Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our grumpy old man, I am Belle & I HIT 1000!!!!! {Thankful Thursday #

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal, so just ignore them}

988 / Heat worked!!!  We had to turn on our heat one night for the first time & for the past 4 years, every time we turn it on, it hasn't worked & we have had to get a repairman out.  This year? IT WORKED! Praise the Lord!

989 / Every day with Bruno.  Our old man is getting up there in years.  We've had him for 11 years - almost 12 years - & he was 4 when we got him, so he's nearing 16 years old.  He is struggling seeing, he's having some issues with his throat, & he needs help getting in & out now.  I see him TRULY becoming my grumpy old man lately. So I'm thankful for every day I get to hug & kiss his stinky face.


991 / Free Books. I love getting books for free from places to review, or the library. I'm really trying to restrain myself from buying them when I can get so many good ones for free.

994 / Peaceful Days at work.  Last Friday, mostly everyone took off work so it was so super quiet in the office.  I always feel so relaxed on those work days.

995 / 2 for 1 at Starbucks. Enough said.

996 / Ricky stopping at the grocery on his way home. I love when he knows I'm there & comes in & finds me. He helps me load the groceries out to the car.  I loathe that part of grocery shopping so any help makes a world of difference to me.

998 / Spending time with my MSM girls this weekend.   So fun getting to see them in their own environment - let their personalities shine.  Also so thankful for one of the girls that snuck & paid for my pottery I painted. SNEAKY GIRL! I was so shocked!!! & upset. I hate people paying anything for me... but was so thankful for the gesture of it.


999 / Awesome friend helping out!  I had a friend that stepped up to help me out Saturday night with the girls.  Took time out of her evening to come hang out with us for a little bit. So appreciative of her kindness!!

....I MADE IT!!!!!!!!! 1000 Gifts!!!!!....

1000 / My parents.  I have the best of them.  They tried to do something for Ricky & I that was priceless... & totally something we couldnt accept - but we both so appreciated the thought & caring & love intended behind it.

1004 / Dinner with Ricky.  I hardly got to see Ricky over the weekend so was glad to meet up with him for a little bit of time on Sunday.  I even let him pick the place....Culvers always is his choice of places. (UGH) ... that's love for you right there.

1006 / Found a Target!!!!  I found a Target that I can get to at lunch.  My whole life is now open to lunch shopping possibilities :)

1007 / Emerson convinced I'm Belle.

This is just everything to me :)

1009 / Roses still blooming in mid-November.


1010 / Bug Sound machines.  My mom gave us some little things you plug in that are supposed to keep bugs away. They have really seemed to work.  During fall, our house is usually SWARMED with lady bugs & stink bugs.  We've probably had like 5 bugs all season long.  These things must really work!!!

So what are you thankful for this week?


  1. I am thankful for your grumpy oldd man too. As you know, my Baylee will be 11 this month and every year she gets older I cry! She's had a bout of health problems lately and I pray that we get through them. She's a trooper though!

  2. When I saw grumpy old man in your title, I thought you were talking about Ricky. lol

    I love that she really believes you are Belle. So sweet.

  3. And how perfect you hit 1000 right around Thanksgiving!!

  4. we've had our heat turned on for a while but not too high; just enough so that we don't see our breath inside the house LOL

  5. Yay for your heat working, and SO cute that Emmerson saw Belle and thought it was you!

  6. Oh Bruno! What a handsome old man! (I had a 'Bruno' growing up and he was the greatest dog!) Also, YES to peaceful days at work- that's going to be my tomorrow. I'll be the only one here all day.

    I need to find these bug things! Our house is ridiculous.

  7. Woo-hoo to hitting 1000 gifts! I love that you do this and share them with us. It's so tough to see pets age and start to struggle. When my cat, Emeril, got sick, I just wanted to spend every minute with him. Enjoy your time with him. And yes, pets do become curmudgeonly old men when they get up in years. :)

  8. Eeeek 1000+! Well done you! I am thankful for these wonderful posts that never fail to make me smile and leave feeling more thankful about everything in my life (they make me miss doing my Sunday posts too)!
    Bless grumpy old Bruno, what a sweet little guy to still give hugs and kisses. Baker sends lots of tail wags to him.

    Hope you are having another beautiful week.

    Danielle xo

  9. So sweet about Ricky stopping at the grocery store to help you out! What a keeper!

  10. Yay for making it to 1000 gifts. Love that. So crazy too. I love two for one Starbucks too! I love seeing the photos of Bruno. I hope you have lots more loving days with him!!

  11. Love you thankful posts!! I linked mine! Your Ricky is such a great guy! I dread grocery shopping alone too!

  12. HILARIOUS that Emmy thinks you're Belle!!!! You've trained her right!!!
    Good to hear your voice!!!


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