Thursday, November 24, 2016

Its Thanksgiving ... the best day ever for Thankful Thursday!!! {#99}

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I didn't plan it in any way - I just started doing Thankful Thursday some time in 2015 just because I wanted a reason to make me look for the good in EVERY day - especially the bad & rough days...

& here we are over a year later... & its Thanksgiving. The perfect day to give thanks.  The day people really take the idea of being thankful to heart, even when we all know it should be every day of your life.

I had to laugh when I was looking at the dates & the number of posts I've done link up withs & was so hoping it was 100.... its the number nerd in me that wanted it to line up.  But we're at 99.  Still pretty exciting regardless!!!

So today, I know most of you are celebrating the day with your family & friends.... enjoy your day!  Be thankful... today... & the following day & the next & the next....
So much to be thankful for!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with One-Thousand Gifts Journal / just ignore}

1011 / Chase Credit Card company. On top of their game. Someone tried to slide in a charge for a LOT of money at Target somewhere across the world & they got it & blocked my card. Kudos to them. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me.  I appreciate they are staying aware.

1012 / Sweet hubs gave up parking spot.  Y'all know I meet Ricky every Wednesday for lunch.  Well, its downtown & the parking is sparse & the parking lot is even sparser (is that a word?) ... Ricky & I got there at the same time & he got the last parking spot & then saw me pull in.  He ended up moving his car & parked down the road so I could stay in the lot. Ahh - romantic gestures are still alive.

1013 / The beautiful last few days of the warm weather.  I soaked up every moment of them.

I took every possible lunch outside during the warm weather

1017 / Got my closet changed & organized.  & have 2 huge bags of clothes to donate too!  I even have a bag of clothes I'm taking to a local store that buys clothes because I have a bunch from Old Navy that still has tags on it, never even wore.  If I got $5.00 for the whole bag, it'll cover lunch. I'm good with that :)

1018 / Movie date with the twins. One twin wanted to see it, the other didn't really care - they both were belly laughing through the whole movie of Trolls. It really was cute.  I laughed a lot too. & there's a ROLLER SKATING SCENE!!! HOLLA!!!!


Image result for trolls movie roller skating

1019 / Church.  I just love my church.  The message this past Sunday was so good & hit me right in the heart. & the worship? It just brought tears to my eyes.  God is ALL up in that place!

1020 / The youth in our church. One of the senior high girls that volunteers in the middle school ministry actually gave the message for the day. She is so impressive. IMPRESSIVE y'all. She's going to make the world an amazing place. I love being so inspired by our future generation.


1021 / Day with Ricky.  I have been so busy lately, I decided to 'schedule in' a free day. & LOVED every minute of it. Ricky & I went for a good long lunch, got some shopping down, just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon all to ourselves. It really has been a long time that has happened.

1022 / VACATION!!!!! Especially this holiday week!

1023 / Finished wedding pics. I love finishing up a big project.  & cant wait for the bride to see her day laid out in front of her.

1026 / Hair Day.  Any time my hair gets this straight & my color pepped back up?  I am thankful.  I can't believe it - my next appointment is in 2017. SAY WHAT?!?!!?!?!?


What are you Thankful for today?

And again... Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. That Ricky....he's a keeper! :)
    Dontcha just love seeing young people with their hearts on fire for God? And that they're not afraid of letting other people know it???
    Your hair looks Mah-velous! :)

  2. Love your hair and your thankful list. Hope to link up with you in a little while.

  3. love the hair. i get my hair cut once a year (!!!) but that's just out of sheer laziness :/ happy thanksgivigin!

  4. I am super curious about the Trolls movie. I loved Trolls as a kid and I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the fact they totally changed the way the way they look! Enjoy your holiday! :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!! So scary about the credit card incident - can't believe it's happened twice! Thankful it wasn't worse!

  6. Hair days are always pick-me-up days. I just love how devoted you and Ricky are to each other and the time you carve out for each other. It's truly inspiring. I want to see Trolls. We have the stepkid this weekend. I think I need to suggest that. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. It has been a day full of blessings!! Sorry I missed the link-up!

  8. Oh no about your credit card. I am so glad that Chase caught that.
    Ricky is so sweet!

  9. Love the hair! And yay for you finishing up the wedding pics! Does that mean you're all done for the year with your photography?


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