops are gone? Breaks my heart. & to think of all the wildlife hurt & all the damage to the trees.  & don't even bring up where they had to abandon the animals in the Ripley's Aquarium (which I think they all are OK).  It's just tore me up with every picture posted from the area.

Image result for gatlinburg fire
We've eaten here many times...
It's crazy to me to see places I know by heart in pictures with flames surrounding it.

Currently Working On:
Wrapping. My kitchen counter has turned into wrapping central.  We had to eat dinner the other night standing on the edge of the counter.  I need a good wrapping system because right now, its like ribbons, bows & paper & tape have exploded in my kitchen. Who needs to cook -the perfect reason to eat out for the whole month of December.

Currently Watching:
Anyone else watch the show last night that started with Leah Remini & her documentary on Scientology on A&E?  Oh my goodness... that stuff is just SCARY to me.  But I'm so intrigued by this show & will be watching it every week - FOR SURE!!!

Image result for leah remini scientology and the aftermath

Also, all about the super hero shows. Ricky & I watch Supergirl, The Flash, & Arrow but we DVR them so we can do it commercial free. We are currently like 6 episodes behind on each one of the shows. So we need to huddle down & get to watching REALLY soon!!!

Image result for supergirl flash arrow

Currently Listening To:
My goal in 2017 is to save, save & save some more. I hated paying off that dental bill this year & its inspired me to put my nose to the grind & really work on saving more. I really spend a little too free-spiritedly (Ricky would say AMEN to that) but I've been hooked on some Dave Ramsey podcasts lately.  He's lighting the fire under me to get down to business (to defeat the hun!!!... sorry, couldn't resist) on building up my savings.  I didn't even know he was on iTunes to listen to until recently - now, I listen to about 3 hours of his podcasts a day.  #nerdalert

Image result for dave ramsey

Currently avoiding:
The scale. After Thanksgiving, I'm not going near it with a 10 foot pole. Sorry.  I'll check it out at the New Year at this point.

Currently Reading:
Magnolia... These two! They are the cutest couple on screen - even cuter in their book. I'm almost finished with it & have loved every second of it

Image result for magnolia story

Currently planning:
All the Christmas doings. So much going on. Between shopping & getting things done & Christmas parties & activities, December is BUSYYYY. My calendar is looking like a football game play. (is that a thing? I'm acting like I know football talk)

Currently Playing:
Enchanted Tales.
Oh my gosh y'all. I can't stop. I saw a thing on this from a Beauty & the Beast site & I started playing it like 3 months ago & not one to brag, but already up to level 17. I'm so addicted. Ricky laughs at me every day when I'm rushing to check on my Belle & Cogsworth characters.  Its just so cute. I even had my Grands playing it when they were up visiting. A family friendly game. & family includes 44 year old women who are ENCHANTED with fairy tales

Image result for enchanted tales game
With characters like this - how do you NOT play?
Currently Aggravated about:
I got a new computer at work while I was on vacation... & with it came a new keyboard.  Nice, right? Except this keyboard is going to be the death of me.  The space bar?  You have to POUND it to make it work.  For example, I've had to correct 5 words just in this paragraph becauseitdoesntspace.
I feel like my fingers are going to come out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a few months.

Image result for Someone Using a Keyboard GIF
pretty accurate on how I look using my keyboard

So tell me what you're Currently up to today!


  1. As you know, we tried blue apron and I just thought it was too much prep work. Your squash and salad sound great but I agree the cheese is strong. I omitted it from the recipes I made for myself but Scott used it and just the smell of it turned my stomach.

    I did a lot of cyber shopping on Monday and hope to have my gifts here and wrapped by the weekend. If that happens, it will be the first time I'm ever ahead of the game. I still have to buy for the grandparents though which is always hard.

    My friend, sue Fairchild, just released her first ( I think) book. Please consider getting it from Amazon (it's real cheap). It's called "What you think you know". Look at me trying to promote her book..hehe.

  2. Oh PS (as if I hadn't said enough already). I too am really sad about Gaitlinburg as my family was going to plan a trip there this summer (they have pet friendly cabins) and I've never been to Dollywood.

    This reminds me of the year I was going to go to New Orleans and then BAM, Hurricane Katrina happened. I hope the destruction of Gaitlinburg isn't as bad as Katrina._

  3. We got new keyboards at work like 2 years ago. I'm not joking when I say it took me like a year to get used to it and be able to type normal. Obviously I'm not good with change. ;)

  4. I'm so sad about Gatlinburg too. It's my childhood vacation town and basically my home away from home when we want to do something fun (it's less than a 2 hour drive from where I live). But one of the most recent news interviews from a local business owner really resonated with me when he said "We put our faith and trust in God and he will see us through it." And he will.

  5. i LOVE squash! since i cut out grains, i turn to squash for a "filler" yummy. next, try butterCUP squash - it's so sweet and tasty.

  6. LOVE Dave Ramsey - Mr.Sass and I listen to him in the car together sometimes. He has a show on one of the talk radio stations in the evening. I'm already a saver by nature, but it's continually inspiring and I love hearing his advice to different people.

    I used to LOVE wrapping presents, but now, I only buy for a select few, and usually aim to just use a bag and some tissue paper. Lazy train over here. Or I wrap it in comics because I always love to read them. Plus, free.

  7. I've always shied away from boxes like Blue Apron because the dishes are just too darned fancy for us! Also hardly any do gluten free options. Sorry to hear one was a dud, but at least you can recreate the good one again?

