Monday, November 28, 2016

The weekend that I ate all the food & shopped all the shops....

So many happenings... such a good long weekend... such a nice time off work....

I legit teared up with real tears when I had to set my alarm clock to go back to work today.  How pitiful is that?  Dorothy was right though.... there really is no place like home. Especially when home is sleeping till 8 am every day & waking up with dogs snuggled all around keeping you warm on cold mornings.

... excuse me while I go have a small pity party again about being back at work....

But it was such a long weekend so I'm just going to do some highlights so we can get through this post before tomorrow's ;)

...finally got through Gilmore Girls Season ONE... while everyone was excited about the new one out on Netflix, I'm just now on episode 7 of season 2. I figure by summer, I'll get to the new show that everyone is apparently freaking out about the LAST FOUR WORDS!!! ... I'm anxious to see if I can make it months without finding any spoilers. Odds arent in my favor. I know this.

... made my usual Thanksgiving day creation. Pumpkin Pie. Its basically the only Thanksgiving day staple that I'm good at.  I only make these things twice a year too - Thanksgiving & Christmas.  I'm all ready for the Christmas pumpkin pie now.


... I ended up doing my 5k after my pies were done.  I actually was proud of myself on this one.  I havent ran in the LONGEST time & havent even worked out at all being on vacation so that I did a pretty decent pace for me, I was patting myself on the back.  Thanksgiving food earned!


.... My brother & sister in law hosted Thanksgiving.  & it just is easier to separate than to try & make both families dinners because they are usually the same time as each other, so Ricky headed to his family & I headed to mine.  We're used to it. Always sad to be away from each other on the holiday but we make it work.

... how cute is this? My nieces did 'place cards' for everyone.

... my brother's broccoli cheese casserole is the only reason I look forward to the holidays. I honestly could eat the whole container of it.  Its AMAZING!!! ... & so cheesy. The reminder that I really did need to do that 5k before I ate.  #carbfest

... my nieces had just gotten this mini pool table. Let me tell you - we had some FUN playing that little thing. It was NICE too - like a legit pool table with real shooting sticks (I dont even know the 'real' name for them) & the balls were good heavy miniature balls you'd find on a real table. It was super cute.  We had little tournaments against everyone & we had the best time of laughing & screaming.

... I had to take a picture of Madi with her hair down. She ALWAYS has it up in a pony tail, mainly because she's playing basketball 90% of her life & the other 10% she's into something active - who can bother with hair doing all that?  She looked so cute with it down... & was so embarrassed every time we'd point out her hair was down.

... my mom brought the Left, Right, Center game that we played for awhile until the twins started to loose & then they were like, "lets play something else"... to which they brought out Frozen Match game.  Greeaaattt - a good game for someone who cant remember what they just ate.  But shout out to me... I almost beat Madi. Lost by only one match.  HOLLLA!!!


... I was so happy when Ricky came home & brought me some potato candy that my sister in law had made. I havent had that in FOREVER & it just reminds me of being little. My aunt used to make it & I always thought there was nothing better.

... I may have had that potato candy for breakfast the next day.

... Ricky had to work on Black Friday.... BOO!!!!  But he had worked the Saturday before so he got off work early, so I got ready & drove down to the shopping area to meet him so we could tackle the stores.  Tackle we did.


... I honestly can't believe we were out Christmas shopping. How is it that time already?

... Someone told us not to go to Denny's because it took over an hour for their food.  We're not big Denny's fans but we kept hearing people around us saying restaurants were so busy.  So we decided to go with somewhere fast. HAAAA... sorry - I had to laugh at the word "Fast".  We went to McAlisters, which we usually get the food in about 5 minutes...We ordered, there were no seats - we had to sit at the bar little area.. & we waited... & waited... & waited. We sat there for 45 minutes before our food got to us. & we got veggie chili & grilled cheese. Nothing crazy.  We were both so frustrated but then sitting at the bar, we could see the workers & see & hear their frustration.  We felt so bad for them in the end.  I bet they were all exhausted at the end of their shifts.  One of the guys told us that a few of their workers walked out & quit on them earlier. That's bad timing.


... Out shopping, I saw 7 of my past photo clients!!!  I love the people I am meeting through that work & so cool I run into them every now & then.

... we shopped & shopped & shopped some more.  I was so exhausted & walked out the store amazed that the sky was still a little light. I would have sworn it was like 10PM ... & it was only 5:30. haha.

