Wednesday, October 04, 2017

One Sentence a Day - September 2017 Edition

BAM... & like that, we are officially nearing the Holiday season.
I mean, Hobby Lobby has had out their Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas stuff all month long (UGH)
We made it through September... & heading to the busy last quarter of the year. Unbelievable.
But here's a glance at my September ... One Sentence at a time.

1.  OUR HOUSE IS PAID OFF!!!!!!!!! #amazing!!!!

2.  I forgot how running in 60 degree temps makes it all so much better. #stillhurtsthough

3.  Learned how to knit coffee sleeves that I really love. #fastknitsarefun

4.  Found the best deal on outdoor furniture when it was marked down 75% for the store going out of business. #couldntpassup

5.  Noticed for the first time how much earlier it is with the sun setting. #nosuninbackyardby7

6.  Started my first treatment in Myofascial therapy. for some side pain #hurtsogood

7.  ... & now I'm even in more pain from the therapy. #doesnthurtsogood

8.  Watching the news about Hurricane Irma getting ready to hit & praying for all my Florida friends. #FloridaStrong

9.  Just wanted to stay outside the entire day when it really felt like fall with cool, crisp air. #lovingitwhileitlasts

10.  Got to spent my Sunday evening for the first of many times with the new bible study group that started up with these precious young ladies. #precioushearts

11.  Barely got my run in when I forced myself to get out there when it was getting dark to get 'er done. #nomotivationlately

12.  Knocked out two more knit coffee sleeves.  #loveafastproject

13.  After being so frustrated at the myofascial therapy for the day, I just came home & did nothing but knit my frustration away. #knittingtherapyisreal

14. I was so sore from therapy the day before, I almost thought I was going to have to go to the ER. #mybodyisbeatup

15.  Headed up to spend the weekend with some awesome kiddos for the MSM Fall Retreat. #backtocamp

16.  These kids are just the best gang to hang around. #lovemygirls

17.  Got in more Jesus this weekend with MSM, my JOY Bible Study & then my girls Bible Study. #closertoJesusallthetime

18. I get wayyyy too excited about the start of Dancing with the Stars each season. #TeamLindsayandMark

19.  BLAH! #blah

20.  Dropped off a special knitting order. #lovesharingtheknitlove

21. I cant believe how hot it is again. #wheredidfallgo?

22. Got my letter in the mail saying that I would have ZERO options for health insurance next year. #unbelievable

23.  Nashville Gang is up #boysgrowsofast

24.  Meet up with my next bride & groom & getting super excited about this wedding. #myyouthkiddosisnowagroom

25.  I spent an hour & a half in my car stuck in traffic trying to get home. #prettysurethisiswhathellislike

26. Trying to make Bruno healthy by giving him fresh chicken & vegetables & he chokes, causing me to give him a doggy Heimlich maneuver & making me think the next step for him an IV. #thisdogisgoingtobethedeathofme

27. ... & Bruno choked again coughing up a bloody piece of chicken that was stuck in his throat. #needtomakechickensoup #hehasnoteethleft

28.  The Fall air finally has come back to visit us. #letthislastawhileplease

29.  PINK FINALLY WINS!!!!! #bluevspink #msmrocks

30. The most perfect day for a perfect photo session. #SeniorSessionsarethebest

What was the highlight in September for you?

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  1. You still need to do a before and after of your indoor porch with the new furniture!

    I took a doggy CPR and safety class last summer but I am still terrified of having to do CPR or the heimlich on a dog. I feel like I would tense up and not know what to do.

  2. 75% off - i love those prices. we always buy our seasonal stuff off-season...that's how we got our christmas decorations for 90% off LOL

  3. Yikes! Poor Bruno! Looks like you had a good month other than that ... and therapy. I hope it's working for you now.

  4. Love good deals and what? You're house is paid off......woohoo, what a GREAT feeling!!

  5. I'm equal parts happy and sad the sun is going down earlier!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Congrats on paying off your house, that is so fantastic!! Way to go.

  7. What an exciting month with the house pay off, new furniture, lots of time with those precious girls in your group. Now if the fall weather stays...I will be happy!

  8. Love the coffee cup cozies. So cute. I made one this weekend on the loom, but I didn't make it quite long enough. Going to try some other styles too.

  9. Love that the house is paid off!! And those coffee sleeves <3 ;)
    Poor little Bruno. And poor you!!
    That model is gorgeous!! What a pretty picture!

  10. Very cute coffee sleeves! Sorry about Bruno. :( September was a great month!

  11. I loved that photo of the horse in the sunset. Just great. Enjoy your October - and when you find your running inspiration again, perhaps you could give me a hint as to where mine might be hiding?

  12. I forgot that your house is paid off. That is amazing. I hope October is even better for you!

  13. Poor Bruno! That's got to just freak you out every time...he's so lucky to have a mama like you to take care of him!

    Also, CONGRATS on making your last house payment---I can only IMAGINE how amazing that feels! What are you going to do with all your extra cash now? Travel the world?!

  14. Congratulations on paying off your house!!! When we paid off our old car, I was ecstatic, so I can't (yet) imagine how paying off the house feels!

  15. Yay for paying off your house. As always I'm swooning over your knitted items! :) So cute! Gosh the world is just hurting so much this year. It's so hard to take. Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. I love that you knit your frustrations away. Maybe that's why I need to get back to knitting??? I have 4 projects in the works!!

  17. Is it you that we have to thank for this series? I know Sarah mentioned a Rebecca as the inspiration behind the idea of SaD, but not sure which Rebecca. If so, thank you so much!! Would love to have your email address to add to the email I send out for the girls who have joined the link-up through me via Sarah!

    Hope your facial therapy has begun feeling better and relieving pain rather than causing it. What does that therapy entail?

    Your senior is gorgeous. Such a pretty portrait. Glad to see a senior photo without a velvet drape.

    Yay, YOU, for running, and cooler temps, even if they were only short-lived. We hare enjoying the feel of fall in El Paso but with the promise/threat of a return to summer coming for the weekend. Oh, to sleep with the windows open.


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