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This one is from memory's sake... {Thankful Thursday #96}

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So I usually have my Gratitude Journal with me when I do this post & look right at it & pull it off my list.... but I have left my journal at home.  So this will be from memory & without numbers this week.
Let's see what I can remember what I wrote down... or even better, what comes to mind.

This week I am Thankful For:

... time off work.  It was just so wonderful not waking up to an alarm clock for a few days in a row.

... Ricky got off work early on our anniversary.  He had to work the Saturday before so that gave him a half day he could take off from work. That ended up being perfect for us to celebrate.

... MY CAR PAID OFF!!!  Tell me how amazing my husband is to me! For our anniversary, he paid off my car that I still owed 2 years on. YAHOOO!! He told me I could now either go get another car or just save the money. I'm thinking I'm going to be needing a few crowns & more dental work coming up so I'm going to stash my usual car payment money in the savings account every month.  Hopefully get a head start on next years dental bills.

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... the most perfect 21st anniversary. Honestly, we had THE BEST DAY on our anniversary.  We just had one of those days where we got along really well.  As married people of 21 years, its easy to nit-pick on things but we were both just easy going that day - & we laughed & had the best time all day long.  Not to mention the weather was perfection. Even Mother Nature played along for the day.


... 2 day celebration. I love Ricky still made sure I got to my favorite restaurant even if it was a day late for our anniversary.  My Italian heart loves me some Italian food for a celebration.

... apple pie.  It is another tradition for us to go to the Pie Kitchen on our anniversary - but we actually missed that.  Instead, since we were at Whole Foods, we each bought mini pies that we each liked. I try to watch what I eat so dont get apple pie often but its my FAVORITE & I was excited to eat it for our celebration. Ricky ended up with Pecan Pie. With these teeth of mine? I steer clear of anything sticky & gooey.

... GORGEOUS day for an outdoor wedding.  So glad for our friends that the weather cooperated for their beautiful day.


... Got to see our Nashville gang!!

At a wedding & look whose sitting down from us. #rjvgrands:
It was the boys first wedding they've been to... they were all curious about it

... Trying new places to eat.  Especially ones that give cupcakes with their combo meals!!
Ricky's not a fan of new places. He likes his tried & true places but he'll go to new places if other people want to try somewhere different - so it worked out well that the Nashville gang was up for trying this new place.


... getting caught up fairly well at work with my pile of work.

... my sweet Blog friend asked me to be her wedding photographer.  I am so excited for my blog  buddy Jessie when she announced she was getting married! & then she sent me an email saying she really did want me to come up & shoot her wedding. That just seriously made my day!! & I would love to say I would be able to do it but it would be a little difficult for me & for Chasity to head up her way. But that she was serious about me wanting to do her wedding?  Just awesome.  I would have loved to be with her on her big day. She's going to be such a beautiful bride & it's going to be such a fun wedding!!!

... getting to take a walk at lunch since it's so beautiful & warm.

November & I'm still able to wear flip flops. I'm not complaining about the 80 degree temps one bit. #fwisfeed #rjvstand #happynovember:

... wonderful friends who I can reach out to for prayer & distractions when life gets stressful.

What are you Thankful for this week?

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  1. It sounds like you guys had an amazing anniversary! And yay for the car being paid off, that's huge. What a thoughtful gift :)

  2. lots of wonderful things to be thankful for this week! great list and a perfect anniversary too!

  3. mmm apple pie. Congrats on getting your car paid off, that is awesome!!! And I am so glad that you all had the perfect anniversary, that is so special :) Trying new places to eat is my favorite hobby. Food!

  4. Wow what a great surprise that Ricky paid off your car! It's such a wonderful feeling not having to worry about a car payment each month!

  5. Ahhh how awesome that your car is all paid off! Woohoo! So smart of you to save that money going forward too. Umm, I want to find a restaurant where their combo meals come with a cupcake!!!

  6. So many wonderful things to be grateful for and I love that you honor those things by sharing. Woo-hoo Ricky! How cool that he paid off your car? You are wise to save the money for upcoming expenses. And any place that serves a cupcake with their combos is going to be a new favorite place. :)

  7. Congrats on the car payment!! And I love days when everything feels 'good' and there's no nit-picking; especially when it's a special day like an anniversary or birthday!!
    Hope your stresses take a backseat this weekend and you have a few relaxing days!

  8. oh my gosh!!!! paying your car off how amazing!! i am so stoked for you. we are hopefully going to pay a car off with the sale of our house and i am so so ready to be done paying it off lol. obviously KC and I haven't been together as long as you all, but those days where you get along really well and don't snap or nitpick? so awesome. what restaurant was it? i love italian food too! i'm pretty sure you mentioned it in your other post but hashtag lazy. tell me if i should go!

  9. You're the sweetest! :) And I love that even without your journal in front of you you were able to write this all from memory. Bummed I can't convince you & the photo posse to come to Pittsburgh though.

    I know you're not in Louisville proper, but have you ever been to Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen on Bardstown Rd? YUM! I've been a few times with my brother, and as a self proclaimed pie connoisseur I was seriously impressed with their pies.

    1. Umm. Apparently they're a small chain in the Louisville & IN areas. But seriously, GO THERE.

  10. What a lovely week you've had! These gratitude lists are amazing -- in Bible study last night, one of the tips for handling bad days or rejection was to start or add to or review gratitude lists and they referred to a book 1000 Gifts (I think that's the name - is that what you're doing?) -- so I have a blank journal all ready to go. And what better month to start than November? :) There's just something about paying off a car that makes me think angels are singing and burdens being lifted and all is right with the world. We've been driving paid-off cars for a couple years now and while we "SHOULD" be saving money towards replacement cars, I know we're going to end up with one or two car payments in the next couple years. Oh well. :)

  11. Congratulations on your car being paid off-- it's really the best feeling to not have to worry about those payments every month. So glad you guys had a wonderful two days of celebrating your anniversary. Cupcakes and mini pies sound perfect!

  12. So much to be thankful for! Congrats on the car -- what a huge praise. And, I love that a blog friend asked YOU! Isn't the blog world the best? I love how social media connects us. So thankful

  13. Hooray for anniversaries and paid off cars! My post is up:

  14. I love these posts! They make me smile because it is so important to be thankful.

    Loooove that your car is paid off. What a relief! Ricky sounds like a real keeper. ;)

    A meal that comes with cupcakes? Yes please!

  15. What a great week! And that's an awesome surprise to get your car all paid off early---what a great feeling! Just before we got married, my husband had gotten a huge tax return back and wanted to know what we should do with the money. He suggested that we could maybe put it towards our honeymoon, but I told him to use it to pay off his car. It was such a relief to enter our marriage without any debt of any kind (plus our simple, less expensive honeymoon was still amazing, so it was a win all around!).

    I'm all about paying stuff off as quickly as possible--it brings a peace of mind like few other things can.


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