... I drove by Starbucks even thought I needed a boost but didnt want to be up till midnight.  For the record, I didnt stop one time at Starbucks over the Thanksgiving weekend. What is wrong with this picture!??!!?


... started wrapping presents.  I REALLYYYY cant believe its the start of the Christmas season now.

... Got to gather all my goodies I got for myself on Black Friday deals.  & yes, I got Zoolander 2.  I wanted to see it so bad at the theater & it was $4.00 - even if its junk, its better than having to Redbox it.


... Saturday had me watching a Fixer Upper marathon while going on a wrap fest.  Two rolls of tape down.

... We ran down to take advantage of some sales at Target one last day & ran out to get some dinner.  I had taken then picture at a stop light.  Ricky was like, WHY? I told him, "Because I'm a blogger, that's why!!!"... I had to laugh because I said this picture perfectly describes us as a couple.


... Sunday, we actually didnt have MSM because of Thanksgiving & it worked out perfectly that a friend of ours was preaching at his home church. I can never make it on any other Sunday so we took the opportunity to go hear him.  It was just the nicest place. Everyone was so friendly & welcoming.  I was so impressed.  Its a 'pop up' church - they have to put everything up on Sunday morning & take everything down at the end of the service & store it all & repeat again the next week. I can't imagine the work that goes into it.  & yet, they all were so uplifting & cheerful.  & most importantly, loved hearing our friend stand before a congregation & deliver God's word & message. So glad we were able to make it.

... Ricky & I had a quick lunch & then I ran down to do one more photo session for the year. I actually dont schedule anything from Thanksgiving to the New Year but when this sweet girl got engaged, I'd drop everything to take her picture.  She's Chasity's sister but more than that, I just love this sweet girl. I've watched her grow up myself into the most AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL woman.  She messaged me & said, I know you probably can't but I want you to do my engagement pictures".... stop right there. I wouldnt allow her to let anyone else do them ;)  & we really lucked out too because the weather this past week was rainy, gloomy, cold. This day was cool, but PERFECT for a late November photo session day.  I cant wait to share these pictures.  & cant wait to see this beautiful princess enjoy her engagement as she plans her big day to her Prince Charming.

... got home in time to do bills, which I'm so glad to pay the final payment on my dental bills for the year.  I owed well over $4,000 on dental bills just for this year & was determined to pay it off before any interest was due on it... I love a good year free of financing... & while I had to the end of January to pay it off, I went ahead & took care of it. It is always so freeing to be out of debt.

... Spent the rest of my night uploading pictures & mourning the fact that vacation is over.  Now to tackle December & the holidays.

... excuse me while I go finish that pity party & then get back to work....

How was your Thanksgiving?

What was your favorite food to eat?

Any Black Friday shopping?

Did you get yourself anything?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm struggling being back at work right now and would love to still be curled up at home in my warm bed. Oh well, at least we have jobs right?! ;) Also, take your time with gilmore girls! It really is such a great show! :)

  2. Not to rub it in, but I have off work today and am laying in bed with my dog as I read your post!

    Sounds like you had a glorious weekend! Last year a friend and I tried to make that potato candy but it only turned to mush. I never had it before so I wish I knew what it was suppose to taste like.

  3. What a great Thanksgiving weekend and week off from work-- it sounds like you had an amazing time and packed in so many things! I've never watched Gilmore Girls but have been tempted just to watch the new episodes to see what everyone is talking about- though I'm sure it doesn't have the same effect, if you've never watched the original, haha.

  4. I'm currently finishing up season 7 of Gilmore Girls - then onto the new episdoes. I've heard that a lot of people are very disappointed in the new episodes...I hope I'm not. I love that show! :)

  5. Our Thanksgiving was small and quiet, but good.
    Favorite food? Ham. We had wrong, I know, but why is a long story.
    No Black Friday shopping.
    I did buy a Christmas decoration, a tea pot, and a bottle of wine while on a bus trip Saturday.

  6. I get depressed when any weekend comes to an end, but especially a long one!!! Congrats on the 5k! That is so cool that you ran in to some of your clients when you were out shopping. Looks like you scored a lot of good deals. I probably should have wrapped some presents this weekend while I still can. Sadly, I have a few more to buy. I am going to start Gilmore Girls from the beginning on my maternity leave so I am with you on not having watched the new episodes and avoiding the spoilers. I watched some of the show when it aired but missed a ton of it so I really just want to start over. I hope that your Monday isn't too painful and goes by quickly!