    I had no idea Dave Ramsey had a podcast, and I am also getting on the savings wagon so thanks for the tip!

  8. Squash is one of those veggies I want to like and can get on board with in certain contexts but I can't seem to get as enthusiastic about it as others. I haven't done any wrapping yet, I'm thinking next week I will start to tackle that project.

  9. Not a Blue Apron fan at all. Or any of those meal delivery things.

    Very sad about the fires.

  10. That squash sounds really good! Too bad the other dish didn't work out too well :( I spend too freely and I've been trying to work on that the last couple weeks, especially with all the vacation costs. I've definitely cut down on the eating out and that's definitely helping with both my wallet and my waistline.

  11. It's so sad about Gatlinburg and area. We have so many happy memories of that place.

  12. The fires are terrible and it would break my heart too, knowing favorite places are gone. I love squash and don't make it nearly enough. I watch Supergirl but gave up on The Flash this year and a few years back ago on Arrow. But I am watching all of them this week for the crossover event. It's been good so far. :)

  13. I want to read Jo and Chips book! I love them! (Their new episode last night had a doggie spa room. WHAAAT?? Give me!) I read that as of last night the aquarium and all the critters were safe (per the marine biologists), so fingers crossed. It kills me that people are watching their town be destroyed. So, so sad.
    We canceled our HelloFresh stuff because I burnt two dinners by following their directions. Nope- I'll just make things myself, thanks!
    Now I'm going to have to look into that Enchanted Tales......

  14. I LOVE The Flash!!! My whole family is hooked on it. I just started the Arrow. Dave Ramsey is solid. I was thrilled when my son and DIL decided to take his class this summer at their church. Fires always make me sad. Living in the middle of a forest, I know how devastating and scary it can be. Praying for them to contain these fires!

  15. I've actually only been to Gatlinburg once but being a nature-lover, I'm terribly sad about the national park and woodland creatures (cue: fire scene from Bambi). I hope the town is able to rebuild and soon though and I know it's actually good for trees/forests to have a fire go through like this. It helps 'reset' the forest or something. Horrible to witness though. I haven't looked into Blue Apron - my family is super-picky. I'd love to try new recipes. It'd be even more amazing if they shipped the actual chef to my house to do all the cooking and clean up after ... The only good thing about that new keyboard would be to put a hashtag in front of every sentence and hashtag all the things! :) And I'm definitely going to check out Enchanted Tales!

  16. So sad about Gatlinburg. :( I haven't been much on the news recently as the world seems to keep falling to pieces. It makes me sad, I have to withdraw sometimes just to perk up. Hoping they are out soon. That meal does look good, but it's a bummer about the second one. My brain has started to turn to Christmas... but I'm not quite there yet. I am working on my shopping, but I hope to get our tree up this week. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  17. I DVRd the Leah Remini show, and I am so intrigued by it - I'll definitely be checking it out this weekend. That first Blue Apron dish sounds delicious. One of these days I want to jump on the food delivery bandwagon! I'm praying so hard for everyone in Gatlinburg, too!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  18. I loved reading Chip & Joanna's story. Great book! I'm avoiding the scale too. Sheesh! We are marathon watching The Walking Dead right now. Finally made it to season 7 and hate having to wait a week to see what happens next!

  19. I have heard many people complain about how much prep work goes in to things like Blue Apron so I don't really understand how it is any easier other than they do your shopping for you? The squash recipe you have looks good! I need to make squash more often. I am so so so sad about Gatlinburg too!!! We go up there every year after Christmas with Chris's family (well not this year because baby!!!!) but it just breaks my heart. I want so badly to make memories with baby girl there next year and I am hoping that most everything is still ok!!! I saw that Apple Barn survived. That is always a must stop for us.

  20. I am SO sad about Gatlinburg. We went for the first time last month, but it breaks my heart to see such a beautiful town in flames. :( I need to listen to some of those Dave Ramsey podcasts! I like him, though I'm not sure I'm fully behind the no credit card thing. How do you build credit to get a mortgage? That part has been always confusing to me! lol

  21. I am so sad about Gatlinburg. I have never been but my heart goes out to them. You are already wrapping? Dang girl, get it. I am trying to finish my shopping, but I have amazon packages arriving daily. Ha. I really want to try Blue Apron, but not the second recipe that you tried. Ha.

  22. Love this post! Minus the fires -- it's so sad. And, I have no ties there like so many do. I Just can't imagine :( It's hard to...

    Love that your goal is to SAVE because I love saving :) I have never done Dave, but have heard nothing but good things about him!

    Oh, and I am also avoiding the scale haha

  23. The fact you have already started wrapping is so impressive! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  24. Oh no! You're the first people who I've heard didn't like Blue Apron! That's really too bad!

  25. The Blue Apron dish that you didn't like sounds like something I'd love. My husband - not so much - he's allergic to blue cheese. Too bad you didn't enjoy it.
    I've got a different scientology documentary (by Louis Theroux) recorded waiting for me to watch.

  26. So sad about that area in TN--luckily all the animals are safe. I've been there a bunch of times. I can't wait to check out that series--that stuff is so fascinating/scary!

  27. Oh those fires are very sad. Praying for Tennessee.

  28. I know a few people who are trying Blue Apron. Looks good! Sometimes I don't wrap until Christmas Eve. I forgot to tape her show, I have to go back and check it out. I like Leah Remini and I'm interested in the show.


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