  7. No Starbucks for Rebecca Jo but I went TWICE over the span of 2 days? I tried a Caramel Brule Lattee & it was DELICIOUS! Which is a bummer, 'cause now I'm going to want to go all the time.

    I did NOT go out Black Friday shopping - unless you count wedding dress shopping which my Momma & I did. But thankfully, compared to Walmart or Target or anywhere, the stores were desolate.

  8. Busy busy weekend! I could NEVER get K to come with me on Black Friday, haha. He did let me take his credit card, though. (I didn't end up using it, which made him happy.) Our family Thansgivings worked out this year where mine was at lunch and his was at dinner- first time forever that's worked in our favor! Thank heavens!
    GO YOU for paying off that bill! That's the best feeling!

  9. Amazing work on clearing your debt! That must be an awesome feeling. Your Thanksgiving sounds like a lot of fun, however Black Friday looks horrific. I couldn't deal with that at all. I got an online bargain of a replacement Fitbit and that was enough for me!

  10. That 5k medal is SO cute! So glad you had a great holiday. I was thankful I was with my Dad & step-mom, who I don't get to see very often. But, she didn't make mashed potatoes, stuffing OR gravy. I was pretty sad & let down, but I know I need to be grateful I was able to be with family because usually Thanksgiving I'm crashing a friend's dinner. I can't believe you went Black Friday shopping! I didn't. I couldn't. I don't like the crowds.

    Isn't going back to work today a cruel punishment? Ugh. Struggle bus.

  11. I feel like I need a nap after reading about your busy and awesome weekend! I was such a lazy bum. Seriously. Food in belly. Repeat often. Sit on couch and watch TV or read. That was pretty much the extent of my activity! LOL! I celebrate Christmas back in Minnesota so I actually wait until I get home to buy gifts, so no black friday shopping for me. But it sounds like you had major success so yay! I do love wrapping presents and making them look pretty. And your pumpkin pies look delicious! And I am typically not a big pumpkin pie fan but yours look yummy!

  12. Sounds like it was a great weekend. I worked on Friday but did do a little shopping after work. Surprisingly, the stores were not as busy as I thought they would be. I think most people shop online these days. I prefer to shop in person. Congrats on paying off your dental debit! That is so fantastic.

  13. Such a full weekend! Those pumpkin pies look great :) I love Zoolander and still haven't seen the 2nd one. I'll have to keep an eye out and see if I can find a deal on it.

  14. Congrats on your 5k! It sounds like you had a really great weekend full of family, friends and food! I'd never head of potato candy before and a quick google search has me very intrigued about the concept!

  15. No black friday shopping for me, but I did just order a pair of ankle boots for me on cyber Monday - half price! I enjoyed all of the Thanksgiving dishes, but especially the corn casserole. Yum. You pies look yummy!

  16. It sounds like you had a wonderful full weekend. The pumpkin pies look delicious! Hubby and I stayed home for Thanksgiving and made a beef roast and noodles. I know you don't do meat, but it really was delicious! No Black Friday shopping for us, but I plan to do some Cyber Monday shopping yet today. Have a great day.

  17. LOL on the photo & conversation you & R had at the stoplight! You look awesome in your Black Friday shopping pic. Cute outfit. And congrats on a good Turkey Trot!

  18. Girl you are amazing! I love that medal and that shirt.

    The last picture of the three of you is gorgeous!

    oh and I have never seen gilmore girls :( whomp whomp!

  19. I'm kind of jealous that you are just starting with GG...I wish I could start over...maybe I will lol! It was tough going back today - i'm with you on that! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  20. You did an awesome job with Black Friday!
    I ordered a few things online, just odds and ends I can give as gifts or maybe keep for myself.

    Love those furry boots!

    I haven't been stopping at Starbucks at all this fall. Feels good!

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  22. glad you had a good thanksgiving! mine was chaotic, but idk how else to have it with all of the families i have to visit! ;) i haven't wrapped a thing. not one, lol. almost done shopping though.

  23. This sounds like a great Thanksgiving. I love your family photos. :) I love your black Friday finds! You do you. I'm trying not to shop for myself right now... :P heheh #difficult Pumpkin pie... ohhh pumpkin pie. We have leftovers which makes me a happy camper! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  24. What a fun weekend and Thanksgiving. You did a ton. I love your finds! And yay for making those pumpkin pies. I would have eaten one by myself. No shame. Plus you did a 5K. So you deserved it. Love all the photos!!!

  25. I love love love pumpkin pie and yours look AMAZING.

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